”It is an honour and a joy to be able to have Erik Bruun’s work displayed on board the most wonderful vessel sailing the Baltic Sea. Many recurring features in his work are also very important to us: respect for nature and an interest in travel and new places. It was natural to launch a collaboration and be able to delight our passengers with an art experience, along with countless other experiences.”
Valpuri Mäkinen, Viking Line’s Turku–Stockholm Route Manager
“We are really pleased about Viking Grace’s ever-growing popularity. Five million passengers in four years is a fine performance, and we would like to extend our warm thanks to all the passengers on our vessels. It feels good that so many people have had great experiences on a cruise with us on the Baltic Sea’s most elegant cruise vessel. Our investment in environmental sustainability, quality restaurants, unique shopping options and luxurious comfort has clearly been noted, and Viking Grace has found a place in people’s hearts.”
Riikka Arola, Viking Line Regional Manager
“Recycling is an important way for us to shoulder our environmental responsibility. For instance, in 2016 1,022 tonnes of food scraps from our vessels were brought ashore to be used in biogas production. That amount is equivalent to 77,000 cubic metres of biogas, which in turn is equivalent to 87,000 litres of petrol. We also collect a lot of other items for recycling, such as glass, scrap metal, paper, paperboard and waste oil. We are pleased that our own plastic waste can be recycled on board.”
Susanna Airola, Viking Line Environmental Manager
“We always want to be a pioneer in developing the food experience and in trends involving both ingredients and solid culinary knowledge. Just last year, four new restaurants opened on our vessels, so we are working at a fast pace. We expect that, in partnering with the Swedish Culinary Team, we will be able to offer even better taste experiences on board than before.”
Bodil Ståhl, Viking Line Restaurant Manager
“We are very proud to launch a gastronomic partnership with Viking Line. The kitchen staff members on the vessels are really knowledgeable, and it is great to be able to start developing taste experiences on the Baltic Sea in partnership with them.”
Fredrik Andersson, Swedish Culinary Team leader
“In planning the new menu, the underlying idea has been that we want to serve the best and tastiest vegetarian and vegan food on the Baltic Sea. As always, we have used locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. The result is so delicious that it is guaranteed to overcome even the most deeply rooted prejudice against vegetarian food.”
Bodil Ståhl, Viking Line Restaurant Manager
“Our vessels are red and white, but our values are bright green. These theme weeks are an opportunity for us to highlight our green approach and our environmental work, which began as far back as the 1980s. We want to offer passengers experiences that represent new, green values while nurturing the idea that each and every one of us can do something to protect the environment.”
Kaj Takolander, Viking Line Vice President Sales & Marketing
“Some people like to spend time on the vessel, while others want to get where they are going as fast as possible. So we decided to rent a vessel to make express sailings. This year we also want to start up the additional sailings beginning in the spring and continue them well into the autumn. There is such a great demand, and we do not want to leave anyone on shore.”
Kaj Takolander, Viking Line's Head of Sales and Marketing in Finland, the Baltics and Russia.
“The new Viking Line Club is, above all, an expression of our gratitude to our customers. We have listened to their suggestions for improvements, and the chance to earn bonus points has been a frequent wish. We are pleased that we can fulfil that wish with this new customer-oriented initiative. At the same time, we can reward loyal customers who sail on our vessels in an even more concrete way.”
Håkan Sourander, Viking Line, Head of Central Marketing
“The M/S Viking XPRS is the most popular vessel on the Gulf of Finland, and we want to give our passengers the most enjoyable travel conditions possible. Club X is one of just a few dance venues in Helsinki, so we want to provide dance lovers and the Finnish stars performing on Wednesdays and Thursdays the nicest venue possible.”
Jaakko Ahti, Route Manager, Helsinki-Tallinn
“When tourists are asked what they know about Åland, they often mention the Pommern. We consider the restoration of the vessel to be a signature project for Åland’s entire tourism industry. The Pommern’s operations are very dear to us, and the fact that she is also moored in the same harbour that we serve adds another positive dimension. She is the first thing our passengers see of Åland,” says Jan Hanses, President and CEO of Viking Line.
Jan Hanses, President and CEO of Viking LIne
“The sea and nature in archipelagos are important to us and our customers. We hope that, with the help of our Baltic Sea theme during this centenary year, we can encourage other Finnish companies and organizations that work on the Baltic Sea and in its surroundings to respect the sea and protect it in their operations – together, we can achieve so much more.”
Jan Hanses, Viking Line’s President and CEO
- Our intention is for the vessel to run on liquefied natural gas (LNG). We have excellent experience with this from the M/S Viking Grace, the first large LNG-powered passenger vessel in the world. Great emphasis has been placed in the planning work on environmentally sound solutions, including new innovative energy-efficient applications. Many years of planning work have gone into this newbuilding project in conjunction with the European Union’s Motorways of the Seas project under the scope of the Connecting Europe Facility funding instrument, which has also included the Port of Turku and the Ports of Stockholm.
Viking Line, President and CEO Jan Hanses
“We were really happy to participate in and support the Red Nose Day campaign, since children are especially close to our hearts. It is with great pleasure that we announce Viking Line’s Red Nose Day drive raised over 12 000 euros for this worthy cause.”
Viking Line, Marketing Manager Samuli Heiskala
- Fifteen million passengers is an impressive performance for a ship, especially since that figure was reached in just eight years. Experiences – entertainment, shopping and restaurants – are also needed on short routes. The Viking XPRS offers passengers quick service to Tallinn as well as a pleasant, interesting way to travel.
Jaakko Ahti, Viking Line Route Manager, Helsinki-Tallinn
“For us Vikings, it is a cause that is especially close to our hearts, since children and our young customers are very important to us, so we want to do everything we can to help increase Red Nose Day donations. Our target is to collect at least 15,000 euros for a good cause, and hopefully even more.”
Samuli Heiskala, Marketing Manager at Viking Line
- The Soitellen soteen! show on board the Viking Grace’s cruises to Turku is entertainment at its best. Meanwhile, the audience can enjoy the most beautiful archipelago in the world and the vessel’s first-class restaurants and also have a chance to shop. Moreover, it is extremely convenient to get from the show to the restaurant to one’s cabin since they are all under one roof on board, and people will not be bothered by the nasty January weather outside.
Valpuri Mäkinen, Viking Line’s Turku–Stockholm route manager
- For me, top-quality ingredients are the basis of good food. I also place great value on clean, distinct flavours and seasonal food. The Christmas menu includes classics as well as new taste experiences from both Sweden and Finland as a brand-new feature.
Michael Björklund, Celebrity chef
“Our chefs are ambitious and meticulous, which could be seen in the very high level of the contest entries. They want to offer our customers the very best. Nordic nature and its flavours are important to a lot of people, and we are proud that we can also serve them to customers on our vessels.”
Bodil Ståhl, Viking Line Restaurant Chef
“Service ran smoothly during the summer, and passenger volumes were stable. Bookings are being made later and later, which has been a trend for a number of years. We do not foresee any future change in this consumer behaviour. The additional sailings to Tallinn were a success, which is also reflected in the passenger figures. However, there was heavy pressure on prices for this route during the summer. That benefited customers, who enjoyed high quality at affordable prices. It is also gratifying to note that the upgrade in vessel standards on the Helsinki route was appreciated, based on our customer surveys,” says Jan Hanses, President and CEO of Viking Line.
Jan Hanses, CEO
“For many of our passengers, top-quality entertainment is what makes their whole cruise. On our ships, it is easy and convenient for people to see their favourite artists perform, and at no additional cost. Our customers have expressed a particular desire to see more Finnish artists on our vessels, so in line with our new entertainment concept there will be even more home-grown stars performing on the Helsinki–Stockholm route beginning in September.”
Lauri Orpana, Route Manager, Viking Line Abp
“We are really pleased about having used LNG to fuel the M/S Viking Grace”, says Jan Hanses, President and CEO of Viking Line Abp. “Both the technical solution developed by AGA and the vessel’s operation have outperformed expectations, and it is gratifying to note the major benefits for the workplace along with the environmental gains that running on LNG provides.”
Jan Hanses, CEO, Viking Line
“Demand on the Helsinki–Tallinn route is especially great during the summer season. We recommend that people book their trip well in advance since many departures will be fully booked, even though there are more than 30 departures on this route some days.”
Jaakko Ahti, Viking Line, Route Manager Helsinki-Tallinn
Viking Line will set course for summer on May 27. Summer is an especially happy time, since we can enjoy the sea, the sun and beautiful summer days to the fullest. We would like to invite everyone to Katajanokka to celebrate the start of the summer season.
Kaj Takolander, Viking Line, Head of Sales and Marketing in Finland, the Baltics and Russia
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