New Attana publication - Increased target specificity for new drugs by applying Attana´s technology to understand and optimize multivalent drug interactions

Attana’s technology was extensively used in a new paper published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics. The paper is a result of a collaboration project, which originates from the EU-project Dynano, between University of Namur, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Linnaeus University and Attana. In the paper it is demonstrated that the Attana technology is an excellent tool to characterize and distinguish between different kinds of interactions, which are important for the development of new drugs with improved specificity.

In the publication it is shown that Attana's QCM-technology is an excellent tool to study multiple interactions. In particular, the Attana technology can be used to outline multivalency effects in carbohydrate-lectin interactions. This can be used to create well-defined, precisely glycosylated nanoplatforms of various symmetry, charge and size that has the opportunity to become important tools to probe the “cluster glycoside effect”. This, amongst others things, can be of importance to specifically target bacteria for the design of next generation antibiotics, which aim at eliminatic antibiotics resistance.

Within the the Dynano network, Attana has been actively working in order to develop assays suitable for bacterial and carbohydrate assays. This has resulted in several important publications:

In addition, related work has been published by other groups using the Attana technology:

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