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    They’ll start to see cleaner filters, fuel injectors that last longer, less wear on fuel pumps, and no microbial contamination. Their maintenance savings really have just begun.
    Matt Leuck, technical manager for Neste US
    We are happy that our good collaboration with Borealis continues and we are able to deliver continuous added value to our customer.
    Perttu Tuomaala, Head of NAPCON, Neste Engineering Solutions
    I have been lucky to spend my childhood in Finland, where I was able to enjoy the four seasons of the year. After becoming a father, protecting our planet and combating climate change has become a priority to me. I want to do everything in my power so that my child will grow up in a clean environment, like I did. This is a call to all my fans to do their share.
    Chicago Bulls player Lauri Markkanen
    Our collaboration is set out to challenge people to make responsible choices every day by transforming their mindset. #DontChoke communicates that we shouldn’t choke in front of big challenges, whether they face us on the court, or off it. Instead, we have to be courageous and goal-oriented to make better, sustainable choices.
    Neste’s Marketing Director Sirpa Tuomi
    In 2017, Neste MY Renewable Diesel reduced global climate emissions by 8.3 million tonnes. This is equivalent to taking more than 3 million fossil-fuel cars off the roads or making Latvia car-free for over three years. We are very happy to be able to offer this high-quality product also in Riga.
    Arttu Airiainen, General Manager, Neste Latvija
    This clearly indicates that the European Union takes climate change seriously, and it has ambition to increase the use of renewable energy in transport.
    Ilkka Räsänen, Director, Public Affairs, Neste
    Our operations at Helsinki Airport are carbon dioxide neutral. Next we will aim to achieve the same in our airports in Lapland. Using Neste MY Renewable Diesel as our vehicle fuel is a key part of our climate program.
    Mikko Viinikainen, Vice President, Sustainability & Environment at Finavia
    We are delighted to be able to extend our cooperation with Finavia and help it achieve its goals. Diesel vehicles can switch to using Neste MY Renewable Diesel without having to make any changes to existing engines.
    Sam Holmberg, Vice President, Marketing & Services Finland, Neste
    With this cooperation with CLG our target is to deliver to our customers complete operator training solutions and bring added value to our customers by providing a total solution jointly with CLG.
    Patrick von Essen, Managing Director, Neste Engineering Solutions
    I’m confident that Neste MY Renewable Diesel is not only providing a better fuel solution to Ecology’s fleet, but is also delivering a distinct advantage to significantly decreasing their environmental footprint.
    Jeremy Baines, Vice President of Sales, Neste US, Inc.
    We and other companies which produce renewable fuels need clear policies and predictable forecasts, if we are to secure new investment and increase production, which is required to significantly reduce emissions from the transport sector and achieve our climate goals.
    Carl Nyberg, Neste’s Vice President in Sales Scandinavia
    Collaboration marks an essential step forward in Neste’s quest to become a preferred partner as a provider of sustainable chemicals solutions for forerunner brands.
    Peter Vanacker, President & CEO, Neste
    With Neste, we can progress our goal to become a true sustainable solution provider in the additive market.
    Gloria Glang, Vice President, Clariant
    We are constantly striving to reduce our environmental impact, and we want to play our part in combating climate change. That is why we chose to introduce cleaner transportation and Neste MY Renewable Diesel to our business. Switching to renewable diesel will help us reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 90 percent compared to the emissions from conventional fossil diesel.
    Viking Line Buss CEO Jim Häggblom
    Peter Vanacker, President and CEO of Neste Corporation
    Neste has been very successful in the past ten years in changing from a national oil refining company to the world's largest sustainable producer of renewable diesel. We will continue to work hard together with Neste's employees, the Board of Directors and my colleagues in the Executive Board to deliver profitable growth and be focused on creating the future. At the same time, we will continue renewing and challenging ourselves
    Cutting edge research and development are at the heart of doing at Neste, which is why it is no wonder our talented professionals receive recognition on a global scale.
    Matti Lievonen, the President & CEO of Neste
    Working together, we can find the best ways of developing robust supply chains to ensure that renewable jet fuel is more widely accessible.
    Kaisa Hietala, Neste’s Executive Vice President in Renewable Products business area
    The overall purpose of the projects that the research portfolio includes is to improve the competitiveness of the Finnish chemical industry, and, indeed, of society as a whole.
    Matti Lievonen, President & CEO, Neste
    Aalto University and Neste have long been partners, but this strategic cooperation model and new research portfolio open the door to an entirely new kind of collaboration.
    Ilkka Niemelä, President of Aalto University
    The signal Norway's regulation sends to other countries and markets is important. This will create the necessary predictability for Neste and other producers to boost their production of aviation biofuels.
    Kaisa Hietala, Neste's Executive Vice President in Renewable Products business area
    We share the same vision for the future, and we are devoted to developing Neste Demeter’s business further. I am glad that the co-owners trusted us to be the best partner in taking their business to the next level.
    Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice President of Renewable Products business area of Neste
    Over the past months we have gained tremendous knowledge around developing renewable jet fuel supply-chains which complement existing airport infra and operations. We are looking forward to leveraging this knowledge in the future collaborations.
    Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice President of Neste’s Renewable Products business area
    I believe that this cooperation can accelerate the needed development and commercialization of waste plastic based products.
    Matti Lehmus, Executive Vice President of Neste’s Oil Products business area
    We are very happy to see Vista Unified School District make the switch to Neste MY Renewable Diesel, and pleased to hear about the great results they have already experienced.
    Jeremy Baines, Vice President of Sales, Neste US, Inc.
    With our strong legacy in raw material and pretreatment research, we are in a unique position to introduce waste plastics as a new raw material for fossil refining.
    Matti Lehmus, Executive Vice President, Oil Products, Neste
    Through co-operation we have been able to for several years now reduce the greenhouse emissions of festival electricity as well as offer festival goers a better festival experience.
    Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice President, Renewable Products at Neste
    We are delighted to be part of the Fossil-Free Friesland movement, and to support the Elfwegentocht event in reaching its fossil-free targets.
    Peter Zonneveld, Vice President of Sales at Neste
    We believe that many of the sustainable solutions of the future are based on lignocellulosic materials from the forest. As far as we are concerned, Treesearch is one way of raising the pace of innovative efforts to find alternatives to fossil raw materials.
    Lars Peter Lindfors, Senior Vice President, Technology at Neste
    We are happy to partner up with leaders such as DFW. Together, we are examining the solutions to reduce the emissions and carbon footprint of airlines operating from DFW. Besides the use of Neste MY Renewable Jet Fuel at DFW, we aim to work together in other solutions for decarbonizing aviation. This includes for example renewable de-icing, paints and plastics
    Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice President of Renewable Products business area in Neste
    IKEA is the first company to benefit from the developed supply capability that helps companies and brand owners towards replacing fossil-based raw materials with sustainable bio-based raw materials.
    Senior Vice President Tuomas Hyyryläinen from Neste’s Emerging Businesses business unit
    No one has ever before been able to produce PP plastic from a fossil-free raw material other than on a laboratory scale.
    Erik Ljungblad, Category Manager Plastic Products at IKEA of Sweden
    There has been a lot of talk about the revolution in transportation, and it’s happening here and now. Our business customers have been waiting for new solutions that both reduce emissions and improve business efficiency. Through collaboration with Telia, we can offer an ever broader range of services to our customers.
    Mika Hyötyläinen, Vice President of Marketing for Marketing & Services business area at Neste
    The new, cleaner Futura range is a new generation of gasolines that help to keep engines cleaner and reduce fuel consumption, which results in reduced harmful emissions
    Panu Kopra, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Services at Neste
    We are so proud to be supporting Pasadena Fire Department’s first responders with this clean, safe and odorless fuel that reduce fumes and is less harmful to the environment and especially to those risking their lives for their communities each day.
    Jeremy Baines, Vice President of Sales, Neste US, Inc.
    We have received feedback that NAPCON training games are a great way to train, especially for the younger generation and to recruit new operators.
    Mika Neffling, Sales Manager, NAPCON Games, Neste Engineering Solutions
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