It is going to be an amazing month of May for everyone in this region. The 600 Festival has so many events again this year that it’s going to be great for locals and for the thousands of fans who come to town for the races at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
Jacqueline Gafrarar, executive director of the 600 Festival
“It’s hard for some of us to fathom what it’s like to serve and while serving have “normal” erased forever. For both the service member and family, the restoration process is demanding and often inhibits them from enjoying prior lifestyles and activities. We understand this is a critical part of recovery and are honored to fulfill the dreams and goals of our service members and families.”
Robin Kelleher, president and CEO of Hope For The Warriors
“After my solo cross-country trip in 2013, I experienced the value of listening and allowing people to truly be heard. After implementing what I learned with The Red Boot Coalition, I knew another, more purposeful effort to reach Americans from all walks of life was essential. Here we are two years later preparing for an adventure that we hope will build community and understanding.”
Molly Barker
“We have eight people that will embark on this journey to ask people questions most never get to ask. While on the journey, award-winning television journalist, Sarah Batista, and a film crew will document the trip, the lives touched and the results of love, kindness and listening in action; resulting in a 11-part documentary series. I am so grateful for the collaboration and shared vision with Sarah.”
Molly Barker
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