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Echandia is a Swedish company leading the development of zero-emission energy solutions for maritime applications. More information:


The total cost of ownership, combined with the products high level of safety and low weight were key factors in selecting Echandia as battery supplier. In addition, choosing a system with longer lifetime makes perfect sense from a sustainability perspective.
Ole Berg-Hansen, Chief Engineer Molslinjen
For Echandia, this is a yet another breakthrough. Molslinjen is showing the way, and we believe that many other operators will follow their example in the future. For us, the deal means a step towards supplying larger passenger ferries where weight, total cost and safety are important aspects.
Fredrik Hellström, CEO Echandia
We are extremely happy that the E-tug Sparky can show the way for other ports and operators, to become more efficient. With this groundbreaking achievement, we now actually see a huge interest in making port operations emission free with our battery systems.
Fredrik Hellström, CEO Echandia
I feel honored to be appointed as CEO of the company Magnus Eriksson founded and successfully led for many years. Echandia today has a world leading position in the development of advanced battery and fuel-cell systems for maritime and industrial applications. My focus will be on building a solid growing business and broaden our product portfolio together with our world class team.
Fredrik Hellström, CEO
The world's largest fleet of electric ferries in Kochi, India, is equipped with our energy solutions, and so are the award-winning Copenhagen commuter-ferries. The major global shipyard Damen Shipyard in the Netherlands is a big customer. The CEO shift will increase our capacity – and thus, the ability to take Echandia to the next level.
Magnus Eriksson, CSO
With the skilled team we have today, and with Magnus focusing on strategic product development, we will make Echandia an even stronger company in the future. I look forward to sharing more details about our work and the new direction that we are pursuing. With great products and an attractive client list, Echandia is ready to accelerate its expansion and scale up the business.
Fredrik Hellström, CEO
Echandia is proud to announce this partnership with Toshiba, a world leader and innovator in pioneering high technology. We have a long history of working successfully together, and I am excited to strengthen the relationship further. Toshiba will be an invaluable partner in terms of develop our fuel cell systems.
Magnus Eriksson, CEO Echandia
Since Toshiba ESS began working on fuel cell systems in the 1960s, we have been advancing the development of hydrogen-related technologies. Striving toward the realization of a hydrogen society, we aim to provide high value-added hydrogen solutions by integrating related technologies such as renewable energy-derived hydrogen energy. By expanding our business through this collaboration, we will help make a carbon-neutral society a reality.
Shigehiro Kawahara, Vice President of the Energy Aggregation Div.
Echandia’s battery solutions really fits well for these demanding operational profiles with high-power needs and uninterrupted service over long periods of time. We are honored to be trusted as a part of Green City Ferries’ breakthroughs in maritime transportation. Their project, which not only reduces emissions from Stockholm’s waterborne local transportation but also pioneers emission-free high-speed catamarans that potentially can be used in cities all over the world.
Magnus Eriksson, CEO & Founder, Echandia
The introduction of Beluga24 in Stockholm is a significant step toward lowering carbon dioxide emissions from the region's waterborne public transportation system. Echandia’s energy solutions are critical to realizing the ground-breaking emission-free high-speed passenger commuting concept. We can now demonstrate that there is an appealing alternative to traditional vessels for both shorter and longer routes.
Fredrik Thornell, CEO Green City Ferries
Echandia is proud to announce this first order in the naval market segment. Our solutions are especially suitable in these extreme heavy-duty applications and can ensure safety and performance while at the same time reducing the environmental impact. We consider this order a seal of quality for our technology.
Magnus Eriksson, CEO Echandia
We are excited to welcome Mr. Larsen to Echandia. He has pushed technical boundaries to make shipping more sustainable and more energy efficient throughout his career. The combination of Morten’s deep understanding of the maritime sector and his knowledge about the Danish market will help Echandia to further establish its presence in Denmark. The Danish market is especially interesting and important to Echandia, and with Morten on board we are ready to advance the sustainable development of the maritime sector on the Danish market..
Magnus Eriksson, CEO & Founder of Echandia
Even though shipping has been in constant change, the transformation ahead is the most foundational I’ve ever seen. The sheer amount of sea-based traffic between the Danish islands, with relatively short distances make battery-electric solutions a “no-brainer..
Morten Larsen
Cutting emissions in the maritime sector is one of the transport industry’s greatest challenges. Echandia is lowering the environmental footprint within the sector by providing world class technology in battery and fuel cell systems for maritime applications. I look forward to joining the Echandia team, and to contribute with my experience and expertise to develop Echandia’s solutions for a sustainable transport industry.
Roy Storeng
We are pleased to welcome Roy to the Echandia team. Entering Norway is an important milestone for Echandia. Norway is an important shipping country with a rapidly growing market for electrification in the maritime sector. With Roy in charge of our expansion, we are in a great position to establish our presence and meet the demands on this market.
Magnus Eriksson, CEO & Founder of Echandia
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