REALiCE provides superior visualization of subtle fetal brain defects and other fetal anomalies. Standard fetus measurements, such as fetal abdominal diameter, abdominal circumference and femur length, become more accurate due to clearer imaging
Ph.D Anders Selbing
ContextVision continues to develop gold standard products. I am particularly proud of the new 3D products that will change the way we visualize 3D and 4D images. This year we’re taking an even greater lead in this growing market segment with 3D/4D ultrasound.
CEO Anita Tollstadius
As radiologists working at a specialist clinic we need to be able to read mammography images without compromising the accuracy of the diagnosis. The perfect mammogram provides clear micro calcifications and a transparency of the parenchyma to ensure confidence in finding subtle lesions. A well-balanced, harmonic image helps us in reading mammograms day after day without getting eye fatigue.
MD Jonas Kierkegaard and MD Hans Lundquist, Bröstcentrum City, Stockholm, Sweden
Women deserve a diagnostic process that provides their medical examiners with the proper image quality to make a better-informed diagnosis. In the U.S. alone, more than 40 percent of women have denser breast tissue. It is imperative that mammography equipment is able to address this challenge as increased density often lowers the sensitivity of mammography. In using ContextVision’s software, doctors are better able to discern harmless dense breast tissue from problematic lesions and act accordingly to ensure active response.
Anita Tollstadius, CEO at ContextVision
In the Point Of Care concept, there is growing interest for handheld imaging devices, such as tablets. On such devices, traditional approaches for image processing cannot be used. In order to get the required footprint for the software, the core of the algorithms has to use leading-edge mathematical models
Olivier Bockenbach, System Engineer at ContextVision
By designing innovative algorithms, selecting appropriate hardware platforms and corresponding High Performance Computing techniques, it is possible to bring to portable devices the image quality that was thought to be only available on golden reference workstations.
Murtaza Ali and Mark Nadeski from Texas Instruments
Our photographic view offers further value to expecting parents. It also adds information to the clinician in fetal diagnosis. We are confident that REALiCE will help ultrasound manufacturers make further advances within 3D/4D ultrasound.
Anita Tollstadius, CEO
We’ve seen increased interest for our products in the dynamic Chinese market and in order to effectively manage this growth, we reallocated expert resources to our Beijing office. This will enable collaboration with our current OEMs and partnership with future OEM customers, in which we will be able to provide a high level of support.
Anita Tollstadius, CEO ContextVision
Our cutting-edge GOPView Mammo2 solution has been widely received by our global customers with installations in place shortly after the recent launch. These medical imaging advancements are especially useful as the breast mass characteristics vary between ethnic groups and countries worldwide.
Anita Tollstadius, CEO
We’re proud of our 30 years in business. For a software company, this is something very unique and a major achievement. We’re not only staying current with the changing industry, but we’re looking ahead to what’s next.
Anita Tollstadius, ContextVision CEO
We’ve made several key hires in 2013 to build out our team and look to what’s next for the future of ContextVision’s products. The powerful combination of expertise, both technical and clinical, collaboration with our customers, plus a sophisticated modular product line keep us focused on delivering new and innovative products.
Anita Tollstadius, ContextVision CEO
Our products suit the situation on the Russian market very well and it is a good time for us to increase our activities”, says Anita Tollstadius, CEO, ContextVision. “We are convinced that Russia has the potential to become an important market within the years to come.
Anita Tollstadius, CEO ContextVision
ContextVision continues to be the leading supplier of image processing software for the medical imaging market. Our ultrasound software is compatible with all modern platforms and designed to maximize image quality and performance. We have a solution for all OEM customers that entrust us with their image-enhancement needs.
Anita Tollstadius, CEO
Although we had anticipated the outcome, we very much welcome this fair decision and are pleased that the dispute with Sapheneia is now taking this direction. We will now analyze how to proceed in this case
Anita Tollstadius, CEO
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