Our functional design solutions for pregnant and nursing mothers are appreciated all over the world and sales have steadily increased, especially in the US and Germany. Now our new CEO, Lena Kinberg Södergren, is stepping in with the right capabilities to take us further. We have also strengthened the board with a new chairwoman, Anna Klingspor. I am happy and proud to have added two such talented people to the company.
Mia Seipel, founder and Creative Director at Boob
It is exciting to be involved in running a Swedish brand that is so strong internationally. The target audience is well defined and global. It is constantly being renewed and becoming increasingly digital. The development of our online business fits our target audience and our niche concept perfectly. In the digital world there are cost-effective opportunities to grow and do business. I look forward to leading the organization and the company towards new goals.
Lena Kinberg Södergren, CEO at Boob
Boob started from an idea, and a concern for, mothers and children – a target group that is naturally focused on the future. For us at Boob it goes without saying that we as a company should act and make choices with care for the next generation. We therefore set high goals and a strict framework for our production. To begin with, our products should fulfill a purpose and have a well thought out and durable design. They should be made of materials that are as environmentally optimal as possible and be produced with as little environmental impact as possible. These are products that must withstand being used, washed and loved - hopefully by more than one mother. We aim to be at the forefront and show that it is possible to grow by making business decisions that are both sustainable and profitable.
Mia Seipel, founder and Creative Director at Boob
You don’t need a completely new wardrobe when you are pregnant or nursing. Just the right one. We know that a couple of comfortable bottoms, together with flexible and nursing-friendly tops and dresses, can be real lifesavers that make life as a mother both simpler and more comfortable. But function must also be incorporated in a design that makes you feel attractive and free to keep your own personal style.
Mia Seipel, CEO at Boob Design
With Autumn/Winter 2016, we are extra proud to present a clothing collection that is made entirely from sustainable materials*. Everything to help our customers make the greenest choice possible.
Mia Seipel, CEO at Boob Design
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