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    On Coloreel’s mission to increase sustainability is this shift towards using 100% recycled polyester thread used in our instant thread coloring technology a great step. This provides our customers with a more sustainable embroidery alternative and solves the problem with lack of availability of recycled polyester thread in a large variety of colors.
    Torbjörn Bäck, CEO Coloreel Group
    Coloreel being awarded with the prestigious Encouragement for Action Fashion Innovation Award is yet another proof that our ground-breaking technology for modern, creative and sustainable embroideries make an impact. Even the smallest decorations such as embroideries are important to consider in the fashion industry´s quest for a more sustainable future. We are humbled by the award and by the motivation of the jury. We like to thank everyone that has believed in Coloreel and all colleagues and partners that have been working hard for a long time
    Torbjörn Bäck, CEO Coloreel Group
    D-house is all about technology and sustainability, we are always on search for new sustainable technologies such as Coloreel
    Loreto di Rienzo, Technology Ambassador Dyloan
    The D-house partnership is a great opportunity for Coloreel to demonstrate our technology and for the fashion world to learn how to enhance consumer experience and perception of their brands through a new level of modern, creative and sustainable embroideries. D-house location in the center of Milan, Italy, and their expertise in running design projects will provide a perfect hub for different customers to experience the Coloreel technology hands-on
    Torbjörn Bäck, CEO Coloreel Group
    “We like to take the opportunity to thank Mattias for his great contribution during his four years as CEO”
    Anders Persson, Board of Directors of Coloreel
    “After a thorough search process, we are pleased that Torbjörn has agreed to join Coloreel. Torbjörn is a highly experienced and trusted senior leader with strong international experience. The Board and I are convinced that Torbjörn is the right person to lead Coloreel to the next level of our scale up and international expansion”
    Anders Persson, Board of Directors of Coloreel
    "I am very exited to join Coloreel. Our strong offering for high-quality digital dyeing of textile thread on-demand will fundamentally change the textile and embroidery industry. I look forward to work with the entire organization and our partners to execute on the strategy and to grow Coloreel. The fact that our products enables sustainable and stunning fashion and apparel details makes me proud and exited about the journey ahead."
    Torbjörn Bäck, CEO for Coloreel
    We are honoured to be nominated to the Encouragement for action 2021, Fashion innovation award by the Stockholm Fashion District. This confirms that our technology for digital coloring of thread on demand, that creates sustainable and creative fashion details, is a true innovation that supports the textile and fashion industries efforts to reduce the environmental impact.
    Mattias Nordin, CEO, Coloreel
    “Tryckhuset is a leader in textile decoration on the Swedish market, I am very happy that they have chosen to invest in Coloreel. It shows that they believe in us and in our technology for environmentally friendly and creative embroideries and it confirms that Coloreel is a good investment ”.
    Sven Öquist, VP Sales at Coloreel Group AB
    “Coloreel's technology contributes to our efficiency and supports our continued expansion. In the past, we have sometimes had large scrap in our thread stock. Now we only need one thread spool that colors digitally during production, which creates contrasts, gradients, shadows and a depth that has not been possible before with traditional embroidery technology. The result looks like a digital print, but it is embroidery and we do not have to compromise on the choice of color. If we receive an express delivery, we do not need to send a truck to pick up thread in the right color, we already have everything in place”.
    Anders Andreasson, CEO & Chairman of Tryckhuset AB
    " We are now seeing how the markets are starting to reopen after a period that has been marked by the effects of the pandemic. We operate in the textile and fashion industry and notice clear signs from our customers that production is picking up to a more normal pace again, not least when leading fashion fairs plan to be carried out according to plan during the late summer. This means that we are now scaling up to reach the global market with our innovative product. We have already come a long way, but the time is now right to increase our efforts as our goal is to reach a billion SEK in turnover within five years. Sven Öquist is perfect for the role of Vice President Sales with his previous experience of driving up sales volumes and developing sales organizations both in Sweden and internationally"."
    Mattias Nordin, CEO Coloreel
    "Getting the opportunity to enter such a news-thirsty market is very exciting. Coloreel's product will fundamentally change the industry. My job now will be to build on, strengthen and develop the sales organization with the goal of scaling up the company. The product has a unique patent foundation that gives me the opportunity to do this in the right way. To be able to participate and work with such an innovation, which has an enormous 'tech height' and development potential, is extremely motivating for me. The fact that it also provides significant sustainability benefits makes me extra proud to take on my new role."
    Sven Öquist, new in the position as VP Sales Coloreel
    “Based on a CMYK ink system, Coloreel’s advanced rapid color formulation software and high-speed drive technology allow a single needle to carry out what previously required many multiples of them to do – and with much more consistent stitch quality”.
    Therese Premler-Andersson, Secretary General of TMAS
    It feels great to show the Coloreel unit with Hirsch Solutions who is a fantastic company with a huge network. Impressions Expo Long Beach is the ideal show to display the Coloreel unit and start the sales process for the American market
    Magnus Hellström, VP Sales & Marketing at Coloreel
    The Coloreel unit has what the American customers want. It can create amazing color effects, provides the right color when you need it and will minimize your stock of thread cones
    Magnus Hellström concludes, VP Sales & Marketing at Coloreel
    We want to be a forerunner in the textile industry that takes charge and leads the development. We want to increase awareness and spread the word that we are here to start a revolution. Joining TMAS will help Coloreel to further market and network in the best arenas, both in Sweden and globally
    Magnus Hellström, VP Sales & Marketing at Coloreel
    We are happy to welcome Coloreel to our industry and the TMAS association. Coloreel is making important contributions to the industry’s sustainable future with completely new technology on the market. They improve efficiency and quality and reduce waste in their production process – benefits that are in line with the expectations for the textile production of the future
    TMAS Secretary General Therese Premler-Andersson
    We are excited to explore the Coloreel opportunities within the USA Market
    Kris Janowski, Hirsch Solutions President
    This is an important step into an important market where the Coloreel unit can be used to the fullest extent. The American market is made for Coloreel since they have the largest personalization market in the world
    Magnus Hellström, VP Sales & Marketing at Coloreel
    Come and see your future Coloreel unit
    Magnus Hellström, VP Sales & Marketing at Coloreel
    It is an amazing, innovative development that the embroidery business was waiting for. For us, the Coloreel unit is a unique product as an addition to our range of machine brands. It supplies great opportunities and solutions in the modern world, with for example webshops who now can embroider designs with limitless colors and even full-color gradients
    Anton Pals at Pals Print & Screen, Coloreel distributor for the Netherlands and Belgium (Dutch-speaking part)
    We now cover the whole Western Europe with our distribution network and through this agreement, we have another motivated and enthusiastic partner who wants to work with our revolutionary Coloreel unit
    Magnus Hellström, VP Sales & Marketing at Coloreel
    We return to Texprocess because it is one of the most important fairs of the textile industry with huge international impact. The customers will see and understand why Coloreel is the future of embroidery
    Magnus Hellström, VP Sales & Marketing at Coloreel
    Coloreel received the 2017 Texprocess Innovation Award for its instant thread coloring technology. Consequently, we are delighted that the company is making such an extensive presentation of its innovations at Texprocess. This shows that Coloreel has identified a market potential and succeeded in developing a successful and marketable product
    Michael Jänecke, Director Brand Management, Technical Textiles and Textile Processing, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH
    This year's prize winner shows great innovation spirit and that the Swedish textile industry is at the forefront. COLOREEL, as the innovation is called, revolutionizes the technological possibilities for industrial embroidery. The innovation shortens production times and allows for embroidery in the precise colors you want. Also, for the first time, it is now possible to produce gradients in the embroidery
    Minoo Akhtarzand, Chairman for the foundation SKAPA. She is the governor of Västmanlands county and deeply engaged in innovation.
    It feels inspiring that we can now call ourselves Swedish champions of innovation after so many years of hard work. It is strong proof that the whole Coloreel team has accomplished something beyond the ordinary. We are now in the middle of a strong expansion and are fully focused on bringing our first thread coloring product to the market
    Joakim Staberg, Innovator & Founder of Coloreel
    FINALLY, after many years and so much hard work, we have now launched our first product! The market response is exceptional and it’s very inspiring that people came to Paris from all over the world just to meet with us
    Joakim Staberg, Founder and Innovator at Coloreel
    I feel proud and happy, all the visitors were impressed, both the ones we have had contact with earlier and the new ones we meet for the first time. We have every feature people ask for in the Coloreel unit and that feels great
    Magnus Hellström,”VP Sales & Marketing at Coloreel
    We have the whole package, a unit that colors thread instantly in a more sustainable way and a colorization tool to create amazing embroidery designs. It is now clear; we will truly revolutionize the whole embroidery industry
    Mattias Nordin, CEO at Coloreel
    Coloreel is the most exciting innovation to happen in the world of embroidery for the past 20 years! This technology will change the way many embroiderers work forever
    Tony Dorsey, CEO at AJS Embroidery, Coloreel distributor for the UK and Ireland market
    We think that the Coloreel Technology will be the next step in the future of the Embroidery Business. No more color restrictions will help to create designs without any barriers
    Torsten Preiss, CEO at Barudan Deutschland, Coloreel Distributor for Germany, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland (German-speaking part)
    It's one of those revolutionary game changers which are a full stop between past and future. We hardly understand how we were able to meet or keep in touch without smartphones only ten years ago or how we managed to travel everywhere without GPS. Very shortly we will think about how we've been able to embroider for so many years without Coloreel technology
    Francisco Fandos, CEO at Grupo FB Maquinaria S.A., Coloreel Distributor for Spain and Portugal
    With their many years of experience and expertise in the embroidery market; I feel confident that the distributors will be able to sell our revolutionary product
    Magnus Hellström, VP Sales & Marketing at Coloreel
    It feels amazing! Coloreel is an extremely exciting company with huge potential and it's extra fun to be apart of building the company at such an early stage
    Benny Jonsson, new Vice President of Supply Chain at Coloreel
    It feels great that Benny has finally started working with us and I know he will contribute from day one to the positive development of the company with his broad experience and expertise
    Mattias Nordin, CEO at Coloreel
    Come to Avantex and be the first to witness the beginning of our revolution of the textile industry. There will be live demonstrations of the groundbreaking thread coloring unit that will produce designs never seen before, you don’t want to miss it
    Magnus Hellström, VP Sales & Marketing at Coloreel
    Avantex is the right place for us to launch our product, the right people are here, and we have a great history with them. We had our world premiere here in 2016 and presented the technology with great results. We then came back in 2017 to show our prototype in action and the market response was enormous. And we are now very excited to return in September 2018 for the product launch of our revolutionary thread coloring unit
    Joakim Staberg, Founder & Innovator at Coloreel
    It feels great that an innovative company like Coloreel chooses to do the product launch of their thread coloring unit for industrial embroidery machines at Avantex
    Barbara Kuntzel, Avantex & Texworld Paris Show Director
    This partnership is a high profile project for us; we see much potential in this product and this industry. We believe in Coloreel and their unique technology
    Tetsuya Morita, General Manager of Commercial and Industrial Printing Development Division at Ricoh
    The partnership with Coloreel further demonstrates our commitment to collaboration and pushing boundaries. Combining our history of driving innovation for over 80 years, our commitment to customer needs and intent on becoming the analog to digital transformation experts in industrial process is enabling us to disrupt this exciting industry
    Peter Williams, General Manager of Commercial and Industrial Printing Business Group at Ricoh
    It feels amazing that a company like Ricoh, with their dignity and size, chooses to enter this partnership with us. To have Ricoh as our partner gives our product even more credibility, and we are excited to see what this partnership will bring
    Mattias Nordin, CEO at Coloreel
    It’s very exciting that we together in this cooperation, a tech company and a production company can lead the development of the textile industry in Sweden
    Mattias Nordin, CEO at Coloreel
    We have extensive experience working on developing and manufacturing technically advanced systems, which has been crucial for Coloreel
    Steve Creutz, Managing Director of Scanfil Åtvidaberg AB
    We have been working many years with technology development, and Scanfil has a high level of competence in production, purchasing, quality assurance and industrialization. Together we have an efficient organization for producing good products
    Mattias Nordin, CEO at Coloreel
    I really cherish the environmental benefits that comes along with this innovative thread colouring technology.
    Beatrice Fihn
    It is a very good idea, a very good application and I think it will have a great future
    Dirk Wiese, Parliamentary State Secretary at Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
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