• Bruno Pamplona Polizio

    Director of Global Communications

    Blenheim Gate 22 – 24 Upper Marlborough Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 3AL, UK
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    PD has been shown to be a very good alternative for many ESRD patients. With our scientific work, we aim at facilitating for patients to have a real choice when deciding on the treatment modality. The publication of this study on PLoS ONE is a huge recognition.
    Dr Jörgen Hegbrant, Chief Medical Officer at Diaverum.
    Going on a revitalising vacation is very important for patients to escape their daily routines, even more so for children. We are partnering with the Polish kidney association to give these young renal patients the opportunity to enjoy summer without any difficulties. Since the campers all have a similar background, they will be able to easily connect and learn from the experiences of others on how to cope with their disease.
    Christine Buchberger, Director Marketing and Brand at Diaverum
    The close cooperation with kidney or patient associations worldwide helps us to understand the needs of renal patients even better and develop tailored services for them – to empower renal patients to take an active role in their health, lead a life as close to normal as possible and to make them feel safe.
    André Freitas, Operations Director and global head of Diaverum’s d.HOLIDAY programme
    We strongly believe in education, and therefore we have created a unique education programme for clinicians, nurses and patients: d.ACADEMY. This virtual university delivers state-of-the-art education at the right place and right time for our people.
    Professor Giovanni Strippoli, Chairman of the d.ACADEMY
    “This clinic is a very important milestone for the country, as it marks the first public/private partnership agreement of its kind in New Zealand. We are thankful for the trust that the counties Manukau District Health Board has put in Diaverum and we will deliver highest quality of care to the patients.”
    Boris Zjacic, Head of Area Central East at Diaverum
    Over time, centres that join the Diaverum network typically experience a 25 per cent improvement in their medical outcome scores. Our approach of putting patients in the focus results in an improved quality of life.
    Dag Andersson, CEO Diaverum
    This latest acquisition highlights the positive attitude and ‘yes we can’ spirit of the Romania team. I look forward to a successful integration.
    Boris Zjacic, Head of Area East Diaverum
    It is very important to us that the teams at each of the 15 centres and their patients feel instantly welcomed and at home within the Diaverum family. We will do everything we can to support our new colleagues in continuing to provide high-quality renal care to their patients.
    Camelia Cucu, Country Manager Diaverum Romania
    As a product-independent provider, our staff is our key asset. Providing the best education to them as well as to our patients, nurses and management will further improve the quality of life of our patients.
    Prof Jörgen Hegbrant, Chief Medical Officer at Diaverum
    Here, we are experiencing large growth and piloting innovative methods to boost medical quality and performance. The d.ACADEMY is our strategic action to improve the level of knowledge within the community, targeted at our internal staff including doctors, nurses, management and also patients.
    Prof Giovanni Strippoli, Academic Chairman of d.ACADEMY
    We were extremely pleased to see so many Saudi and internationally renowned experts coming together in a specially designed training curriculum to exchange best practices and take their first steps into the d.ACADEMY. The programme will be rolled out globally, making the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the first to pioneer delivering world-class medical training via high-quality physician education.
    Prof Ayman Karkar, Medical Director Diaverum Middle East and Head of Physician Education of the d.ACADEMY
    “Quality and Safety are key topics for Diaverum. At the conference, we are showing for example our comprehensive Patient Education programme. With this programme, we are empowering renal patients and thus increasing quality and safety for them.
    Christina Sterner, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer at Diaverum
    “At Diaverum we always strive to give the best medical treatment possible while looking at the patient as a whole - revitalising body and soul. This is reflected in all our programmes and our Touch that makes the difference.”
    Christina Sterner, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer at Diaverum
    With this acquisition we underline that our mid- to long-term view for Kazakhstan is very positive despite the macroeconomic challenges the country is currently facing due to the low oil price. We will continue to invest in Kazakhstan and contribute to improving the quality of care for renal patients.
    Dag Andersson, CEO Diaverum
    We will place the emphasis on welcoming the incoming staff and patients to Diaverum and ensuring they feel at home with us. We will work together with the new clinic teams to further improve the medical quality delivered to our patients.
    Sardar Sadykov, Country Managing Director Kazakhstan
    “I am proud that we were able to pull together so many experts in their fields to ultimately find whether oral diseases and dental diseases in particular may be associated with adverse vascular outcomes in people on hemodialysis. The ORAL-D study was a monumental effort and is a testament to hard work and commitment of all members of the study group, the ORAL-D investigators.”
    Prof Giovanni FM Strippoli, SVP Scientific Affairs and chairman of d.ACADEMY
    “The ERA/EDTA is the most important nephrology congress in Europe giving insights into current trends in renal care. On our path to integrated care it is essential for us as a global player to meet with international healthcare companies and the best physicians worldwide in London.”
    Dag Andersson, CEO and President of Diaverum
    “To improve quality of life for renal patients we are placing a strong emphasis on their complex needs in our scientific research. We will present four posters at ERA/EDTA in London: The studies look at the prevalence of periodontal and early mortality as well as depression and sexual dysfunction in patients undergoing haemodialysis treatments.”
    Prof. Giovanni Strippoli, Senior Vice President Scientific Affairs at Diaverum and Chairman of the Diaverum Academy.
    “We are honoured to receive this award for our Diaverum Holiday programme. Dialysis patients are facing a strict schedule of three treatments per week, which often stops them from living a normal live. Our aim is to empower patients to enjoy their life and travel to their favourite destinations despite their illness. The Diaverum concept is built on trust and quality and ensures continuity of best care even when traveling abroad.
    André Freitas, Head of Diaverum Holiday
    “Enabling patients to travel is a true team effort. A strong network matters to reach as many Diaverum and non-Diaverum patients as possible to tell them about this opportunity to improve their quality of life. We are proud that our effort to develop a global holiday dialysis approach has been recognized and awarded by IMTJ.”
    Christine Buchberger, Director Marketing at Diaverum
    “Our aim at Diaverum is to put renal patients in the centre of everything we do and to empower them to get engaged in their treatment, for example with self-care units, patient education programmes and nocturnal dialysis offerings.
    Annette Kumlien, SVP, Chief Operating Officer at Diaverum
    “We are continuously expanding our reach across the world and we are looking forward to meeting nephrologists, medical staff and partners from this part of the world.”
    Christina Sterner, SVP, Chief Communication & Marketing Officer Diaverum.
    “Renal diseases in disadvantaged populations are a relevant topic in many of the markets in which Diaverum is providing renal care. This issue cannot be ignored and we are taking our social responsibility seriously.”
    Dr Ayman Karkar, Medical Director Area Middle East/Asia
    “Our proven ability to form and maintain collaborative relationships to provide high quality services to our patients contributed to the positive decision taken by the Countries Manukau District Health Board.”
    Former Country Managing Director, Karla Salt
    “Our global network now spreads to 20 countries. Our partnership approach towards healthcare authorities around the world is clearly appreciated by those who choose to work with us and is helping us realise our vision to become the ‘first choice’ in renal care.”
    Dag Andersson, CEO Diaverum
    “Martin Loeffler has a proven record of working in dynamic environments and complex settings while Dr Claus Biermann is true industry expert with broad experience in Strategy, Health Policy and Health Economics. Both have a very strong patient focus and will be crucial in evolving the organisation to become an integrated renal care provider,”
    Dag Andersson, CEO and President of Diaverum
    “Diaverum demonstrated an impressive development over the last years and is a highly appreciated partner due to its global approach combined with the flexibility to adapt to local requirements. I am very much looking forward to help driving the growth and performance of this business.”
    Martin Loeffler, SVP, CFO Diaverum
    “I am excited to work in this fast-growing company and to jointly pave the way towards integrated renal care. Key success factors will be to develop a healthcare policy monitor, identify and maintain strategic partnerships and implement pilot projects demonstrating the value in integrated healthcare.
    Dr Claus Biermann, SVP, Chief Strategy & Health Policy Affairs Officer at Diaverum
    This milestone is another step on our journey to become the first choice in renal care. It shows that there is confidence in us as caregivers and in the quality of the care that we deliver. Our ability to grow is also of benefit to our patients, because with each treatment we are broadening our experience — today we deliver more than three million treatments annually. This means that we are becoming more and more efficient and increasingly able to offer our patients a treatment that improves their quality of life, wherever we are active
    Dag Andersson, President and CEO of Diaverum
    At Diaverum we are putting the patient at the centre of everything we do
    Jörgen Hegbrant, Chief Medical Officer at Diaverum
    We are setting the highest standards for ourselves and repeatedly measuring our patients’ wellbeing. We are constantly raising the level of quality in the care that we deliver. This is particularly evident in newly acquired clinics
    Jörgen Hegbrant, Chief Medical Officer at Diaverum
    This focus on staff competence pays off with highest medical results and very satisfied patients
    Jörgen Hegbrant, Chief Medical Officer at Diaverum
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