Concentric AB awarded Hydraulic systems business worth MSEK 65 with leading OEM of heavy trucks

A leading global manufacturer of heavy trucks has recently nominated Concentric AB to manufacture motor pump units for the steering system on their next generation commercial vehicles. Production commenced during the second quarter of 2017 and is expected to reach mature volumes in 2018, generating annual revenues of approximately MSEK 13 across Europe. The total sales value over the lifetime of the contract is estimated at EUR 6.5 million (SEK 65 million) and will be serviced exclusively from Concentric’s facility in Hof, Germany.

Concentric’s motor pump units have been introduced on the emergency steering circuit of all of this OEM’s heavy trucks with twin front axle steering. The product has been specifically developed to protect the units against both dust and high pressure water ingression, which allows them to be mounted on the under carriage of the vehicle without the need for a separate water tight enclosure.  The unit can be coupled with a variety of Concentric gear pump types, including the CALMA series pumps with low noise characteristics. The Concentric electro hydraulic unit replaces the power take off pump, providing power on demand which reduces both parasitic losses and the total fuel consumption.

Bespoke customer solutions, such as this one, illustrate our future growth strategy to provide unique hydraulic systems which offer fuel savings, cost optimisation and weight savings. “Concentric has continued to deepen relationships with key strategic customers in this end-market sector and we anticipate these relationships to develop further on the next generation of commercial vehicle platforms,” said Oliver Percival, Vice President of Sales.

Concentric AB is an innovator in flow control and fluid power, supplying proprietary systems and components to the world’s truck, agricultural machinery, construction equipment and industrial applications end-markets.  The company has manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, India, China and Argentina. For further information on this product please contact Oliver Percival at

About Us

Concentric AB is the former Hydraulics Division of Haldex AB and from June 16 2011 a separate listed company.Concentric is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers. Our flow dynamics gives customers advanced technology oil pumps, water pumps, fuel pumps and hydraulic systems. We aim to increase fuel economy, reduce emissions and improve engine control through our technical solutions and precision engineering. Concentric’s global manufacturing presence includes factories in Sweden, Germany, the UK, the USA, Argentina, India and China, backed by central support and development functions. This means we sell locally to our global customers. The business fuses Concentric’s strengths as a pumps maker with longstanding expertise in hydraulic products. Our customers make trucks, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and general industrial applications.