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  • Jonas Hasselberg, Tuija Soanjärvi and Arnd Benninghoff, are new members of Edgewares Board

Jonas Hasselberg, Tuija Soanjärvi and Arnd Benninghoff, are new members of Edgewares Board

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The following three are now new members of the Edgeware Board, elected at the Annual General Meeting on May 4, 2018.

Jonas Hasselberg has since 2015 been Vice President and Head of the Consumer Division at Telia Sweden. In addition, he also since 2015 holds the position as a Board Member at Springworks AB. Previously he has held several senior executive positions in Sweden, Finland and the US at leading technology companies such as Microsoft, Nokia and Mycronic. In Jonas, Edgeware has the opportunity to bring on a Board Member with vast telecom experience as well as a person combining deep technology knowledge with a true commercial focus, vital in Edgeware’s journey going forward. Jonas is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tuija Soanjärvi is since 2011 a Board Professional, who currently is a Board Member at e.g. Basware Corporation, Nixu Corporation and VR-Group Ltd. Previously Tuija has amongst others been a Board Member at Affecto Plc, Tecnotree Corporation, Vattenfall Group and Comptel Corporation. In several current and previous positions, she has held the role as Chair of the Audit Committee. Before becoming a Board Professional, Tuija held several senior CFO-positions at Itella, Elisa and Tieto. Tuija will bring in a combination of finance skills and insights into relevant telecom and technology sectors to the Board at Edgeware. Tuija is located in Espoo, Finland.

Arnd Benninghoff is currently CEO of MTGx Gaming and esports within the Modern Times Group, which is a role he has held since 2014. He also holds several advisory roles towards fast growing European media/technology actors. Previously, Arnd has e.g. held the position as Chief Digital Officer at ProSieben Sat1 Media AG and Managing Director at Seven Ventures GmbH. He is located in Munich, Germany. Arnd will amongst others bring deep experience from a client perspective of the fast-developing European broadcast and media scene, including cutting edge insights into the digital development of multiple sectors relevant to Edgeware.

     The new members of our Board add relevant global experience and customer knowledge from IT, Telecom and media. Their deep expertise will help Edgeware accelerate its expansion globally and address new markets. I welcome our new Board members to an exciting company and look forward to their strategic insight. As they leave the Board, I also want to thank Jason Pinto and Staffan Helgesson for their many years of service and their unwavering confidence in the company and its management team, says Michael Ruffolo, Chairman of the Board, Edgeware AB.

Thereby the Board consists of Michael Ruffolo (chairman), Sigrun Hjelmqvist, Kent Sander, Arnd Benninghoff, Jonas Hasselberg and Tuija Soanjärvi. Jason Pinto, Staffan Helgesson and Karl Thedéen retire from the Board. The Nomination Committee of Edgeware consists of representatives of the three largest registered shareholders in the Euroclear Sweden AB share register on January 31, 2017. The Nomination Committee consists of Kent Sander, representing Amadeus Capital Partners, Daniel Blomquist from Creandum and Annika Andersson representing Swedbank Robur fonder and the Chairman of the Board Michael Ruffolo. The chair of the Nomination Committee is Daniel Blomquist.

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The new members of our Board add relevant global experience and customer knowledge from IT, Telecom and media. Their deep expertise will help Edgeware accelerate its expansion globally and address new markets.
Michael Ruffolo, Chairman of the Board, Edgeware AB.