Currency exchange rates for the first quarter 2019

Currency exchange rates for significant currencies in Betsson AB’s financial reports are found below. The exchange rates have no material impact on the Group’s operations, but affects the reported results when translated into the reporting currency SEK. 

Income statement average rates to SEK

January-March 2019 January-March 2018 YoY Delta
EUR 10.4173 9.9641 4.5%
GBP 11.9423 11.2794 5.9%
GEL 3.4159 3.2631 4.7%
NOK 1.0689 1.0343 3.3%
TRY 1.7049 2.1245 -19.8%

Balance sheet rates to SEK

31 March 2019 31 March 2018 YoY Delta
EUR 10.4221 10.2931 1.3%
GBP 12.0818 11.7617 2.7%
GEL 3.4487 3.4433 0.2%

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Anna Ulinder, IR Manager Betsson AB
+46 (0)73 368 33 69,

Betsson AB (publ) is a holding company that invests in and manages fast-growing companies within online gaming. The company is one of the largest in online gaming in Europe and has the ambition to outgrow the market, organically and through acquisitions. This should be done in a profitable and sustainable manner, primarily in locally regulated markets. Betsson AB is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Large Cap (BETS).

About Us

Betsson AB’s Core Business consists of owning and administering shareholdings in companies which, themselves or through partners, offer gaming to the end users via the internet. Betsson AB owns Betsson Malta which operates gaming to the end users either through their own websites or through partnerships. Betsson Malta offers Poker, Casino, Sportsbook, Scratch Cards, Bingo and Games. The customers come primarily from the Scandinavian countries and other parts of Europe. Betsson AB is listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic Mid Cap List, (BETS).