Getting approval and being listed on the Qlik Market portal, greatly enhances our penetration into global markets. Not only does it add credibility for us as a software provider, it will also have a great impact for our partners. From now on they can speak about BizView as the natural complement for the Qlik BI foundation that it is, knowing that Qlik themselves has approved to that. Certainly, our recent status as Qlik Technology Partner also adds to that.
Jens Karlsson, VP International Sales at Bizview Systems
Over the last few years Grand Hotel has considerably improved their budget and forecasting process by focusing on relevant drivers important to their business. Although, they have had challenges with time consuming processes for input, budget consolidation and analysis. Therefore, we really appreciate the opportunity to help taking their internal processes to an even higher level by implementing BizView together with Qlik Sense.
Jonas Grundström, BI Manager at Climber
Grand Hôtel is a most welcome customer to us that brings great value to our portfolio of high profile brand references. We’ve had previous success in the travel and leisure industry, and Grand Hôtel certainly adds to that. We are confident that BizView will help Grand Hôtel in running their operations, and achieving great control over their financials to further improve their offering.
Jens Karlsson, VP Global Partner Program at Bizview
bWise is one of the leading experts on BI and CPM in Norway, and as partner to BizView we can now offer our customers the best solutions in the field of Planning. With BizView for Qlik, we can now offer the most efficient planning solutions in the market. There is huge demand for flexible, cost-effective and scalable systems for planning. With BizView we have found a product that fully covers these criteria.
Kristoffer Danielsen, head of Budget and Forecasting at bWise
To partner with the best expertise in the market is the safest way for us to succeed. BizView’s mantra is - Planning and reporting the way you want it. Faster., a goal you can reach only if you combine the best system with the best implementation expertise.
Lars Fjellbirkeland, CEO at Bizview Norway
Our goals are ambitious and to reach our goals we need everyone at Elektroimportøren to fully understand what is expected in their daily work. But is just as vital that we implement the best IT solutions, and BizView for Qlik gives us the comfort and flexibility necessary to succeed.
Petter Bjørnstad at Elektroimportøren
It is with great pride we now announce LINX as new BizView client. Agency DNA have done yet another excellent job, approaching the market and LINX with great commitment! For Bizview, LINX is a major name to add into our portfolio, a new proof that our solutions really stand out as special. Something we couldn’t have done without the great partnership with Agency DNA.
Jens Karlsson, VP Global Partner Program at Bizview
Retail is an industry with strong demands for financial management and planning. It is also an industry where companies often have several different systems working for and with each other, which again can be challenging when implementing new system solutions for planning and decision support. But BizView is a powerful and flexible tool and can be seen as a
Lars Fjellbirkeland, CEO of Bizview Norway
Imagination have been a long-standing client and have placed considerable trust in us to deliver this important initiative. BizView complements their requirement exceptionally well, and already through the proof of concept we have demonstrated the power and flexibility of the BizView solution to them.
Chris Lever, Agency DNA Director
It is with great pleasure and a great deal of pride, we can announce this new customer. Imagination is the first of many customers in a key market such as UK. Agency DNA have done an excellent job, approaching the market and Imagination with great focus and commitment! For Bizview, it means that we have yet another partner that has included our product into their core offering, and showing they really believe in the potential BizView brings to them.
Jens Karlsson, VP Global Partner Program at Bizview Systems
CEO Lars Fjellbirkeland in Bizview Systems Norway comments, in light of this new agreement, that the food & beverage industry is a priority for Bizview. Meat producers Grilstad, Nortura and Furuseth Slakterier, wholesalers like Haugen Group and Jensen, and beverage producers Lerum and Telemark Kildevann, are some of the companies that over the last few years have implemented BizView.
Lars Fjellbirkeland, CEO at Bizview Systems Norway
This partnership is truly a major achievement for us. It adds weight and credibility to our recent success in the Qlik channels, and opens a worldwide market for us to exploit to the best of our efforts. Having this partnership, as an authorized Technology Partner, will raise BizView to new levels, and our goal is to make BizView a household name among all the happy Qlik customers out there.
Jens Karlsson, VP Global Partner Program at Bizview
We already have numerous customers, global and local, that has chosen BizView as their planning complement for Qlikview. In our own partner network we also continue to add new skilled and hungry Qlik partners that have realized the potential of BizView. It is truly very exciting! Qlik, also founded in Sweden, has had unparalleled success globally, and it is an honor for us to be welcomed in their partner community.
Jens Karlsson, VP Global Partner Program at Bizview
Climber already created a Foundation Framework to optimize the Qlik environment at Lecot. All business requirements and rules for further analysis are stored here. BizView is seamlessly integrating in this environment. The Excel-like ease of use also proofed to be a valuable asset for Lecot-Raedschelders. The cooperation and partnership with BizView, will also be extremely interesting for our installed base and potential new customers. It is a true valuable addition to the Qlik Platform.
Bert Otter, Climber Benelux Director
This contract is another big step in our aim at becoming an international recognized brand. Together with our enthusiastic partner Climber, this will be the start of many successful implementations in this region. At Bizview we already know that our customers are very satisfied, it will be exciting to follow the development of this new market and to hear the stories from future customers.
Jens Karlsson, VP Global Partner Program at Bizview
We see great potential in the partnership with Bizview Systems.
David Arenbo, CEO at BizOne
Bizview’s software for budgeting and planning will be a good complement to our current offering in business intelligence and performance management. Since Bizview is an open solution we can deliver integrated support in the planning process for existing and new clients.
Fredrik Sandberg, Responsible for the planning offering at BizOne
With a partner like BizOne and with BizView customers ranging from medium sized to large corporations, BizView can be delivered for small to the most complex solutions in a combination of functionality, price and time that is second to none. We have already seen interest from the market around the offer BizOne and Bizview Systems can offer.
Peter Winkler, Partner Responsible at Bizview Systems
Global growth companies within low margin service sectors are really in need of strong tools for financial management and planning. With BizView we now have a scalable system where we with great simplicity and flexibility can adapt to the ever changing and emerging needs in the business - performance management systems are key to success, our success. And over the next years we will see the importance of this in every growth company succeeding on the global arena.
Stig Storm-Hansen, CFO at OSM Aviation
BizView is getting increasingly popular now, be it with small or big corporations, local or global players, it seems we have found the right formula: the need for BI and CPM solutions that combine simplicity, ease of use and flexibility, with cost-effective deployment and advanced features, is something we find in demand with our global customers. With BizView's scalable web technology, we can meet those demands better and more cost effective than most competitors in the global market.
Oskar Kristiansen, CEO at Bizview Systems
BizView has in recent years gained many new customers in the government and public enterprises. Now that BizView also can be subordered under a framework agreement for municipalities and county councils, it makes it easier for new customers to order BizView for their business. There is great interest in BizView from public enterprises in Sweden, and we expect strong growth in this market in the coming years.
Peter Winkler, Bizview Systems
Adaptability has been the foundation for Forestia's existence for more than 40 years, and it will continue to be so in the years to come. That is why we have deliberately focused on continuous product development, and at the same time quality assurance at all levels is a top priority. Our choice of BizView blends naturally into the range of solutions that will strengthen our company and take us better equipped into the future market.
Ingeborg Edvardsen, Chief Financial Officer at Forestia AS
BizView allows us to be more hands-on with reporting, budgeting and forecasting. This means that we continuously follow up the real figures on sales levels and economy.
Ingeborg Edvardsen, Chief Financial Officer at Forestia AS
Large businesses with several production lines, many employees and international export of products, often find that the complexity can cloud the over-all view of the company's standing. With BizView key areas such as forecasting, budgeting, reporting, analysis and consolidation can be handled in a better and more efficiently than before.
Lars Fjellbirkeland, CEO at BizView Systems AS
BizView offers a Web-based Excel-like user interface combined with powerful workflow management. Now it's easier than ever to establish optimized business management in enterprises. Our focus with BizView has been to simplify all procedures and routines. We have also made it possible to easily distribute reports and templates to other users in organizations with just a few keystrokes.
Lars Fjellbirkeland, CEO at BizView Systems AS
Since our start in 1997 we have offered our customers solutions that are 100% customized to their needs, wants and existing systems.
Freddy Kristiansen, partner and manager in 24SevenOffice
Our core offering is a cloud-based solution where users link up modules with services they need - not having to buy and operate comprehensive ERP systems for accounting, CRM, project management, time and collaboration solutions. Although the modules constitute a complete and integrated business system, all the modules also work as independent systems with many smart integration opportunities.
Freddy Kristiansen, partner and manager in 24SevenOffice
Reporting is an area with a lot of focus and attention. Not only is this an extremely important feature for businesses, but report's structure, data usage and scope varies a lot. BizView24 has flexibility - and a pricing structure - that fits like a glove with our concept, and it was natural to see an integration between Bizview and 24SevenOffice.
Freddy Kristiansen, partner and manager in 24SevenOffice
With BizView24's analysis module it's now easier than ever to use data from 24SevenOffice to generate highly specific reports, by user choice.
Lars Fjellbirkeland, CEO at Bizview Systems
The focus has been to simplify all procedures and routines. We have also made it possible to easily distribute reports to other users in your organization with just a few keystrokes.
Lars Fjellbirkeland, CEO at Bizview Systems
We are delighted to be working with BizView, and are already impressing our clients with its capabilities. BizView offers a business planning and modelling platform that is powerful, connectable and flexible, and exceptionally well-priced for our agency focused market. With no new language to be learned – your Excel skills seeing you go a long way, agencies can effectively keep their spreadsheets, but input and analyze data in an accessible data-based controlled environment. We see this as the start of a long and enjoyable UK to global journey.
Chris Lever, Agency DNA Principal
We really feel we have hit the bulls-eye with this partner! Very competent and with a strong presence in a specific market segment. Agency DNA will be key for building our international business, starting in the UK and helping their customers with their planning and consolidation needs. This partnership also proves that BizView can fill a gap among all the competition thanks to the positioning and ease of implementation.
Jens Karlsson, VP Global Partner Program at Bizview Systems
The partnership with Bizview really strengthens our offering in many of our business areas. Certainly in the ERP segment with Microsoft Dynamics AX, and especially within our successful effort in the business intelligence area together with the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform.
Jan Mentzer, Managing Director at Accigo
This partnership means a lot to us. We revitalize the partnership with one of Scandinavia’s premier Microsoft solution providers. With the deep insight and knowledge about all aspects of an ERP / BI solution, we are convinced Accigo will fully take BizView to heart and make it an important part of their successful customer offerings. In addition I am very intrigued by how Accigo implements solutions and conducts their business. Everyone focuses on its customers, but Accigo takes it to a new level with its Harmony program.
Jens Karlsson, VP Global Partner Proghram at Bizview Systems
We recently adopted the BizView tool in our organization and are amazed at its capabilities. We have managed to save time, cumbersome processes and eliminate unnecessary errors that creep while working with numbers that are gathered from multiple sources to get a bird’s eye-view of the business.
Adrian Haddow, Financial Director
We especially enjoy the ease of use while manipulating content to view the state of Swagelok South Africa’s financial position and forecasting options. This tool also allows us to be more transparent in empowering our associates by providing them unrestricted access and allowing them to view ‘live’ results of their sales progress, improvements or shortfalls. This allows them to make the necessary adjustments to their work and helps them have more control on outcomes. Overall, this is the best tool that we have come across in the market. It is dynamic, user-friendly and very efficient.
Adrian Haddow, Financial Director
The implementation will be a reference for future South African customers, and plans are also being made to take the solution globally within Swagelok. We are extremely happy with the solution our partner BlueViewConsulting has been able to provide the customer with, and it proves that our concept of working together with skilled partners, can satisfy various customer needs and create very happy BizView customers.
Jens Karlsson, VP Global Partner Program
The strength with BizView is to be able to create almost any kind of solution. It is made possible by the Excel-like input forms in the web browser, with advanced logic, combined with a central database for storing of data. It provides centralized control and effective planning processes.
Erik Lidman, Development Manager
We have in previous versions of the budgeting system worked long with the county council and their needs related to budgeting. That experience has come in handy when implementing BizView.
Leif Lindgren, Project Manager at Evry
It's a natural consequence of our success with BizView that we now have decided to change our corporate name to the same, NCG Group is becoming Bizview Systems. Last year gave us a lot of new, exiting customers and partners on several continents, a trend we know will continue in the coming years. We therefore want to cultivate the brand BizView at all levels, and the first step is by changing the name of the company to Bizview Systems.
Oskar Kristiansen, founder and Chairman of the Board
With BizView 7.0, we can combine simplicity, flexibility and very strong functionality to support them in the most cost effective way we have never seen before among similar systems.
Göran Stridbeck, Managing Director at NCG Sweden
There is a common denominator for all BizView customers. Regardless of sector and business, public or private, they need to develop and improve their operations. It's all about taking control and planning their operations in an increasingly competitive world.
Lars Fjellbirkeland, Managing Director
Access to new markets, new partners and new customers confirms that BizView emerges as something unique in the market.
Oskar Kristiansen, CEO
With the new version of BizView, we enter a new and challenging phase. Our strategic alliances with partners will ensure that QlikView users worldwide will hear more about BizView for QlikView.
Oskar Kristiansen, CEO
With BizView we can combine functionality in the same class as the largest systems in the world with simplicity and speed of deliveries and solutions that previously only small standard systems could deliver.
Rune Kristiansen, MBA
BizView's strong sales in the market is due to that BizView is a fully scalable software capable of handling the needs from small companies to large and complex global companies, this makes BizView a unique product in today's market in the areas of budgeting, forecasting, reporting, OLAP / analytics, dashboard and consolidation.
Alf Slettemoen, Senior Consultant
This is a unique opportunity for BlueViewConsulting. With BizView we are equipped with what we believe is the best tool within the area of Performance Management and Business Intelligence. The market for tools like this is growing and the need is immense. With BizView we can support our clients with state-of-the-art solutions to a cost earlier unheard of!
Gary Ballantine, Principal Partner BlueViewConsulting
With BizView, as an integral part of the iFood solution, we can offer the market a solution in absolute world-class with features such as performance reporting, kpi’s, dashboards, demand forecasts, traditional budgeting, financial forecasting, ad hoc reporting and analysis provides iFood with unique additional features for customers.
Geir Elvestad, Sales Manager at iStone Dynamics Norway
BizView is an important part of our efforts to lead and simplify the market forecasting process. The forecasting result is crucial for long term plans and decisions.
Global BMI&S Tool Director at Electrolux AB
This is a unique opportunity for Velocity Solutions. With BizView we are equipped with what we believe is the best tool within the area of Performance Management and Business Intelligence. The market for tools like this is growing and the need is immense. With BizView we can support our clients with state-of-the-art solutions to a cost earlier unheard of!
Ian Whitehouse, Managing Director at Velocity Solutions
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