Rabbalshede Kraft transfers two turbines to the Church of Sweden

Rabbalshede Kraft AB (publ) has entered into an agreement with the Gothenburg Diocese concerning the transfer two turbines under construction at the Dingle-Skogen Vind wind farm in Munkedal municipality.

The Dingle-Skogen Vind wind farm comprises a total of 14 wind turbines and will constitute the fifth Rabbalshede Kraft wind farm in operation. The investment totals SEK 490 M, making the farm the company’s largest investment to date. Under the agreement with the Gothenburg Diocese, Rabbalshede Kraft will transfer two wind turbines from the wind farm on market-aligned terms and conditions.

“The two wind turbines will be constructed on land belonging to Gothenburg Diocese and Rabbalshede Kraft will share responsibility for operation and maintenance with the supplier. We build wind farms on a proprietary basis but also in collaboration with other players, both large and small. Accordingly, we welcome Gothenburg Diocese as one of our partners with the aim of establishing wind farms that will produce a total of 1.5 TWh of electricity by the end of 2015,” says Thomas Linnard, President of Rabbalshede Kraft.

“We take a positive view to investments in renewable energy through the build-out of wind power and are pleased to be able to provide church parishes with the opportunity to become partners in wind power in Munkedal municipality. To date, church parishes have signed for participations corresponding to approximately 60% of the electricity generated by one turbine,” says Per-Erik Hallin, property administrator for the Gothenburg Diocese.

The wind turbines will be commissioned in stages during the second half of 2013. The entire wind farm is expected to generate approximately 82,000 MWh annually, corresponding to the electricity consumption of 13,500 households.

For further information, please contact:
Thomas Linnard, President of Rabbalshede Kraft
Tel. +46 (0) 706-100 120 , E-mail; thomas.linnard@rabbalshedekraft.se

Per-Erik Hallin, Property administrator at the Gothenburg Diocese
Tel +46 (0) 31-771 30 02 or +46 (0) 706 18 16 30.

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