We are pleased to strengthen the protection around our drug candidate CS1. The addition of also covering Australia for CS1’s second patent family, together with previously granted key markets Japan, Russia and the US is part of our ongoing strategic IPR work to secure an advantageous position ahead of future developments.
Sten R. Sörensen, CEO at Cereno Scientific
We are happy to have Dr. Michael Holinstat join Cereno to spear head our preclinical stage assets. He has extensive experience in early-stage drug development, especially within cardiovascular diseases.
Sten R. Sörensen, CEO at Cereno Scientific
I look forward to working closer with the Cereno team and their early-stage development assets. With my experience within cardiovascular diseases and network, I hope I can positively contribute to Cereno’s portfolio development.
Dr. Michael Holinstat
Cereno faces exciting and important challenges with both the Phase II clinical program and two preclinical programs in cardiovascular disease. We look forward to taking part of Rein's long experience of strategy and financing work, with a broad network in the Nordic region and the US, and believe that he will make a significant contribution to Cereno's further company development.
Catharina Bäärnhielm, Chair of the Board at Cereno Scientific.
It will be fun to work with Cereno, a company with strong roots and knowledge of the development of new concepts for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The company is at an exciting stage, both the clinical and the preclinical projects will show the continued way forward for the company's development. I look forward to being able to contribute my experiences to support a continued positive development for Cereno.
Rein Piir, newly proposed board member
We started working with Dr. Michael Holinstat and his research team at University of Michigan about a year ago. The promising results delivered with CS014 in initial animal studies made the decision easy to extend the collaboration to a full preclinical program.
Sten R. Sörensen, CEO at Cereno Scientific
I’m pleased to continue to work with CS014 and Cereno. The results from the initial studies show promising potential of this program and we look forward to fully delineating the role of CS014 for intervention in a preclinical program.
Dr. Michael Holinstat PhD, FAHA, Department of Pharmacology, Internal Medicine (Division of Cardiovascular Medicine), and Vascular Surgery at University of Michigan Medical School
The preclinical development with CS585 will start immediately under the lead of Dr Michael Holinstat. We are glad to be working together with a research team of this caliber and anticipate a positive journey ahead for both CS585 and Cereno.
Sten R. Sörensen, CEO at Cereno Scientific
My research team and I look forward to continue into a preclinical development program for CS585 together with Cereno. The drug candidate has already provided promising data.
Dr Michael Holinstat PhD, FAHA, Department of Pharmacology, Internal Medicine (Division of Cardiovascular Medicine), and Vascular Surgery at University of Michigan Medical School.
After the intense work with CS1, first in successful preclinical and Phase I studies and now preparing for a Phase II study, we are excited to have the study start in sight. We do, however, first have a set of milestones ahead such as obtaining permission to start the study (IND acceptance) that we are looking forward to check-off. Looking at the overarching confirmed timeline though, we are nearly aligned with the original estimation of the study results announcement, which ultimately is one of the key milestones for us.
Sten R. Sörensen, CEO of Cereno Scientific
We are pleased to enter this agreement with the University of Michigan after our initial evaluation of this promising drug candidate. This is a great fit with our strategy to develop new treatments for common and rare cardiovascular diseases. We are excited to kick this off and, if successful, for the commercial value we believe this will add to Cereno as the candidate progresses through the drug development process.
Sten R. Sörensen, CEO at Cereno Scientific
Japan is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical markets, only behind the US and marginally China. The patent protection for CS1 now covering two of the major global markets is an attractive IPR position ahead of future developments.
Sten R. Sörensen, CEO at Cereno Scientific.
Working to continuously strengthen our IPR around our drug candidates and technology is an important part of our strategy aimed at optimally positioning Cereno for commercial success.
Sten R. Sörensen, CEO at Cereno Scientific
Securing IPR is crucial within drug development and, thus, our strategy and activities are constantly evaluated as we advance in our clinical development.
Jonas Faijerson Säljö, Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Cereno Scientific
We are confident that we have found a competent partner for our Phase II study in the CRO Worldwide Clinical Trials. They have extensive experience in conducting studies in cardiovascular disease in general and PAH in particular. They also have the right network of clinicians and study sites to set us up for success. It is beneficial to now get their input in finalizing the study protocol and regulatory study documentation to facilitate the process in the best way possible and, ultimately, start the study. We are excited to kick-off the new year and look forward to the study milestones ahead.
Sten R. Sörensen, CEO at Cereno Scientific
We are looking forward to the final results from the clinical study and, together with our secured financing up to 106 MSEK, this paves the way for our continued development work with the purpose to document CS1’s efficacy for preventive thrombosis treatment in patients.
Sten R. Sörensen, CEO, Cereno Scientific
We are very pleased to have started this clinical study with CS1, a new potential medicine to prevent thrombosis-related disease.
Cereno Scientific's CEO, Sten R Sorensen