Diaverum donates to the Cathedral of Notre Dame

We at Diaverum France was shocked and moved by the serious fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris last week. 

Notre Dame is first and foremost a place of worship, both in the past and in the present, but also a unique monument of medieval and gothic architecture, which serves as a “timeline” of our rich and shared history.

For 850 years Notre Dame has gone through our tormented history and has become a place by humanity and for humanity, open to all, and it is also the most visited monument in Europe.

Diaverum, who has 18 dialysis clinics in France with two of them being situated in the city of Paris, would like to participate in the reconstruction of Notre Dame by donating 15,000 euros from Diaverum France to the ‘Fondation de France’ – a network in France to carry out educational, scientific, social or cultural donation initiatives (www.fondationdefrance.org).

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