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    EVP, CFO

    Maria Skolgata 83 118 53 Stockholm Sweden
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  • Ola Bergfeldt

    Head of Global Communications

    Maria Skolgata 83 118 53 Stockholm Sweden
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  • Quotes

    Even though Nepa has grown substantially the last years we are convinced that the company still is in the outset of its journey. We see good possibilities to continue expanding the business and we will all remain deeply committed to Nepa and long term owners in the company.
    Ulrich Boyer
    - One of my important tasks is to help retailers and consumer goods companies to understand the underlying reasons to the constantly changing behaviour of the consumers. What is ultimately driving purchase in this new online/offline world? Where should the investment be made?
    Lindsay Cowan
    - Nepa has a unique and globally proven product offering in ActionHub®. The time has come to let the entire UK market understand our value proposition – analysing business data and customer feedback together to unlock hidden business potential.
    Hans Skruvfors
    To succeed with our goals to make the UK one of Nepa’s strongholds, we strengthen our position by acquiring 9.9 percent of the subsidiary Nepa UK Ltd which now becomes a wholly owned subsidiary.
    Hans Skruvfors
    Bloggpanelen is a tool that makes us more relevant to all parties and it will raise the overall quality of the market. It will deliver better data, more insights and a more reality-based monitoring of campaigns for blog media formats.
    Öjje Holt, CEO at Tailsweep
    Nepa has, since our collaboration started in 2007, proven to be a strong partner in making use of our data and positioning our Unibet and Maria Casino brands on this extremely competitive market.
    Ebba Ljungerud, Chief Commercial Officer at Unibet Group
    - We aim to help Unibet Group create an even sharper basis for their decision-making by further deepening the understanding of and clarify the underlying causes of their consumer´s needs and wishes.
    Katarina Slotte, Head of Media and Entertainment at Nepa
    We look forward to providing decision makers at Kronans Apotek, from management to individual stores, with actionable insights through our insights platform ActionHub® - a unique tool that helps to enhance and maximize both the customer experience and sales.
    Björn Nordenborg, Commercial Director at Nepa Retail
    It will help us understand more about why, what and where to prioritize our actions to make our customers satisfied. The insights are based both on what our customers say and data on their real behavior (how they act in reality).
    Anna Wallenberg, Director of Operation and Sales at Kronans Apotek
    With Jan Scherman as business advisor, we are able to add new dimensions to our insights and actions at Nepa. In the end, this means even more business value for our customers.
    Fredrik Östgren, CEO at Nepa
    Already during my time at TV4, I had the privilege to take part in and to understand the business value of Nepa’s analyzes. We had a long-term cooperation that was extremely important for the success of our TV channels, says Jan Scherman. Therefore, it´s even more pleasing to become an advisor and get the opportunity to directly affect Nepa's continued development.
    Jan Scherman
    Nepa has a unique expertise and an impressive range of clients in various industries across the world. Their insights on the media industry and changing consumer behavior, stands in a class by itself.
    Jan Scherman
    We are extremely happy to welcome Bo to the Board of Directors. This is a true milestone in Nepa’s history. Nepa has grown very rapidly in the last few years. Thanks to Bo’s extensive experience within system development and his knowledge of expanding into the US market coupled with a substantial capital injection thanks to Nepa’s forthcoming IPO, we now look forward to taking the next big international leap.
    Ulrich Boyer, Chairman of Nepa AB (publ)
    Joining the board of Nepa feels like coming home. I have closely followed their amazing journey throughout the years and now it feels like the right time to jump aboard and contribute to their continued international success.
    Bo Mattsson
    We are proud to welcome Splay Networks as a new Nepa client. Together we will develop unique solutions for measuring the effects of advertising across digital networks and give advertisers access to actionable insights about an important yet elusive demographic: millennials.
    Olle Råghall, Commercial Director Media & Entertainment, Nepa
    We have searched for the optimal way to measure advertising and brand-lift across our network for a long time. Now we will not only offer a unique and detailed campaign follow-up we will also provide great value to our advertisers by enabling them to conduct research on millennials, a critical target group.
    Victor Ljungberg, Global Head of Sales, Splay
    We are happy to welcome Nordic Cinema Group among the growing number of clients who are choosing the ActionHub™ in order to transform the voice of the customer into actionable insights. After a long and fruitful cooperation with SF Bio we are delighted to now work with the entire Nordic Cinema Group.
    Lisa Henning, Team Lead Retail & FMCG Industry Sweden, Nepa
    We are happy with the vendor selection process. The ActionHub™ will provide us with actionable insights about our cinema goers and how we can impact our profitability. We chose Nepa because their platform and solution enable all of our departments to take data driven and customer centric decisions.
    Jonas Yngfalk, Group Business Development Manager, Nordic Cinema Group
    This is a milestone for Nepa. We are continuing our aggressive growth strategy on a very exciting continent. We are proud to have The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) as a new client and look forward to a fruitful partnership.
    Olle Råghall, Commercial Director Media & Entertainment at Nepa
    This is of course a momentous occasion and it wouldn’t be possible without all of our fantastic clients across the globe. It’s yet another confirmation that we are on the right path and I have to thank our dedicated employees who always go beyond the call of duty.
    Fredrik Östgren, CEO - Nepa
    We are very happy about this fruitful collaboration with Acast. We are convinced that the panel will create a better experience for listeners and podcasters alike as well as provide advertisers with better insights into preferences and behavior in this relatively new medium.
    Olle Råghall, Commercial Manager Media, Nepa
    Finally the Swedish podcasting business is getting its first research panel! We are very proud that we, together with Nepa, are taking ownership of this issue in Sweden. It is an important step in using research to provide better metrics, more insights and a more thorough campaign follow up in the podcasting medium. It is going to be really exciting to see the results of this effort!
    Öjje Holt, Commercial Manager, Acast
    We are very pleased with the results. We selected Nepa because they are an innovative research company with great knowledge of the Telecom industry. They offer a high level of service and do whatever it takes to deliver actionable insights.
    Emma Spjut, Customer Insight Manager - Tele2
    We are very proud of gaining Tele2 as a client. Telecom is an exciting industry with many challenges and opportunities. We are confident that our research technologies will provide tactical and strategic value for Tele2.
    Fredrik Östgren, CEO - Nepa
    ActionHub™ is our fastest growing product. We have created a platform for research where we combine different data sources. Our systems focus on the business issue at hand rather than adding unnecessary data structures, Big Data – simplified. Survey data is enriched with behavioral and business data in order to transform insights into financial kpi’s that are easier to act upon. The platform is available online visualizing and spreading the information in real time to all corners of the organization.
    Fredrik Östgren, CEO - Nepa
    We are very satisfied with the results. ActionHub™ makes it easier for us to listen to our customers when taking decisions. The platform has also lowered the barrier for research internally at Telenor by enabling high quality and cost efficient studies. It helps all of our departments become more data-driven and customer-centric.
    Emanuel Vaz, Head of Customer Insight - Telenor Sweden
    We feel that the time is right to add qualitative methods to the Action Hub – in the social and mobile age the behavior of sharing our lives online has been normalized. Real time geolocation and media capture give rise to new and incredibly valuable research methods. These methods are quick and efficient, reaching exactly the right target group (both geographically and contextually) and let respondents share rich media in a convenient and engaging way.
    Sigrid Wiklund, Head of Qualitative Research
    Becoming a Gazelle company for the fourth year in a row is a massive achievement. It wouldn’t be possible without all of our fantastic clients across the globe and of course, our dedicated employees who always go beyond the call of duty. Thank you.
    Fredrik Östgren, CEO
    We are extremely happy to build in partnership with SPH. This further expands our panel reach in Southeast Asia and cements our position as a trusted provider of research technologies.
    Mats Isenberg
    With a number of larger clients in our portfolio and a growth that beats new records each month, it feels natural to establish a Finnish subsidiary that manages our operations on site
    Hans Skruvfors, Managing Director Nepa Nordic
    I am delighted to be given this opportunity to work towards strengthening Nepa’s offer in the UK. Nepa is an ambitious and driven agency of very bright individuals.
    Gabi Clark, Head of Insight, Nepa
    Gabi’s experience really does play to Nepa’s strengths. Previously an Ad Planner for Newhaven Communications and Consumer Insight Manager for Standard Life, Gabi really does understand our client’s strategic positioning and has proven to be a valuable partner in developing their commercial objectives further.
    Johnny Caldwell, UK Managing Director
    I am really excited to have such an experienced and knowledgeable individual in Mats heading Nepa’s further expansion in Asia. Having established Nepa’s business in India, Mats has shown an exceptional ability to understand complex markets and adopt our solutions to match the needs of local clients as well as multinationals
    P-O Westerlund, Executive Vice President, Head of International Operations, Nepa
    Working out of the hub Singapore poses a tremendous opportunity since we will get full leverage of our key benefits such as speed, accuracy and comparability delivering multi market insights to regional headquarters
    Mats Isenberg, Managing Director Nepa Asia Pacific
    I looked for a company with the ability to adopt Programme Concept Testing for online for some time. I was very happy with finding the guys at Nepa – with their expertise in media, innovative spirit and high quality standards they were the perfect match for me
    David Brennan
    David is a renowned Media ambassador, with many years at the top of his game. Extremely knowledgeable and forward thinking, his contribution to Nepa’s further success will be invaluable
    Johnny Caldwell, UK Managing Director
    Kalle is a perfect fit for us, his client side and online panel experience coupled with his strong analytical skills offers a unique take on how to best aggregate client’s internal data with external research output.
    Johnny Caldwell, Managing Director for the Nepa UK
    I am really excited that we have attracted such an experienced and knowledgeable individual in Johnny as our new Managing Director and Partner.
    P-O Westerlund, Executive Vice President, Nepa Global
    It is an amazing confirmation for our fantastic team at Nepa and a proof that our offering of smart, actionable and efficient market research is appreciated by the market
    Fredrik Östgren, CEO of Nepa
    It is a very exciting assignment for Nepa since it is does not only include building a panel for one of the largest publishers in the UK, but also being a part of ESI’s launch of a completely new TV channel.
    Olle Råghall, R&D Media & Entertainment at Nepa
    ’We recognise that the UK is both a vital and a very competitive market for Nepa, and as such we need as much experience and firepower as we can get to keep offering our clients here a top drawer service. Gabi’s all round background gives us exactly that in a number of different areas. She’s a great fit for us at this point in our growth.
    Russell Boyman, Nepa UK MD
    This is the kind of role I've been waiting for. Nepa is a young and ambitious company and I'm looking forward to helping the current management team develop the business in the UK and beyond
    Johnny Caldwell
    One of the biggest challenges for marketing management is to measure the marketing effectiveness and optimize the return on investment
    Björn Larsson, Head of Sales at Nepa
    Nepa’s media expertise in combination with innovative marketing research products is the perfect match for many companies in China today.
    Mattias Erlandsson, MD Nepa China
    The AEG assignment is especially pleasing because Nepa was selected following a competitive procurement with three of the world's largest market research companies and it shows that Nepas combination of innovation and cost-effectiveness is attractive also internationally.
    P-O Westerlund, EVP Head of International Operations at Nepa
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