“The positive trend continued during the third quarter, with good organic growth, a doubling of the EBITA margin and strongly improved earnings per share.”
Johan Andersson, President and CEO
Timing and place feels right to change leadership and for me to step into a new position. Current CFO in the Group, Johan Andersson, will overtake my responsibilities as President and CEO from AGM 2017 and I am proposed to the position as Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Staffan Hanstorp, President and CEO of Addnode Group AB
- Under the leadership of Staffan Hanstorp Addnode Group has tripled the turnover and given a good return to the shareholders. Both the Board and I are very happy that Johan Andersson will take on the assignment to lead the Group forward.
Sigrun Hjelmquist, Chairman of the Board, Addnode Group AB
- Earlier this year we took a grip of our offering towards the municipality market by merging the companies’ Tekis and Cartesia. When infusing Abou into Sokigo we create a market leading position with a strong regional presence, which will catalyze innovation together with our customers.
Andreas Wikholm, President of Addnode Groups business area Process Management
The acquisition of German Transcat PLM in 2015 was a huge step for us and we are now the market leader on the European PLM market with a strong capability to serve global organizations. That Stadler, with their high complexity and requirements, choose us as a strategic business partner shows that last year’s acquisition is strengthening our offering.
Staffan Hanstorp, President and CEO of Addnode Group
The agreement is a proof that our proprietary software is the first hand choice when it comes to managing information even at a high security level.
Andreas Wikholm, President of Addnode Group Process Management
This contract has been up for appeal on several occasions and we are now happy to finally have the opportunity to sign the agreement with the City of Gothenburg. Not only do our software add a great deal of customer value, but also contributes to a strong social benefit.
Andreas Wikholm, affärsområdeschef för Addnode Group Process Management
- Looking at Stamford and Prosilia, there are great synergies between the companies, both on the business and technical side. This acquisition strengthens our customer offering while at the same time opening up for exciting business opportunities.
Andreas Wikholm, President of Addnode Group's business area Process Management
During the second quarter we had growth of 36 per cent, a stronger EBITA margin, and a sharp improvement in earnings per share compared with the same quarter a year ago.
Staffan Hanstorp, President and CEO of Addnode Group
We are pleased to be able to set up this new subsidiary with a clear focus on customers on the Norwegian market. We have an extensive knowledge of the industry and a proven ability of delivering business-critical software solutions. I see great opportunity and potential.
Andreas Wikholm, President of Addnode Group's business area Process Management
Together we can create a stronger position and a really good customer offering to public sector clients.
Andreas Wikholm, President Addnode Group Process Management
We have a strong PLM team with a customer perspective and a good business knowledge. This agreement underlines our delivery capacity to large and demanding global corporations.
Staffan Hanstorp, President & CEO of Addnode Group AB
Inera is doing an important work within digitization and public health and we are very pleased to have been given this trust. I see great potential in this framework agreement for us as a supplier. We have a long experience of developing and managing duties to the public sector.
Andreas Wikholm, President of Addnode Group Process Management
We have gradually turned our customer offering to include more and more software and services for optimization of workflows, data management and quality improvement. Cad-Q is no longer an accurate name of the company. The name change to Symetri reflects our transformation to a broad and diverse customer offering.
Staffan Hanstorp, President and CEO of Addnode Group AB
- The goal for the Swedish Government is to be the world leading state of working digitally and we will contribute to this transformation by providing innovative IT solutions that do the job
Andreas Wikholm, President of Addnode Group’s business area, Process Management
We chose TechniaTranscat as our PLM partner based on their strong expertise within PLM for retail and their local presence.
Peter Adell, Head of IT at Runsvengruppen
We work continuously to strengthen our offering to the public sector. The decision by the City of Gothenburg to work with us in the welfare area is a strong signal that we are succeeding with our efforts.
Staffan Hanstorp, President and CEO of Addnode Group AB
We ended 2015 with strong growth of 33 percent in the fourth quarter.
Staffan Hanstorp, President and CEO Addnode Group AB
As we summarize 2015 and look ahead, I note that we have a strong system solutions offering in niched areas, which simplifies and improves the daily lives of over half a million engineers and employees in the public sector across the globe.
Staffan Hanstorp, President and CEO Addnode Group AB
The acquisition of 5D System strengthens our position within the areas of property management and facility management. 5D System will together with other companies in the Group be able to grow further and create new joint offers.
Rolf Kjærnsli, President of Addnode Group Design Management
We at 5D System are looking forward to get access to Addnode Group’s broad technology platform to further develop our customer offering. We especially see great potential within the BIM- and IoT area and that we together with Addnode Group can expand our geographical reach and presence.
Mats Broman, CEO of 5D System
Germany is an interesting market with a significant growth over the past years. The acquisition of Transcat PLM last year was a well-considered move to position ourselves as a leading PLM company. This contract is both a strong validation of our offering and an acknowledgement of our competence within the industry.
Staffan Hanstorp, President and CEO Addnode Group
This is a prestigious assigment and we are happy and proud that they have given us a renewed confidence over a span of three years. This is further proof that our offering fits the markets demand of these type of products and services
Jens Kollserud, CEO of Cad-Q
Addnode Group has during my nine years in the company tripled the turnover and is in continuous strong growth. We have a clear strategy and will keep expanding further. Increasing my long term shareholding is a natural step in my company commitment
Johan Andersson, CFO of Addnode Group
There is an increasing demand for these kind of services, why it is important to demonstrate our ability to deliver
Stefan Jonegård