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    Director, Sales

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  • Mika Valkonen


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    +358 14 337 2111
  • Kristiina Pispala

    Marketing Manager

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  • Quotes

    Procemex solution is not cheap, but the payback time is very short for a Procemex system - this is a very important investment.
    Mr. Javier Ortega, Production Director of Eurohueco
    Our target is to reduce web breaks at least 15 % per machine in a year in a short view. Our printers make very long runs up to 11 million copies; we cannot afford to have too much and too long breaks. Therefore the web monitoring system has a big impact on our productivity and runnability
    Mr. Javier Ortega, Production Director of Eurohueco
    Our main target is to improve mill’s regularity, since our printer customers have faced problems with blankets or other parts of the machine, and we want to reduce the amount of compensations. With Procemex system we are able to improve our quality, and not just waiting for feedback from customers.
    Mr. José Antonio Campo, Technical Director of Barcelona Carton
    The important thing is the tracking. Production and quality people are working closely together to improve the quality in total. The image quality is very good, I would also like to have low angle reflection added.
    Mr. Alfonso Bello, Production Manager of Barcelona Carton
    With the strong team of Procemex Inc. we look forward to providing our customer more and better service.
    Mika Valkonen, CEO of Procemex International
    We compared three different suppliers and ended up with Procemex, first of all, because we have had positive experiences with the previous system and, secondly, because we were able to upgrade the previous system – without needing to acquire a completely new one. We also investigated what benefits we can gain from the upgrade. In the end, the decision was an easy one; after all, we obtained a wholly new system by simply upgrading the old one.
    Mr. Riku Suurnakki, Production Manager
    We can better detect any dirt and impurities.
    Vesa Koskinen, system specialist at Efora
    The experience we have had so far indicate that the detection of defects is now much more visual than in the previous system, and the classification of defects has improved. Operators have already given us direct positive feedback, saying that the image quality is on a completely different level and, therefore, there are fewer web breaks.
    Riku Suurnakki, Production Manager of Stora Enso Imatra
    Pinhole cameras keep clean, you don’t have to polish the lens all the time, Procemex cameras lights? stay clean. And this affects of course to the image quality, as well. This is the major advantage compared to the old system.
    Jonas Långström, Production Technician
    Now we can locate the web break causes more easily, troubleshooting is faster and easier. Also analysing is quick, because the cameras are synchronized with each other.
    Johan Lundström, Machine Operator
    After the commissioning we could see a major improvement in process monitoring quality. The reaction times were significantly reduced.
    Mr. Henning Dippel, KM6 0perating Manager, Weig-Karton
    It is not just the image quality and work of Procemex that impresses me. The intensive partnership and results oriented co-operation are essential success factors for a sustainable quality control.
    Mr. Henning Dippel, KM6 0perating Manager, Weig-Karton
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