Right from the beginning we’ve been considered as a part of the Teknos family
Annika Jokinen
We expect the trainees to provide us with new and fresh insights and views
Arttu Lindroos
As a family owned company, it is utmost important for me to ensure continuity for the company. We need to have balance in all of the decisions we make and actions we take. We will focus more on sustainability in our processes, products, services, and everything we do. To deliver unique customer experience, we need to further develop our service and product concepts. To succeed in the previously mentioned initiatives, we will build a culture of continuous improvement with an ambition to provide even better service to our customers
CEO, Paula Salastie
We want to create a truly customer-centric strategy to optimize all the interactions from the customer’s perspective. We have certain customers that use coatings from all of our current segments (Metal, Industrial Wood, and Architectural Coatings) and currently they have to adapt to our structure when turning to us for help. Furthermore, we have certain distributors that would like to offer all our products. We aim for one face towards these customers and distributors
CCO, Marcel Dissel
We felt that we needed a place where we can provide trainings for our partners and our own staff on using our products. The facilities also allow us to test our own products, before commercializing them, in the circumstances where they will be used
Managing Director of Teknos Finland Arto Mannonen
I’m extremely pleased with the fast, smooth, and successful completion of the acquisition. With net sales of CHF 77 million, which is about EUR 72 million, and more than 380 employees in 6 countries, Feyco Treffert is by far the biggest acquisition that Teknos has accomplished. We look forward to providing our customers with a globally expanded range of services, products, and R&D capabilities
Paula Salastie, CEO, Teknos Group Oy
The acquisition of powder coatings from Śnieżka supports Teknos’ growth strategy. We have been developing our powder coatings business for many years with good success. The acquisition is a natural step for Teknos. This improves our service level in the powder coatings and opens-up new business opportunities in the Polish market.
Lassi Tirkkonen, Group SVP, Metal Paints & Coatings, Teknos Group
I’m extremely happy for the fast completion of the acquisition. With the production unit in Enschede, in the Netherlands, Teknos is able to further broaden our production capabilities in the European market. I’d like to welcome our competent people from Drywood on-board.
Paula Salastie, CEO of Teknos Group Oy
Teknos’ vision is to be the leading supplier of technically advanced coating solutions close to customers. Through the Drywood acquisition Teknos gains access to the coating markets in Holland, an extensive dealer network in Norway and a product assortment that complements our current range.
Paula Salastie, CEO
The acquisition of industrial coatings business from Feidal Coatings strengthens our position in general industry coatings. We will now focus on building the business forward in close cooperation to ensure high quality and improved service level to our customers.
Paula Salastie, CEO, Teknos Group
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