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Coeli Asset Management is a subsidiary in the Coeli Group, a Swedish based independent investment management firm established in 1994 with its origins in private wealth management. As a Nordic Multimanager, Coeli Asset Management provides actively managed investments and offers financial solutions to institutional investors across asset classes, regions and investment disciplines.


“We are very proud to bring this new technology to the market. The Prognosis Machines had a strong start in these testing times. We expect it to continue yielding competitive and uncorrelated return as well as to improve Coeli’s overall offering”.
Lukas Lindkvist, CEO at Coeli Asset Management
“Investors need a new strategy that can cope with the frequent risk-on/risk-off episodes. Fundamental models do not work during risk-off and behavioral models get whipsawed when the market changes direction frequently. The Prognosis Machines solution is to use Machine Learning to discover what themes or assets investors favor as unknowable events, such as policy errors, crises, and disasters, that shake the markets and to build the portfolio accordingly”.
Alex Gioulekas, Portfolio Manager Prognosis Machines
“I am pleased that the strong results generated by the Select Sweden fund attract interest especially among institutional investors, making the launch of an additional fund with a focus on Swedish quality companies possible. Clearly there will be similarities between the two funds, but for the investors who want a slightly more diversified portfolio, the Coeli Sweden Fund is a great match
Christian Voboril
“Christian has delivered top tier performance since the launch of the Coeli Select Sweden Fund. In 2013, the fund made it to top three in its category and by the end of November this year the fund’s performance was 24.83% compared with benchmark (SIXPRX) 14.69%. I am convinced that Christian will be able to deliver similar results with the Coeli Sweden Fund
Lukas lindkvist
“The launch of the UCITS-compliant Coeli Sweden Fund enables us to reach a broader investor base
Lukas Lindkvist
We are excited to present the launch of the Coeli Global Select Fund and at the same time welcome Andreas to Coeli. His investment style of buying a selected portfolio of high quality names is a great match with our focus of high conviction asset management.
Lukas Lindkvist
In China, I learnt a lot about the need to do in-depth research and still today, I only invest in quality companies with strong sustainable market positions. This fund is a selection of the very best and most exciting investment opportunities around the world, the kind of stocks you want to have in your kids' portfolios for the long-term.
Andreas Brock
“The success we have shared previously has been an important motivator for us to join up as a team again” says Torgeir Terjesen. “I believe that the infrastructure of the market remains such that great opportunities still remain in this market”
Torgeir Terjesen
”The Nordic power market has been lacking volatility the last couple of years and I have not been able to perform as well as previously” says Henrik Wennberg. “With that said, historically we have complemented each other very well and with volatility now seemingly returning to the market, I expect much stronger performance going forward”.
Henrik Wennberg
“We are very happy for the response we have received for this fund” said Lukas Lindkvist, Chief Investment Officer. “Investor interest in the asset class is strong and the Portfolio Managers, Hans-Henrik Skov and James Bannan, have experience in delivering top quartile returns in Frontier Markets.”
Lukas Lindkvist
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