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    I am excited and proud in equal measure about our new offering. Travel – and more specifically, freedom of movement - is an essential part of life; it’s not only about exploring new destinations but also about being able to connect with friends and family in other cities or countries. Patients who are on a transplant waiting list are on call 24/7 and must be able to reach the transplant centre within a short window of time once they are notified a kidney is available for them. Our d.HOLIDAY Fly Back Programme will give these patients the confidence to travel with piece of mind at such an important moment in their lives.
    Michaela Blomstrand, Global Director Patient Experience and Stakeholder Management
    I am delighted that d.HOLIDAY, an incredibly valuable service available to people living with CKD, is now supporting the mobility of dialysis patients on their long-awaited and highly emotional journey towards transplantation. As both a nephrologist and kidney donor, I’ve had the privilege to witness the profound difference receiving a kidney can make in empowering CKD patients to live fulfilling lives. That d.HOLIDAY understands and supports this, is proof that Diaverum is an organisation with True care at the core of everything it does.
    Dr Domingos Machado, Transplantation Ambassador
    There is a growing awareness of the environmental impact of healthcare. If the global healthcare industry were a country, it would be the world’s fifth largest contributor to carbon emissions. When it comes to renal care, dialysis is not only a lifetime burden to patients, but also a significant burden to the environment. With that in mind, we are tackling the environmental impact of our operations head on, articulating a new environmental strategy to lead us to Net Zero by 2050. Our provision of life-enhancing renal care to patients around the world creates a platform from which we can reduce our environmental footprint while improving medical outcomes and the well-being of the people we care for, in a true win-win situation.
    Dimitris Moulavasilis, Diaverum CEO
    We truly believe that private companies’ ethical operating principles and sustainable business models can create shared value that benefit society, while safeguarding the environment in which we live. Reflecting on Diaverum’s ESG journey to date, I am inspired by both the progress made and the challenges ahead. With dedication to our patients, employees,partners and the wider society in which we operate as our constant, I am confident that Diaverum is poised to drive positive change, shaping a more sustainable future for the healthcare industry and beyond. All of this is shared in detail in our 2023 ESG Report, which I invite you to read.
    Stephanie de Sury, Global ESG Manager
    This latest win is fantastic news for Diaverum and serves to underscore the growth trajectory we’re on in the UK. There were a number of our competitors involved in what was a highly competitive tender. Our bid – combining best-in-class care at the right pricing - was clearly a compelling and winning offer. Many thanks to everyone involved for this tremendous win.
    Lisa Jordan, Managing Director - Diaverum UK
    At Diaverum, we are dedicated to empowering patients and their families to live fulfilling lives, and we know that travel plays a huge role in this. But travelling can feel like a very big challenge for people who need to receive regular dialysis treatments. That’s why we developed d.HOLIDAY, a programme which gives patients access to high quality care at their travel destination.
    Michaela Blomstrand, Diaverum Global Director Patient Experience and Stakeholder Management
    We know that taking a holiday is an important part of enjoying life, and how daunting it can be for patients on dialysis to even imagine planning a short trip, more so a holiday. That’s why we have dedicated d.HOLIDAY Coordinators in each country where we operate, who support patients through every step of their journey – from developing a travel itinerary that suits their needs, to submitting the necessary travel documentation and getting recommendations on CKD-friendly activities. We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone on dialysis to benefit from a relaxing trip.
    Elenor Mårtensson, d.HOLIDAY Global Customer Manager
    I am delighted that Greece has been added to the list of 24 countries across the world where d.HOLIDAY is available. Our clinic teams are ready to welcome holiday dialysis patients and provide them with exceptional care services, going above & beyond to ensure they enjoy wonderful holiday experiences. We hope this news inspires more dialysis patients to travel to Greece, a beautiful country which has something to offer for everyone.
    Aris Bailan, Diaverum Hellas Managing Director
    As a proud Greek myself, I couldn’t be more delighted to welcome Greece to Diaverum’s global network, as our 24th country.  With the strong foundation our newly acquired clinics have already put in place, combined with our global standards of care and industry-leading digital innovations, we aim to deliver a step-change in the provision of world-class, AI-enabled, personalised kidney care in Greece, underscored by Diaverum’s True care culture
    Dimitris Moulavasilis, Diaverum CEO
    Today’s news marks the continuation of our organisation’s expansion across the Mediterranean region, where we already have operations in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Morocco. Our expansion into Greece is starting with the acquisition of a group of clinics renowned for their exceptional care standards, top-tier facilities, and outstanding human capital. We are eager to collaborate with our new colleagues and local healthcare authorities to provide life-enhancing renal care throughout Greece
    Rafael Romanini, Diaverum Regional Vice-President
    It is with a great sense of pride, excitement and responsibility that Diaverum begins its journey in Greece. Our ambition is to become the country’s premier provider of world-class renal care for the benefit of our patients and the national health system, as well as position Greece as a global dialysis holiday destination for renal patients around the world
    Aris Bailan, Diaverum Managing Director
    As a response to this, we are accelerating our ESG journey at Diaverum and in order to explain how we are doing it, we are proud to release our 2022 ESG report, our most comprehensive non-financial performance reporting to date. It includes clearer ambitions, solid governance controls information and a well-defined ESG roadmap for the years to come, covering our strategy and actions that ensure our stakeholder-centric business approach. But it is not only about that – this report is a tool we are equipping society with as means of holding us at Diaverum accountable for our commitments and impact on society & the environment
    Dimitris Moulavasilis, Diaverum CEO
    As with previous years, the report is organised across five fundamental pillars, which are based on our biennial materiality assessment priorities: patients; employees and well-being; access to care; operating responsibly; and the environment. It not only highlights our non-financial performance but also outlines our approach in meeting the expectations of our internal and external stakeholders, while respecting the environment and understanding our impact as an ethical business
    Stephanie De Sury, Diaverum Global ESG Manager
    We are pleased to join M42’s integrated global network. M42 is a perfect fit for Diaverum’s future, and the combination of the two organisations will further strengthen our position as a global leader in renal care. Together, we’ll be in an even greater position to drive international growth and continue transforming the industry through patient-centric digital innovations while delivering and broadening access to the highest quality renal care. I would also like to express my gratitude to Diaverum’s employees across the world, who make a difference in our patients’ lives every single day. They have been integral in developing Diaverum and successfully supporting this transaction.
    Dimitris Moulavasilis, CEO of Diaverum
    My Diaverum Experience is set to provide our patients with an important part of our Global Patient Experience Framework; giving them a tool such that facilitates conversations around their healthcare and the ability to help steer their experiences has the potential to create engaged and motivated patients that can thrive in our clinics.
    Michaela Blomstrand, Director Global Patient Experience and Stakeholder Management
    The Centre's launch marks a first, both for Diaverum Romania, but for the country's wider renal care offering. Through it, we aspire to set a new benchmark for the care of CKD patients, within Romania and the wider CEE region, that is underpinned by the competence, passion and inspiration that define our True care culture. I am immensely proud of our Romania team and would like to extend my most sincere congratulations to them for this extraordinary achievement.
    Camelia Cucu, RVP for Central and Eastern Europe - Diaverum
    True care lies at the core of everything we do, which is why we are delighted to be launching the Fundeni Centre of  Excellence in Nephrology, and proud that our patients are already benefiting from the integrated services system we provide, with the same quality and safety standards that they have become accustomed to since our initial market launch 11 years ago
    Viorel Simion, General Director Diaverum Romania
    As an organisation, Diaverum is driven by a continuous momentum to identify and improve the ways in which we deliver life-enhancing renal care, which is why the launch of this Centre is a truly proud moment for us. I couldn't be happier with the end results, which represent the culmination of much hard work and team effort
    Ovidiu Bradu, Operations Director Diaverum Romania
    Diaverum is an ever-growing organisation and we want our people to grow with us. By offering opportunities for them to improve their skills and enrich their education, we are also able to ensure that we continue to provide our patients renal care at excellent standards.
    Camelia Maria, HR Director Diaverum Romania
    This is fantastic news for Diaverum that further emphasises the growth trajectory we’re on in the UK, despite the pandemic. There were a number of our competitors involved in what was a highly competitive tender. Our bid – combining best-in-class care at the right pricing - was clearly a compelling and winning offer. Many thanks to everyone involved for this tremendous win
    Lisa Akeroyd, Managing Director for Diaverum UK
    Our partnership with the NHS in the UK is vital for growing the business there. We have been nurturing this relationship carefully, particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is gratifying to see this generate results. We are delighted that we will be continuing to offer life-enhancing renal care to our patients in Stockton and Darlington and welcome our patients in Middlesbrough
    Hervé Gourgouillon, Regional VP for Diaverum West Europe
    This acquisition is aligned with our strategy to consolidate an integrated dialysis care programme in Brazil, where we take broader responsibility on patient healthcare needs beyond dialysis to improve medical outcomes and reduce the total cost of care for the payor. This acquisition will help strengthen the Diaverum brand in the Brazilian healthcare sector, as the renal care provider of choice for renal patients and the country’s healthcare system
    Luciano Bonaldo, Diaverum Brazil Country Manager
    We are very pleased to welcome the ACS team into the Diaverum family. Delivering vascular access management in-house has many direct and indirect benefits, such as being responsible for the quality control of VA-related procedures to improve patient outcomes. With this acquisition, we intend to reduce infections and hospitalisations, consequently reducing patient absence and in turn, enabling them to live fulfilling lives
    Dr Gelba Almeida, Diaverum Brazil Medical Director
    VA management is central to our clinical strategy. We are delighted to be announcing today, a breakthrough innovation that will deliver a step-change in our ability to predict and take preventive measures to avoid VA thrombosis episodes among our dialysis patients. It’s a big win for everyone – better digital tools and predictive analytics insights for our healthcare professionals; improved medical outcomes for our patients; and lower cost of care for payors and national health systems
    Dimitris Moulavasilis, Diaverum CEO
    Diaverum’s renal care model is built around safety-oriented policies and procedures, standardised holistic interventions, strong clinical governance and digitalised workflows to deliver medical outcomes that matter for our patients. With AI, physicians will have better predictive tools, nurses will come closer to the patients, processes will be more effective and patients will be better treated. Data scientists will be a new subset of healthcare professionals, members of a multidisciplinary team, that will also need to interface with patients and other healthcare professionals, to ensure our focus is always on delivering a personalised, life-enhancing renal care
    Dr Fernando Macário, Diaverum Chief Medical Officer
    Today’s announcement is a milestone in a three-year journey to convert all our know-how into a proprietary digital platform, so that we can provide the most efficient, standardised, high-quality & highly scalable dialysis service in the industry. Looking ahead, Diaverum is building its own AI development factory to train, validate, deploy and monitor a series of AI models that will address important unmet clinical needs. Our ambition is to have an AI-empowered clinical workforce in all our clinics, improving outcomes that really matter to our patients, like the survival of their vascular access
    Zoltan Szepesi, Diaverum Chief Transformation Officer
    We are extraordinarily proud of our new website, which is a true reflection of our patient-centered approach and our values, in digital form. The new identity, which evokes compassion, emotion and a sense of care, reflects the focus of the project: empowering patients and elevating their voices within the industry
    Dimitris Moulavasilis, Chief Executive Officer, Diaverum
    This award is a fantastic testament to the strength and agility of the teamwork between Diaverum & our partners. The recognition received today should compel us all to continue driving Diaverum’s True care culture across everything we do
    Kirsty Bashforth, Chief People and Communications Officer, Diaverum
    The overarching goal for our website was to ensure our True care culture and patient-centred approach were reflected in all of its facets. I am very proud of this amazing teamwork and all of our refreshed country sites that are easy to navigate, even for our elderly patients
    Joanna Borczak, Director of Global Marketing & Societal Engagement, Diaverum
    We receive the JCI accreditation with great pride. It’s a true testament to our one-of-a-kind, value-based care delivery approach that has been providing superior medical outcomes to our patients. Our vision at Diaverum is to transform renal services, empowering our patients to live fulfilling lives. This means we set the bar high, putting the patient first and very often, going beyond contractual requirements to offer the highest quality of care.
     Ziyad Kabli, Country Manager for Diaverum Saudi Arabia and Regional Vice President for the Middle East region
    The world renowned JCI accreditation for ambulatory care networks enhances the sustainability of our Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia; enabling access to quality care across the Kingdom since 2013. This accreditation advocates for further developing healthcare models based on values and outcomes. This will inevitably strengthen our market position in the region as the renal care provider of choice for patients, national health services and healthcare professionals alike.
    Ali Shakir, Business Development Director at Diaverum Saudi Arabia
    We’re very pleased to welcome Diaverum to the EPiHC community. Diaverum’s rigorous governance framework and its commitment to conducting business in a transparent & ethical way embody the EPiHC principles, setting a leading example for the global healthcare sector.
    Elena Sterlin, IFC’s Global Head of Health and Education
    Diaverum’s Code of Conduct and True care culture, together, ensure we operate within a rigorous governance framework and that we conduct our business in a transparent and ethical way. Becoming a signatory of the EPiHC is thus a natural development for us, one which we embrace proudly as a platform to share our experience with peers, learn from others in the industry and help the private healthcare sector as a whole play its role in advancing global access to high-quality, affordable care.
    Kirsty Bashforth, Diaverum’s Chief People and Communications Officer
    At Diaverum, we believe that the ability to travel is an enriching experience, increasing the well-being of our patients and their families alike, helping them to live the fulfilling life that everyone deserves. This guide is designed to whet their appetites for some of the most popular holiday destinations, where Diaverum can offer world-class care.
    Michaela Blomstrand, Director of Global Patient Experience and head of Diaverum’s holiday dialysis programme d.HOLIDAY
    2020 was an extraordinary year for our patients, people and society as a whole, where our sustainability approach and response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic became two sides of the same coin. Against this backdrop, I am proud of our 12,000 employees who rose to the occasion despite the hugely challenging circumstances to continue offering life enhancing renal care to 39,000 patients worldwide, while ensuring business continuity and productivity. 2020 is the year where we displayed our culture of True care at its finest.
    Dimitris Moulavasilis, CEO of Diaverum
    Physicians and nurses can help patients as long as they seek our help. If people don’t know what CKD is, how it develops and how to make the right lifestyle choices to keep their kidneys healthy, the focus shifts from prevention to medical intervention. It is important to emphasise that prevention is always the best course of action, so investing in health literacy across society is part of the solution. It keeps people healthy while driving costs down to national health services and the patients themselves.
    Dr Fernando Macário, Diaverum’s Chief Medical Officer
    We are strong believers of this year’s theme of ‘Living Well With Kidney Disease’. At Diaverum, we are no strangers to this ambition. Our purpose as an organisation is to enhance the lives of renal patients, helping them live fulfilling lives. So it is beyond renal care, it is about empowering patients to live well with their condition – to achieve that, we need to come together as an industry and tackle health literacy around the world.
    Kirsty Bashforth, Diaverum Chief People and Communications Officer
    I was diagnosed when I was only 12 years old. As the disease was of a immunological aetiology and had a genetic origin, it was expected to progress into adulthood. Few years ago my kidney disease reached stage 5 - a stage when haemodialysis, or another replacement treatment (such as peritoneal dialysis or renal transplant) becomes necessary to replace renal function and stay alive. Accepting this new condition was not easy for me, but I simply refused give up on my life plans. I think the awareness of what are the do’s and don’t’s and education is the key. I took my COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it was possible for me in Portugal and I would encourage anyone who is still hesitant to do the same.
    Filipe Almeida, Diaverum’s patient since 2017
    “The CHA dialysis clinic counts on an experienced multidisciplinary team of more than 30 caregivers, providing quality renal care to chronic disease patients. Agadir is a famous tourist city, and once the world overcomes the global COVID-19 pandemic, we will be able to offer our patients around the world another attractive holiday destination covered by our d.Holiday programme. It is with great pride that I welcome all of the Agadir team into Diaverum, and I am looking forward to working with them."
    Hervé Gourgouillon, Regional Vice President for West Europe, Diaverum
    PD has been shown to be a very good alternative for many ESRD patients. With our scientific work, we aim at facilitating for patients to have a real choice when deciding on the treatment modality. The publication of this study on PLoS ONE is a huge recognition.
    Dr Jörgen Hegbrant, Chief Medical Officer at Diaverum.
    Going on a revitalising vacation is very important for patients to escape their daily routines, even more so for children. We are partnering with the Polish kidney association to give these young renal patients the opportunity to enjoy summer without any difficulties. Since the campers all have a similar background, they will be able to easily connect and learn from the experiences of others on how to cope with their disease.
    Christine Buchberger, Director Marketing and Brand at Diaverum
    The close cooperation with kidney or patient associations worldwide helps us to understand the needs of renal patients even better and develop tailored services for them – to empower renal patients to take an active role in their health, lead a life as close to normal as possible and to make them feel safe.
    André Freitas, Operations Director and global head of Diaverum’s d.HOLIDAY programme
    We strongly believe in education, and therefore we have created a unique education programme for clinicians, nurses and patients: d.ACADEMY. This virtual university delivers state-of-the-art education at the right place and right time for our people.
    Professor Giovanni Strippoli, Chairman of the d.ACADEMY
    “This clinic is a very important milestone for the country, as it marks the first public/private partnership agreement of its kind in New Zealand. We are thankful for the trust that the counties Manukau District Health Board has put in Diaverum and we will deliver highest quality of care to the patients.”
    Boris Zjacic, Head of Area Central East at Diaverum
    Over time, centres that join the Diaverum network typically experience a 25 per cent improvement in their medical outcome scores. Our approach of putting patients in the focus results in an improved quality of life.
    Dag Andersson, CEO Diaverum
    This latest acquisition highlights the positive attitude and ‘yes we can’ spirit of the Romania team. I look forward to a successful integration.
    Boris Zjacic, Head of Area East Diaverum
    It is very important to us that the teams at each of the 15 centres and their patients feel instantly welcomed and at home within the Diaverum family. We will do everything we can to support our new colleagues in continuing to provide high-quality renal care to their patients.
    Camelia Cucu, Country Manager Diaverum Romania
    As a product-independent provider, our staff is our key asset. Providing the best education to them as well as to our patients, nurses and management will further improve the quality of life of our patients.
    Prof Jörgen Hegbrant, Chief Medical Officer at Diaverum
    Here, we are experiencing large growth and piloting innovative methods to boost medical quality and performance. The d.ACADEMY is our strategic action to improve the level of knowledge within the community, targeted at our internal staff including doctors, nurses, management and also patients.
    Prof Giovanni Strippoli, Academic Chairman of d.ACADEMY
    We were extremely pleased to see so many Saudi and internationally renowned experts coming together in a specially designed training curriculum to exchange best practices and take their first steps into the d.ACADEMY. The programme will be rolled out globally, making the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the first to pioneer delivering world-class medical training via high-quality physician education.
    Prof Ayman Karkar, Medical Director Diaverum Middle East and Head of Physician Education of the d.ACADEMY
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