About Us

Who knows what, who’s available, what can I sell? Cinode is the all-in-one Saas-platform that boost consultancy's growth by giving crucial insights into sales, delivery, and skills. “Cinode is the best solution on the market for consulting companies” - Jami Sjöblom Sales Director, Nitor. Cinode, established in Stockholm in 2010, has emerged as the leading Saas-platform for consultancy firms in the Nordics. Cinode enhances growth and profitability. It provides essential insights into sales, delivery, and skills, helping nearly 300 customers streamline operations. The platform's capabilities include quick client response times, optimized utilization, and transparent information for informed decision-making. Apart from boosting internal efficiency, Cinode connects you to an expansive network of over 5000 consultancies. This network facilitates collaboration around deals and skills. https://cinode.com/en/