We are honored to partner with Konica Minolta. This agreement expands the scope of our work together and solidifies the commitment that we share jointly to bring DigniCap Delta’s next generation scalp cooling technology to patients in Japan. Konica Minolta’s reputation for innovation and quality is well-recognized, and we place great value in their market access and expertise.
Fredrik Jonsson, Dignitana CEO
With this agreement we are building on the solid foundation of our shared history with Dignitana. There is strong interest in scalp cooling in Japan, and we are well-positioned to provide the advanced technology in DigniCap Delta to cancer centers across the region.
Toshikazu Imai, General Manager Business development division, Konica Minolta
DigniCap is quickly becoming standard of care in Italy and we are proud to have offered this life-changing therapy since 2015.  In a disease where so much is out of their control, cancer patients need to have the opportunity to preserve their hair during chemotherapy – and DigniCap gives them that choice.
Dr. Dario Loparco
As we continue to expand our customer base, SXSW is an incredible opportunity to introduce a wide audience to DigniCap Delta Scalp Cooling, including healthcare leaders from around the globe.
Melissa Bourestom, Dignitana Chief Communications Officer
As we continue to grow the business and expand our global presence, we appreciate this opportunity to showcase the state-of the-art technology in DigniCap Delta to the oncology community in our home market of Sweden. Scalp cooling is an important quality of life improvement for cancer patients, and the investments we are making now support our ongoing commitment to superior clinical outcomes and progress to increase patient access to this treatment . 
Catarina Löwenadler, CEO of Dignitana.
With a strong focus on establishing stable operating expenses to support our scale up strategy, we have grown with high margin while reducing loss.
Catarina Löwenadler, CEO
With a strong focus on establishing stable operating expenses to support our scale up strategy, we have grown with high margin while reducing loss.
Catarina Löwenadler, CEO
Konica Minolta has a long history of innovation as a technology leader in Asia and around the globe and we are honored to have Konica Minolta as a partner to introduce DigniCap Delta’s next generation scalp cooling technology to patients in Japan. Their strong market presence and team of experienced professionals bring tremendous value to our company and to oncology providers in Japan,
Catarina Löwenadler, Dignitana CEO
Interest in scalp cooling in Japan is very strong, and we are excited to now be able to move forward with sales to customers who have been waiting for this advanced technology.
Toshikazu Imai, General Manager Business development division, Konica Minolta
With a superior product and a common goal of serving more patients, we can deepen our relationships and continue to expand our strategic initiatives into key markets.
Catarina Löwenadler, Dignitana CEO
It is not only the treatment, the surgery, the chemo, but being able to know that the treatment ends while preserving the hair, which implies dignity in the patient.
Dr. Gabriel Krygier, Director of the Department of Oncology at Hospital de Clínicas
Scalp cooling with DigniCap Delta is a significant advancement in quality of life for cancer patients. Customers want the most advanced treatments to ensure optimal patient outcomes. We are happy to add DigniCap to our suite of top tier medical technologies and are eager to expand availability of DigniCap in this region.
Simon Dätwyler, CEO of OncoMedical
OncoMedical shares our commitment to excellence in technology, customer service and patient care, As we continue to expand patient access, Dignitana is strengthened by utilizing local market experts like OncoMedical to ensure customers receive the best possible service and attention.
Catarina Löwenadler, CEO of Dignitana
The foundation of our growth continues to be the extraordinary patient outcomes and customer satisfaction from our superior product.
Catarina Löwenadler, CEO
InfuSystem has a stellar reputation for patient-focused product excellence and outstanding service and support, coupled with access to the majority of cancer centers in the US. This partnership is a significant step forward as Dignitana continues to accelerate growth in our most important market, and make scalp cooling available to as many patients as possible.
Catarina Löwenadler, Dignitana Chief Executive Officer
We are pleased to partner with Dignitana to provide our customers with access to DigniCap Scalp Cooling System, a premium solution for chemotherapy-induced alopecia. We look forward to a long and successful relationship.
Carrie Lachance, President and COO of InfuSystem
This important Palmetto LCD provides a pathway for successful reimbursement of Medicare scalp cooling claims for patients in the seven-state service area, effective November 12, 2023.
Patient safety is critical to the administration of scalp cooling, and we are pleased that this final phase of our pivotal trial has now been published to clearly demonstrate the safety of this therapy and to reiterate the efficacy shown in the pivotal trial.
Catarina Löwenadler, CEO of Dignitana.  
In the pivotal trial 66.3 percent of patients kept the majority of their hair using the Dean scale. We are now seeing even better results with our next generation DigniCap Delta device, with 75 percent of patients reporting a high degree of satisfaction on the same scale. Additionally, 94 percent of DigniCap patients surveyed state they would recommend DigniCap to others, and that level of endorsement is a significant accomplishment for any business.
Catarina Löwenadler, CEO of Dignitana
With a focus on device utilization, our circular business model creates, captures and delivers value by redeploying underutilized devices and thus maximizing revenue potential and fostering sustainable use of assets.
Catarina Löwenadler, CEO Dignitana AB
The ability to offer service in the field means European customers now have access to rapid-response service with a high-level of expertise. As we work to efficiently to expand DigniCap availability, we know we can rely on the industry experts and state-of-the-art resources at oneservice for consistent, high-quality and excellent service.
Catarina Löwenadler, CEO of Dignitana
We are proud to expand the scope of our work with Dignitana, servicing a market with enormous potential, while also supporting quality of life for cancer patients. We enjoy working with new technologies such as the thermoelectric cooling system in DigniCap Delta that can positively impact the quality of life of patients undergoing chemotherapy and we look forward seeing more customers across Europe adopt this innovative technology.
Matthias Raquet, CEO of oneservice
The decision to transition from DigniCap C3 to DigniCap Delta was driven by patient demand for a clinically superior product. Hair loss during chemo impacts quality of life, and patients in Mexico want this life-changing therapy.
Susana Valdez, Principal of Celeritas Trading
The evidence of DigniCap Delta’s efficacy, ease of use and patient happiness are supported by extraordinary customer satisfaction and a patient recommendation score of 97 percent.
Catarina Löwenadler, CEO Dignitana AB
Patient satisfaction fuels the passion of our team, keeping us laser-focused on continuing to grow Dignitana to its full potential.
Catarina Löwenadler, CEO Dignitana AB
Increased demand and high customer satisfaction continue to drive Dignitana’s growth. We have a clear strategy to raise awareness, affordbility and accessability that is built on demonstrated efficacy, scalable infrastructure, and competence in medical device and clinical operations. This growth allows us to provide the life-changing DigniCap treatment to even more patients – and that is at the core of our mission.
Catarina Mård Löwenadler, Dignitana CEO
Net sales in the period showed solid growth with a 36 percent improvement over Q3 2021 and a 38 percent improvement in Average Daily Treatment Revenue (ADTR) versus the same period one year ago.
Catarina Löwenadler, CEO Dignitana AB
Dignitana is committed to ensuring that every single cancer patient can maintain dignity and quality of life during and after cancer treatment. Currently 87 percent of our customers are women, so having the opportunity to deliver our message specifically to female investors allows us to really focus on what we know matters to women – both as patients, and as investors in MedTech.
Catarina Mård Löwenadler
Dignitana already has a solid reputation for providing exemplary support and this new program takes that standard even higher with next level service, training, materials and best practices.
Catarina Mård Löwenadler, Dignitana CEO
Scalp cooling is evidence-based, recommended by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN), and now supported by the AMA as well.  Scalp cooling should become standard of care with universal insurance coverage so that any cancer patient who wishes to minimize hair loss from chemotherapy has access to this life-changing treatment.
Catarina Mård Löwenadler, Dignitana CEO
As the Company continues an extended growth trajectory, Ulf’ s ability to create value will ensure that we maintain a solid financial foundation as we move toward cash flow positivity.
Klas Arildsson, Dignitana Chairman of the Board.
During these challenging times our company has continued to  grow and adapt to the unique and generational challenges we face.
William Cronin, CEO Dignitana AB
Susan G. Komen is the world’s leading breast cancer organization, providing valuable resources and information to patients worldwide. We are honored to support the important work they do as we continue to increase awareness of scalp cooling in the breast cancer community and beyond.
William Cronin, Dignitana CEO
I am very happy about the opportunity to be part of and lead Dignitana's continued growth journey. There is a great need for scalp cooling worldwide and I hope that my experience can help increase the value for both patients, companies and shareholders.
Catarina Mård Löwenadler
We welcome Catarina, who with her experience and expertise will take Dignitana into the next growth phase where the focus is on faster expansion and increased profitability.
Klas Arildsson, Chairman of the Board of Dignitana AB
I appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit of Dignitana and I see many similarities in this company compared to where CellaVision was when I joined that company. Dignitana is a growing company with tremendous potential – it has global reach, an excellent product, and a solid foundation. I am excited about the opportunity and look forward to continuing the good work of the company to improve well-being and the lives of cancer patients.
Magnus Blixt
The strategic expansion of the company is our top priority. We are well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities before us in the critical US market and around the globe, and the financial and operational experience that Magnus Blixt brings will be a tremendous asset to the Company.
Klas Arildsson, Chairman of the Board, Dignitana AB
I firmly believe that we have made the right choices and realigned our organization to take the next step towards attaining our long-awaited goal of cash flow positivity.
William Cronin, CEO Dignitana AB
Medicare coverage is critical to our overall reimbursement efforts and will undoubtedly increase utilization with existing customers and drive demand for DigniCap at new facilities.
William Cronin, Dignitana CEO
This decision ensures that thousands of cancer patients will now have access to life-changing scalp cooling therapy that was previously financially out of reach. It is a major milestone for Dignitana and for so many in the cancer treatment community who have worked tirelessly to make scalp cooling standard of care.
William Cronin, Dignitana CEO
Keeping my hair helped me keep a part of myself that felt strong and centered. It was a blessing in a very difficult time.
Audra Byrne
When cancer happened to me, I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. I’ll never forget that feeling, and I want to be there for other women who might be feeling the same.
Melanie Waxler
Putting patients first is a priority for Dignitana, and we are honored to recognize these inspirational patient stories through the DigniCap Dignitary program.
William Cronin, Chief Executive Officer of Dignitana
My hair is so much a part of who I am,” Agostino said. “This treatment can help so many people. It helped me keep a positive mindset the whole time, and there’s no way that would have been possible for me without keeping my hair.
Lori Agostino
Dignitana continues our growth trajectory, and the second period of the year provides solid evidence of the progress we are making.
William Cronin, CEO Dignitana AB
As supplier we strive to provide the best quality devices, and we are very excited to introduce the next generation DigniCap Delta system to the oncology sector in Benelux. Infection prevention is a priority for our customers, and DigniCap effectively addresses this with their unique single patient cap system.
Bob Geerts, CEO and Founder of B&Co Group
When the AMA announced the CPT codes for scalp cooling last fall, we initiated a plan to do our part to help the oncology community establish appropriate reimbursement. JDL Access and JD Lymon are the ideal partners to help us achieve that.
William Cronin, Dignitana CEO
Our relentless commitment to patient success is the driving force behind everything we do. By maintaining this focus and making scalp cooling a standard of care, I am confident that we will meet our long-term financial goals.
William Cronin, CEO Dignitana AB
The success of the DigniCap clinical evaluation in Australia has been quite impressive and we are eager to make this technology available to a wider audience. We are committed to providing best in class care for our patients and our partnership with Dignitana provides significant value to our medical oncology patients.
Alyson Tiedeman, GenesisCare U.S. Regional Leader East Florida
GenesisCare is known for exemplary patient care and we are honored to have them on our growing list of DigniCap providers around the globe. Quality of life is extremely important for cancer patients. As awareness of the efficacy of DigniCap increases, demand for this life-changing treatment is growing as well.
William Cronin, Dignitana CEO