UTMB continues to choose our products for treatment of patients with early stage prostate cancer, or other tumor disease, in the prostate. UTMB has become an important reference for us in the USA-market and the collaboration with the hospital continues to develop in a positive way.
Dan Mogren, CCO
I am very pleased that Toronto General Hospital has chosen our products for its clinical study. We will in a systematic way get access to important data on how our products perform when used in MRI guided focal laser ablation treatment.
Lars-Erik Eriksson, CEO
It is very gratifying that UTMB choses to purchase our system and continue to use our products. Dr. Eric Walser has so far treated about 20 patients, with early stage prostate cancer, using CLS’ accessories for MR-guided focal laser ablation and the products are performing very well.
Dan Mogren, CCO
CLS’ goal for 2017, to initiate sales in the US market, has now been accomplished. We receive repeat orders from demanding customers. This indicates good marks for our products. In the long term I see huge opportunities for us to build a successful business in the US.
Dan Mogren, CCO
As previously announced two patients have received treatment. An image guided laser treatment procedure was carried out, aiming at reducing pain and decreasing /eliminating the vascular malformation, with an immediate positive outcome.
Dan Mogren, CCO at CLS
The relationship with UTMB and Dr. Eric Walser is important to us also in other ongoing discussions in the US. We believe that we are seeing the beginning of a commercial acceptance for our products’ features and pricing, and that we thereby are able to compete with bigger and more established suppliers within our market segment.
Dan Mogren, CCO at CLS
This is the first time we are part of this conference, targeting one of our main user groups, interventional oncologists. WCIO 2017 is an excellent forum for us to showcase our products and further expand our presence in the US market.
Dan Mogren, CCO at CLS
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