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Advania is certified for the fourth year in a row.

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" is an expression that will be familiar to most people. At Advania Norway, we acknowledge the important role of workplace culture. Every member of staff should enjoy working at Advania. This is a key objective in itself. But we are also aware of the important impact it has on us achieving our common objectives. 

As part of the effort to develop our staff and company, we have been working on making improvements in a systematic manner. This is where the Great Place to Work® programme comes in, featuring the most commonly used workplace culture and employee surveys in the world, which we have participated in since 2016.

Workplace culture based on trust 

Great Place to Work® has been helping develop the best workplaces for many years.

One of the key aspects of the survey is measuring a workplace culture based on trust. This is done using three essential relationships: the employees’ relationship with 1) management 2) the job 3) colleagues.

Advania Norway can boast of sterling results, rewarded by us being designated as a Great Place to Work for the fourth year in a row. Our results indicate an improved performance across all the parameters measured.

In response to this, Espen Hartz, CEO Advania Norway, says: "We are proud to be designated yet again as a Great Place to Work. Our successful results inspire us to work harder at building a culture of trust. Advania wants to enjoy a reputation as a workplace where the culture is conducive to achieving a good performance and where doing a good job is viewed positively. We are motivated by any challenges we face. Our aim is to become one of the best workplaces in Norway." 

About Great Place to Work 

  • Operates in over 50 countries.
  • Provides a global standard for identifying the distinctive features that make good workplaces.
  • The model used is based on 30 years of research and data collected through conducting the Trust Index© survey.
  • Read more about Great Place to Work® in Norway:

For more information:
Espen Hartz, CEO, Advania Norway
Tel: +47 930 29 688


About Advania
Advania is a Nordic IT corporation, operating in 22 locations in Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Denmark. The company focuses on helping customers to improve their performance with innovative use of best available IT platforms and services.  Advania serves thousands of corporate customers, multinational enterprises, governments and public institutions, big, small and medium-sized companies in all aspects of society. 
Advania traces its roots to 1939 when an Icelandic entrepreneur founded an office equipment repair workshop in Reykjavik. In the following decades, three separate branches of IT-companies evolved in three Nordic countries, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway. In 2012 they were braided into one and Advania was formed. For further information, please visit