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    We have 7% growth in income from property management despite the sales concluded this year. Our markets are strong and driven by greater demand than supply, which creates potential for renegotiations in which, so far this year, we have renegotiated our leases upwards by 18%. This, together with the annual index adjustments, has created an increase of 5% in the rental value of the portfolio.
    Henrik Saxborn, CEO of Castellum AB
    We can also state that the level of gross leasing remains on a high level, and to some extent the negative net leasing should be regarded as an effect of timing, due primarily to a few major notices of termination. Moreover, Castellum’s financial position is stronger than ever; the loan-to-value ratio remains at 44% and our investor base has expanded.
    Henrik Saxborn, CEO of Castellum AB
    We're incredibly proud of this distinction. This is our fourth year of being elected to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, a consistent indication that we are best-in-class at sustainability. From the word go, sustainability is an absolute prerequisite if we're to succeed at growing profitably. It creates lasting credibility and trust for our operations among existing and prospective customers, as well as shareholders and co-workers. I'd like to thank all of our colleagues who worked to make this possible.
    Henrik Saxborn, CEO at Castellum AB
    We see ourselves as community-builders. With this as a springboard, our strategy is to take sustainability issues very seriously from all possible economical, ecological and social standpoints. The objective is to integrate our sustainability efforts into everything we do, and they should constitute a natural consideration in all our daily activities. This year’s GRESB ranking is proof positive that our strategy is right and that focusing on sustainability is profitable. I want to thank all employees who have contributed to this amazing result.
    Henrik Saxborn, CEO at Castellum AB
    This is an important and prestigious cooperation for us. We’re very proud that Geely has placed confidence in our ability to sustain our part in creating the Geely Innovation Centre in Europe. We share the same vision, which is to create a flexible and dynamic work-and-meeting space that is sustainable and inspiring, while promoting cooperation and creativity.
    Yvonne Sörensen Björud
    We are very happy that Heart Aerospace has chosen to establish in the Säve Airport area. They're running an exciting operation that lines up perfectly with the innovation cluster we'd like to create in the area, while we plan development over the longer term.
    Mariette Hilmersson, Managing Director for Castellum's Region West.
    We build and manage buildings – but our primary focus is not limited to walls, floors and ceilings. Our objective for the Hagastaden blocks is to create a space where synergies can be created between workplaces and residences, and where people and companies can grow and thrive together. The joint-project agreement with Einar Mattsson is important, because it lays a foundation for what we want to create. They are an experienced residential developer which complement our competence within the office and public sector.
    Henrik Saxborn, CEO at Castellum AB
    I’m really excited to be taking on this opportunity. Castellum is a well-run company which demonstrates strong growth and high ambitions. Add to that a strong brand presence and Castellum’s position as the most sustainable company in the Nordic countries. I’m really looking forward to being along in developing operations from a long-term standpoint, focusing on one of Europe’s fastest-growing regions.
    Martin Bjöörn, Managing DIrector for operations in Stockholm, Uppsala and Gävle
    I am far more optimistic about market conditions today than I was back in January. We have noted numerous positive signals during the quarter, including rising rental levels in the metropolitan areas and a positive result for net leasing compared with the previous quarter.
    Henrik Saxborn, CEO Castellum
    In addition to stronger results from our property management operations, the detailed development plans for three of our largest projects have been approved, which translates to a project volume of MSEK 3,000. In the current market, projects have a considerably higher yield than acquisitions, and now account for the lion’s share of Castellum’s investments, which is important for the next few years.
    Henrik Saxborn, CEO Castellum
    We are very proud to have been invited to join this group of experienced industry players from all over Europe. I believe we all have a lot to gain from working together to find new innovative solutions which can benefit each of our businesses as well as the real estate sector in Europe as a whole. All of us are facing similar challenges from an environmental, social and financial standpoint, but especially from a digital perspective due to new technology. It is necessary for us to live up to our existing and future customers’ expectations in order for us to stay successful longer-term. Therefore this type of collaboration is essential since it can help us speed up innovation and research with the goal to developing tomorrow’s real estate business.
    Henrik Saxborn, CEO Castellum
    To obtain a higher credit rating is very valuable for Castellum. It proves that what we are doing keeps us on the right track from both a financial and a business perspective. The fact that the market shows faith in Castellum is a prerequisite for future investments. At the same time, the enhanced credit rating creates opportunities that we require to maintain strong economic flexibility, along with the possibility to expand our investor base nationally as well as internationally.
    Ulrika Danielsson, CFO Castellum.
    I’m extremely proud to be accepting this award. It’s proof of the persistent efforts we make to create sustainable community construction that reaches far beyond Castellum’s borders. I’d also like to thank my colleagues on the Board and the Executive Management Group, as well as all Castellum employees. We’ve all pulled together to put Castellum on the map as one of the most sustainable real estate companies in both national and international spheres. Business advantages go hand in hand with Castellum’s Agenda for the Sustainable City 2030. Continuous improvements, with measurable goals for sustainability offer us a shortcut to our financial objectives as well as sustainable value-creation for our shareholders, customers, coworkers and other partners. On the personal side, it feels extra fun to be working in the boardroom with issues I hold closest to heart and to be able to inspire and be inspired by others.
    Charlotte Strömberg, Chairman of the Board Castellum
    Income from property management increased 9%, which means that with our existing portfolio, we nearly reached our goal of 10% this quarter as well. Net sales are assessed as temporarily impacting growth over the forthcoming quarters, but I believe that we will create shareholder value in 2019 as well.
    Henrik Saxborn, CEO Castellum
    The currently existing property-access solutions consist of locked systems, which make movements difficult to manage in addition to obstructing development. The new platform for digital keys can best be explained as a kind of counterpart to the Swish mobile payment system. Digital keys will make life easier for both our customers and ourselves as property owners. We’ll even be setting excellent background conditions for creating new, smart mobile services for our customers.
    Niclas Ingeström, Chief Digital Officer at Castellum
    “Taking this new step together results in really exciting opportunities, where Castellum’s experience of creating successful and innovative workplaces meets HSB’s almost one hundred years of experience in founding and enhancing The Good Home concept. We’re developing the next generation’s work spaces with useful and effective cooperation tools and efficient services for tackling life’s various puzzles. It’s a new type of space, where people and companies are invited to grow and develop through new kinds of meeting situations”
    Henrik Saxborn, Castellum CEO
    “We’d like to create a trailblazing residential environment and build a social and digital hub for Jubileumshuset. An inclusive space and a natural meeting-place that will create synergies and added value for all who live, visit or work in the Jubileumshuset building. It feels really inspiring to link arms with Castellum – a sharp commercial player and an exciting work-partner that both complements and challenges us”
    Jonas Erkenborn, CEO for HSB Bostad
    “Interest in Eminent has been tremendous. It’s delightful that increasing numbers of employers understand the value of investing in the wellbeing of their coworkers. There’s a lot to gain here, such as reduced absenteeism due to illness and fewer stress-related issues. Healthy and contented coworkers also perform better, thereby increasing company profitability”
    Henrik Saxborn, CEO at Castellum AB
    “Every day, 250,000 people go to work in our buildings. We strive continuously to develop workplaces in central locations, where companies and people can prosper. We envision strong development potential at Lilla Bommen and the acquisition further strengthens our position in the Gothenburg inner city”
    Henrik Saxborn, Castellum CEO
    “The infrastructure drive currently taking place at Lilla Bommen will result in an even more attractive area in the future, as it’s creating a more central and vastly more accessible location”
    Henrik Saxborn, Castellum CEO
    “We continue our strategy of selling properties in retail areas in favour of a fully targeted offices and logistics portfolio in Nordic high-growth areas”
    Henrik Saxborn, Castellum CEO
    This distinction is an acknowledgment of our systematic and high-quality sustainability efforts
    Filip Elland, Head of sustainability at Castellum
    “It feels fantastic to welcome Henrik Stadigh to Castellum and to be taking our next step to being firmly established in Finland. Helsinki is a really exciting market, where we anticipate great growth potential. With Henrik in place, we can continue to grow and realize our ambition of expanding the portfolio in central Helsinki”
    Henrik Saxborn, Castellum CEO
    “I very much look forward to helping Castellum become established in the Finnish market. I’m hoping to provide expertise and experience from the Finnish real estate sector as well as my demonstrated skills in building up successful work units, driven by strong team spirit”
    Henrik Stadigh, Business Area Manager Castellum Helsinki
    “It feels fantastic to be along on the creation of a totally unique city district with science, life-and-living, and health in focus. We can contribute here with attractive workplaces and designing a life sciences cluster, as well as contributing the expertise about healthy buildings and wellbeing, we’ve acquired during our work with WELL-certified buildings”
    Henrik Saxborn, CEO for Castellum AB
    Coworking is about so much more than attractive workspaces. It is resource-efficient for the planet as well as for our wallets, but it’s also about building fellowship
    Henrik Saxborn, Castellum CEO
    It feels really fantastic that we’re getting Carola Lavén’s massive international competence into Castellum’s Executive Management Group
    Henrik Saxborn, CEO Castellum AB
    We’ll have a fantastic land bank to build on for several years ahead in Gothenburg, Sweden’s best-situated logistics area
    Henrik Saxborn, CEO for Castellum AB
    I want managers to dare to be more creative
    Niclas Ingeström