This initiative underlines our commitment to promoting sustainability and responsible resource management within the IT sector.
Hege Støre, Advania Group CEO
"It's truly exciting to have the entire RTS team join Advania on our growth journey in Sweden. This acquisition emphasizes our goal of becoming the preferred IT services provider and our ambition to help create sustainable value for our customers in their digital transformations".
Tomas Wanselius, CEO of Advania Sweden.
Efforts to prevent and reduce the negative impact the business might inflict on the environment, people and society is crucial to Advania. We owe it to our people and the planet to shift our business models towards a more sustainable and circular offering.
Hege Støre, Group CEO at Advania
An important reason to establish a partnership with atNorth in Finland is their dedicated focus to deliver high quality and sustainable services. We appreciate teaming up with companies with the same customer focus and quality mindset as ourselves.
Atte Kekkonen, CEO of Advania Finland.
It’s truly exciting to have Thorkil and the CLOUDIO team joining Advania on our growth journey in Denmark. The acquisition underpins the focus on secure, flexible, and efficient storage and backup solutions in an ever-changing cyber environment.
Carsten Weis, CEO of Advania Denmark.
Our people, our mindset and our determined focus on our customers’ requirements are the key difference in helping them to create value and growth with smart use of IT
Hege Støre, future Group CEO at Advania
The key reason for pursuing this transaction is to increase the quality to our existing customers. Based on the large volume of devices we provide to our customers, we can now further strengthen our offering with cost efficient and seamless solutions to the market.
Tomas Wanselius, CEO at Advania Sweden.
We recognise the huge potential impact of the IT industry in reducing climate emissions and we want to take responsibility for reducing emissions across the value chain.
Mikael Noaksson, CEO at Advania Group
It’s is very exciting for us to have Hans-Ingar and the eXspend team joining Advania on our growth journey in Norway. The acquisition “fits like a glove” within Advania which ensures that employees can continue to develop and thrive. We see significant opportunities bringing the new capabilities to our customers in the Norwegian market.
Espen Hartz, CEO of Advania Norway.
While Dynamics has always been an important part of our capabilities, we have now fundamentally changed the scale at which we can deliver and lead in Dynamics solution implementation, integration and IP development space.
Peter Sweetbaum, CEO of Content+Cloud (Advania UK)
We see significant opportunities in the Finnish market and with this combination we can deliver a broader and deeper offering to our current and new customers.
Mikael Noaksson, Group CEO of Advania.
The demand from our customers on security is growing and with our new colleagues on board, we have a highly motivated team of world class professionals to further strengthening our offering. Together we will deliver complex and innovative projects adding more value to our current and new customers.
Espen Hartz, CEO Advania Norway
For Advania the acquisition of Content+Cloud is a major step towards becoming a leading Northern European IT services provider with our decentralised model, customer intimacy focus and long-term relationships.
Mikael Noaksson, CEO of Advania
It’s great to finalize the transaction with Visolit and its owners. Our focus now is to welcome all new employees and customers and for the combined entity to continue the journey as the preferred Nordic IT service provider.
Mikael Noaksson, CEO, Advania AB
Advania has been involved in the aftermarket for many years and with our extended global collaboration with ServiceNow I am certain that we will continue our growth on the market
Krister Olsson, Business Area Manager Transformation and Automation at Advania Sweden
We are extremely excited about the combination of our business with Visolit which represents a substantial step towards becoming the preferred Nordic IT-services company. Joining forces will enable us to get even closer to our customers and to serve our combined customer bases with a broader and better offering.
Mikael Noaksson, CEO of Advania
With the acquisition of Beveric, we significantly enhance our professional services offering in Finland and become an even closer partner to existing and new customers.
Mikael Noaksson, CEO Advania group
Together we can deliver more value to even the most demanding projects. CIOs can rest assured that both their current and future demands can be met by Advania Denmark.
Mikael Noaksson and Carsten Weis
I am pleased to welcome Hi5's employees and customers to Advania. We share the passion to be close to our customers and focus on creating value for them. Both Advania and Hi5 have become successful through strong values, committed employees and a uniquely strong customer focus. Now we look forward to working together to make it easy for our customers to grow with the help of IT.
Tomas Wanselius, CEO, Advania Sweden
Hi5 has grown significantly with the help of an innovative culture based on technical expertise and customer knowledge. The combination of Hi5 and Advania gives our customers access to more innovative solutions and more expertise, regardless of whether they have operations throughout Sweden or locally here in Umeå or Luleå. In addition, we can offer our employees far more opportunities for development in the future.
Niklas Tiger, CEO, Hi5
When we understood the extent of covid-19, we, like many others, thought about how the pandemic would affect us and our customers. It did not take long before we mobilized and decided to continue doing what we do best: making it easy for our customers to grow with IT. The pandemic has significantly increased the pace of digitalisation and change, and that is where we are contributing – which is completely in line with our growth strategy.
Tomas Wanselius, CEO Advania Sweden
We at the HR division have a dedicated focus on flexibility, adaptability, and presence. Advania has had steady growth over the past year, both on the business side and on the employee side, and without our employees it would never have been possible. For us, it was important to change quickly with consideration of the employees' moods and needs. Everyone in the organization has taken on a great responsibility, been proactive and helped themselves in aiding the organization to lose neither momentum, nor motivation.
Magnus Wemby, HR Director Advania Sweden
Goldman Sachs is a global leader in private equity, with a strong track record of investing in the technology sector and in the Nordics. To partner with them is not only a stamp of approval of what we have achieved so far but also a promise to everyone here at Advania that the journey ahead will be full of excitement and new possibilities. Most important is that we can stay true to our core ambition: to be a real partner to all customers and a great workplace that keeps on attracting the best talent.
Mikael Noaksson Advania’s group CEO
We are very excited about our partnership with the Advania management team. We have been highly impressed by the strong talent, culture and reputation of Advania, as well as the company’s compelling business model and growth trajectory. Together with management, VIA Equity and other reinvesting shareholders we look forward to accelerating Advania’s growth trajectory both organically and through acquisitions.
Michael Bruun, Partner at Goldman Sachs
We have been invested with Advania for a little more than two years now. It is an excellent company that we look forward to continue working with. The management team has done an excellent job in creating the leading Nordic IT player, and we are happy to continue the journey with this great team.
Benjamin Kramarz, partner at VIA Equity
To work together – long-term, dedicated and customer-oriented – is a success factor. We use the same interaction model with our partners as we do with our clients. We believe in the force within the joint ventures that partnerships leads to. Advania Sweden’s collaboration with HPE is deepening year by year. We are proud over the award.
Toni Drk, Channel, SP & Alliances Sales Director, HPE Sweden
Customer contact is not solely about availability. In today’s day and age, in order to be customer orientated, we must approach our customers regardless their needs. We must be quick to act, but also be able to predict their upcoming needs. It puts a lot of pressure on our infrastructure, solutions and supplier. After a rigorous evaluation process Advania’s suggested solution stood out. Together we will create an easy everyday life for our customers and employees.
Ulrica Hedman, CEO, Länsförsäkringar Uppsala
We can see that the digitalization is going to change our industry by its very foundation. Advanias solution makes it possible for us to develop our own business in the way that we want. The solution is even better than the best practice we envisioned; we feel safe that the collaboration will work well. This is exactly what every real partnership should be like. We have a well-motivated team, sharing a common goal and recognizing each other’s company cultures and way of working. As a client you deserve the best supplier - we cannot stress that enough.
Ylva Berg, CIO, Tyréns Group
It is inspiring to become a part of such an outstanding industry player as Advania. With our setup and local knowledge, we will be able to fill the small but important gaps in Advania’s Danish offering. By joining a well-thought-out brand, we can support our clients even further. We are thrilled about this opportunity and looking forward to a bright future together.
Carsten Weis, CEO of Kompetera
The demand for digitalization is high and fast-growing. With our new colleagues on board, we have a highly motivated team of world-class professionals. Together we will deliver complex and innovative projects, introducing cutting-edge technologies to the Finnish market.
Sami Grönberg, CEO Advania Finland
As Advania continues to grow, the possibility to have an impact as well as the expectations for us to take responsibility in the supply chain will increase too. Through our RBA membership, we will continue to improve.
Helena Nordin, Sustainability Manager Advania Sweden.
Now we take the next step and make sustainability part of the business strategy and delivering’s to customers. It should be easy to choose Advania also from a sustainability perspective
Helena Nordin, Sustainability Manager at Advania Sweden
The aim is to minimise the number of solutions for our contact centres, while at the same time outsourcing the development and optimisation of the system. This will enable us to save money and focus on what we’re good at – helping companies and organisations get paid and individuals to become debt-free.
Juuso Rantasalo, Business Development Manager at Intrum
To once again receive such good feedback from our customers makes us feel extremely proud. It shows that we deliver IT services that make a difference in our customers’ businesses. Having said that, two parties are required in a customer relationship and I dare to say we have the best customers in the industry. They are high-demanding, which means we constantly need to improve
says Tomas Wanselius, CEO Advania Sweden AB
For us at Lowell, it is a top priority for our customers to have the best possible experience in all their interactions with us. That means we have to maintain a high and consistent level of service, something that includes offering a range of different ways of getting in contact with us, so that our employees get a 360-degree view of the customers who contact us. In this way we ensure a consistent customer experience in our contact centre platform.
Mikael Kiltorp, Head of Infrastructure Services at Lowell.
Advania Marketplace as a service, is something we have been looking for and the solution fits very well into our B2B venture. Since we introduced the platform, we can offer and sell new types of subscriptions more easily as well as other cloud services with a satisfied customer as a result. We previously spent a lot of time tracking costs and billing, while we now have gained control. We are very pleased that we have chosen Advania's solution and look forward to a continued collaboration
Joakim Bank, Business Development Manager at Macforum
I had almost given up before I found Advania. Much of the solutions made for our industry does not fit A Bygg because we operate in a slightly different way.
Dag Straumsheim, CFO A Bygg
We are in an extremely rapid development, where more and more teaching, administration and documentation are done digitally. It places very high demands on IT systems, support and service. We are looking forward to continuing the digital journey with Advania as a flexible IT supplier with a broad expertise that fits our needs perfectly.
Fredrik Lindgren”, CEO Kunskapsskolan
We are very satisfied with this agreement and the fact that we will have access to modern IT-service, that will support the Stockholm preschools and schools, in their digitization efforts. We look forward to collaborating with Advania AB, for a modern and uniform education, through increased flexibility in access to digital devices
Johanna Engman, acting CIO, Stockholm stad
This project has been a success and we have received lots of positive feedback. It is amazing to have an ICT project that people are happy with!
Odd-Lasse Worum, General Manager at DDV
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