250,000 drawings made available when Addnode Group's subsidiary Cad-Q will take care of Riksbyggen's digital drawing archive

STOCKHOLM, October 15, 2015 – CAD-Q has signed an agreement with Riksbyggen for the construction and operation of Riksbyggen's digital drawing archives. Riksbyggen currently has nearly 250,000 drawings in the archives and the number is growing every day.

In order for Riksbyggen to get better and easier access to mission critical and important information they have chosen CAD-Qs Archive Service with the product HyperDoc. CAD-Q will take over the daily administrative management of drawings and models, and the system HyperDoc will allows users, via mobile devices and the web, to reach and use all the property information in their daily work.

"We are really looking forward to even better manage our extensive archives and to have a tool that every employee, and not least our customers, can manage in a simple way," says Göran Danling business developer at Riksbyggen.

"We are proud that our products and services once again been chosen by a large and demanding Facility Manage . Today we manage drawings and models for property owners representing almost 100 million square meters of building area, mainly in Sweden and Norway,” says Rolf Kjaernsli, President Addnode Design Management.

For more information:

Rolf Kjærnsli, President Addnode Design Management
Tel: +47 (0) 915 75 961, mail: rolf.kjaernsli@cad-q.no

Johan Andersson, CFO and Head of Investor Relations, Addnode Group AB
Tel: +46 (0) 704 205 831, mail: johan.andersson@addnodegroup.com  

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Cad-Q is the leading supplier of model and drawing-related IT solutions, working with the implementation of software, training, support and IT assistance of CAD systems for the construction, real estate and industrial sectors. Cad-Q was founded in 1989 and has approximately 280 employees in 20 offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the UK. Cad-Q is part of the Addnode Group of companies which are listed on the OMX Nordic List, Small Cap. More information about Cad-Q available at www.cad-q.se

About Riksbyggen

Riksbyggen manages 176 000 condominiums in 2650 housing associations and about 100,000 rental units in municipalities around Sweden. The number of apartments in new production is 986 pieces (1134 in 2013) and the operations reported sales of SEK 5,746 million in 2014.


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