Diaverum grows its presence in Brazil by acquiring a new clinic in São Paulo

São Paulo, August 30, 2019 – Diaverum, one of the world’s leading renal service providers, extends its services to São Paulo city through the acquisition of CNTT – Clínica de Nefrologia e Transplantes do Tatuapé. With this addition, Diaverum now operates 6 treatment centers, treating more than 2400 patients in Brazil. 

Diaverum is pleased to announce its expansion into São Paulo municipality, the most populous city and largest economy in Latin America, by acquiring CNTT – Clinic de Nefrologia e Transplantes do Tatuapé, a high-quality renal care center founded by Dr. Elias David Neto, one of the most renowned nephrologists in Brazil.

"This acquisition is aligned with our strategy to consolidate Diaverum’s position in selected markets with a strong potential for continued growth. By partnering with high-standard treatment centers we also reinforce our mission to provide life enhancing renal care to patients around the world,” commented Boris Zjacic, Chief Operational Officer at Diaverum. 

“We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Elias and his team into the Diaverum family. Based on our shared vision, we will work together to deliver world-class renal care to our patients and enable them to live fulfilling lives. Now our focus will be on integrating CNTT into our organization while we exchange best practices and plan for further expansion of our services,” adds Rafael Romanini, Country Manager Brazil, Diaverum. 

Brazil media contact:
Mr. Rafael Ferreira, Communications, Diaverum Brazil
E-mail: Rafael.ferreira@diaverum.com 
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Ms Joanna Borczak, Director Global Marketing, Diaverum
E-mail: joanna.borczak@diaverum.com

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