We were looking for someone with a strong business focus and an extensive experience in the financial sector, who can continue to strengthen Swedish export companies. Magnus is a strong and experienced manager with a proven ability to engage and inspire people and in developing and transforming businesses.
Lars Linder-Aronson, Chairman of SEK’s Board of Directors
SEK’s clear mission to strengthen the Swedish export industry is important and contributes to employment and growth. With the company’s strong reputation and competent employees, I look forward to contribute to the continued success of the Swedish export industry and to make SEK’s products available for more Swedish companies.
Magnus Montan
SEK’s mission to ensure access to finance for the Swedish export industry rises to prominence in a crisis and this time is no exception.
Catrin Fransson, CEO of SEK
The high level of lending during the year resulted in third-quarter net interest income being the highest to date for SEK.
Catrin Fransson, CEO of Swedish Export Credit Corporation
Never before in the history of SEK has the company had so many clients.
Catrin Fransson, CEO at SEK
Our ambition is to continue to grow the client base by honing SEK’s offerings based on identified client needs.
Catrin Fransson, CEO at SEK
I am very happy that Peter Svensén has chosen to join us. Risk management is a cornerstone in SEK’s business and Peter has a solid experience working with all risk classes but in particular credit risks, which is positive as SEK is growing with new clients within the segment of Mid Corporates.
Catrin Fransson, CEO of SEK