Great People at ÅF - Leena Sivill

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Leena Sivill works as  Senior Consultant, responsible for Energy Business Consulting at ÅF in Finland.


Leena, you are a Doctor in tech. science. What was the subject in  your doctoral thesis?

The subject of the doctoral thesis was success  factors of energy management in energy-intensive industries: Energy Performance  Measurement.


What makes you passionate about your daily work?

What  makes me passionate about my daily work are many factors; inspiring and skilled  colleagues, challenging assignments by clients and projects gathering together  people with different backgrounds.


What was your most important project or event in your career (at  ÅF)?

We are currently working with a really interesting, though, a  classified project.  Our projects in the private sector are classified, but  often dealing with issues that are of interest to the media due to impacts on  the energy market and a close relationship with political decision making.  Meeting and working with others from the international offices of ÅF is always  rewarding.


What is your dream assignment?

The dream assignment would  be complex, topical and strategically important to a client and dealing with  something that has not been done before.


How do you create solutions that are profitable, safe and sustainable  for our clients?

With a lot of analytical work, co-operation with  relevant people and by applying second opinions where needed. Our clientele,  such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, share ÅF's views  on sustainability, so it already is a 'must have' in projects from the start.  Many of the sustainability solutions depend on the country where the project is.  For example, we have delivered projects to promote investments in biomass fired  energy production and efficient district heating in the Eastern European  countries.

Who is Leena in her private life?

Above all a family  person.