From the disruptions of the pandemic we got a fantastic conferencing solution

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After a fruitless search for the suitable conference solution to manage our annual technology conference in Reykjavik we eventually created our own. The result was the best attended and successful conference in 26 years. Our solution is now available to all.

We realized the rise of the pandemic would impact our plans to hold the annual Advania Fall Conference for the 26th time. The conference is the oldest of it’s type in Europe and one of the largest technical events in Iceland. It was immediately clear that we couldn’t gather a multitude of people to the beautiful Harpa Conference Hall as we have the past years. We needed to do what we do best: Tackle the problem with technology and move our conference into a digital environment.

Reluctantly we left the conference model we had successfully developed for a quarter of a century and started our long search for a digital conferencing solution.

We wanted a powerful and interactive experience for our guests. We wanted our guests to enter a visual environment where they could attend live lectures and experience them as if they were in the same room. We also wanted to invite companies to show their products and solutions in an expo area.

Despite an extensive search we couldn’t find a solution that ticked all the boxes, so eventually we decided to create our own online conferencing environment. That way we could meet all our requirements and needs.

The conference took two days with 28 live events streamed from the conference rooms in Harpa and 14 other locations across the world. The agenda was presented in a Video-on-Demand (VOD) format that was familiar to attendees.

Up to the year 2020 the average attendance to the annual Advania Fall Conference has been 1000 attendees. This year using our online solution the attendance was 4658! In a digital world everyone brings their own seat, so space limitations don’t exist.

When queried after the conference the response from participants was:

  • 91% plan on attending the conference next year. 3% said they wouldn’t.
  • 94% were happy with the conference. 2% were not.
  • 97% were happy with the online environment. 0% were not.

We have now made the environment available for companies and institutions that want to hold online conferences. The Prime Minister’s Office of Iceland and Digital Iceland were amongst the first to hold conferences in the environment. Already a number of international companies, institutions and associations have planned conferences utilizing our solution. The solution is scalable and adjustable according to the size of the event.

If you are interested in our solution or need assistance in holding a digital event then don’t hesitate to contact Aegir Mar Thorisson, CEO of Advania Iceland.