Textile revolution on the dress of the Nobel peace prize winner – Unique embroideries at the Nobel Peace Prize concert

When Beatrice Fihn, Executive Director of ICAN, the Nobel peace prize winner 2017, attended the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, she did it in a dress designed by Bahareh Ardakani with the brand Artésir. The dress is made of the finest materials, decorated with luxurious mountain crystals and embroideries, from the innovative company Coloreel.

These unique embroideries are made with more than half a million stitches of 4000 meter Coloreel thread softly changing colour from green to blue. With this dress Beatrice is the first person in the world to carry Coloreel embroideries in public, apart from embroideries shown by Coloreel at events, fairs and catwalks.

The founder of Coloreel, Joakim Staberg, says “It has been a great honour for us to be able to contribute with our thread colouring technology to a dress worn at such a prominent occasion”.

The Coloreel technology enables a high-quality instant colouring of textile thread while the thread is being used in textile production. The first product to be launched based on this technology is a groundbreaking thread colouring attachment that can be used with any existing embroidery machine. By instantly colouring a white base thread during the embroidery production, Coloreel enables complete freedom to create unique embroideries without any limitations in the use of colours. Colour changes along the thread can be made rapidly from one solid colour to another or gradually, to make smooth transitions or any colouring effect you can imagine.

Bahareh says “Coloreel opens up entirely new ways of creating embroideries that have not been possible before. The embroideries on Beatrice’s dress is a great example of this. Coloreel is definitely the future of embroidery”.

Beatrice agrees and adds “I also really cherish the environmental benefits that comes along with this innovative thread colouring technology”.

For more information about Coloreel, visit www.coloreel.com or contact: 

Magnus Hellström, VP Sales & Marketing, magnus.hellstrom at coloreel.com, +46 709 501 620

The Nobel Peace Prize is the most prestigious award in the world, honoring icons such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and other remarkable individuals and organizations.

Coloreel is an innovative Swedish company, who has developed a groundbreaking technology, which provides high quality colouring of textile thread on demand. 


About Us

Coloreel is a Swedish technology innovation company within the textile industry. Since 2009 the company has developed the Coloreel technology, a ground-breaking innovation that enables high-quality coloring of textile thread on demand, opening amazing new design possibilities. Coloreel’s first product based on the technology is a thread coloring unit which is created to be used with industrial embroidery machines. The technology can beside embroidery in the future be used for sewing, knitting, weaving and more.



I really cherish the environmental benefits that comes along with this innovative thread colouring technology.
Beatrice Fihn