By welcoming Diego to our team, we are unlocking a wealth of experience, strategic insight, and industry knowledge. FYLD operates in safety-critical sectors, so our highest priority is always that everyone returns home safely at the end of each day. Diego shares this principle and is firmly behind our mission to develop pioneering digital solutions for improved productivity and safety in the field. I’m equally thrilled to have Danielle join FYLD’s board and look forward to engaging her strategic perspective on future growth, increasing market share, and deploying data-led insights as our technology continues to evolve, particularly focused on generative AI.
Shelley Copsey, FYLD CEO
“OPITO also has more than 50 years of experience operating in the UK, which has created the world’s most active offshore wind market and installed the most capacity globally. We look forward to sharing best practices in training and skills development to optimise the US offshore wind market and create employment opportunities now, and in future. “This is a hugely exciting time for offshore wind in this region, and the skills and training put in place now will create a strong and sustainable industry for future generations.”
Andy Williamson, Head of Energy Transition at OPITO
“We must do everything possible to make sure nobody is left behind in this energy transition and that every worker can access the training and development they need to work flexibly across the offshore energy industry."
John McDonald, OPITO CEO and Energy Skills Alliance Chair
The publication of the Integrated People and Skills Strategy shows our industry in action, providing clarity for our workforce as we move to a more diverse energy future which is still homegrown here in the UK, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank OPITO and John McDonald for leading this vital piece of work.
Deirdre Michie, CEO, Offshore Energies UK
Collaboration across the whole energy sector is going to be critical to facilitate the movement of workers across the energy sector. We are excited to see how the planned skills passport develops in time and are encouraged by the ambition and the progress made so far.
Rt Hon Greg Hands MP, Minister of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
“The Integrated People and Skills Strategy will play a fundamental role, alongside the Scottish Government’s Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan, in supporting the transition, and the Action Plan on Aligning Offshore Energy Standards will be critical for ensuring skills transferability across the offshore energy workforce.”
Michael Matheson Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport
In 2025, one-third of our total revenues will come from solutions enabling oil and gas production with low-carbon emissions, and from deliveries to renewable energy projects. And by 2030, this will grow to two-thirds. In parallel, we aim to reduce our CO2-emissions by 50 percent by 2030, reaching net zero by 2050.
Kjetel Digre, Aker Solutions CEO
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