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    The way TV is delivered and consumed is continuing to develop at a significant rate, particularly for live events. It means today’s operators can’t afford to stand still when it comes to the technical capabilities of their infrastructures,” said Peter Löfling, Edgeware's VP Sales APAC. “With the Tokyo Olympics just over a year away, this is especially true for local broadcasters. They have to start thinking about how they are going to deal with the increase in demand for sports content and whether their delivery networks are able to deliver the quality experience viewers now expect.
    Peter Löfling, Edgeware's VP Sales APAC
    Our existing and new customers appreciate our specialist expertise and the technology we provide to prepare TV content for an OTT delivery, but some of our customers have been asking for the same functionality as a service,” said Karl Thedéen, chief executive officer at Edgeware. “Our cloud service will benefit from our own specialist know-how, and because we control the underlying technology, we can react quickly to new customer demands. We are also completely independent, unlike some cloud service providers, so we won’t compete with our customers’ OTT TV services.
    Karl Thedéen, chief executive officer at Edgeware
    It’s no secret that TV broadcasters are facing increasing competitive pressures from digital platforms that are geared around personalised programming, which means they have to think about different ways of engaging viewers,” said Johan Bolin, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Edgeware. “The ability to create tailored content would provide the ‘lean-back’ TV experience that many viewers still crave, making them more likely to tune in and helping broadcasters adapt to a changing industry.
    Johan Bolin, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Edgeware
    Viewers can be overwhelmed by the amount of online content available and sometimes want a more ‘lean-back’ TV viewing experience”, said Johan Bolin, chief product and technology officer at Edgeware. “Our solution saves them having to proactively search for content of interest – which is sometimes known as ‘lean-forward’ TV viewing. The solution enables broadcasters to simply and efficiently create virtual channels. For example, building temporary channels, “fan-channels”, around highly popular live programs, such as sports or music events, and stitch that together with related content bits could offer a way to increase their stickiness.
    Johan Bolin, chief product and technology officer at Edgeware
    “This is a great win for Edgeware. Although the order does not fundamentally change our view of the revenues for the year, it does provide proof that our Ad Insertion offering is carrier-class and that our customers are buying into its ability to expand their revenue streams.”
    Karl Thedéen, CEO
    We’re deploying this new ad insertion system so that we can create more engaging viewing experiences for the audiences of our online TV services and provide our advertisers the opportunity to present ads personalized to individual viewers,” said Magnus Lindhe, Head of TV development at Com Hem. “But it’s imperative that these higher-value replacement ads are delivered glitch-free. We’ve selected Edgeware’s origin Ad Enabler because it allows us to deliver the highest-quality TV experience which is of high importance for both advertisers and viewers.
    Magnus Lindhe, Head of TV development at Com Hem
    This project illustrates the importance of personalized ad insertion to the online TV market,” said Karl Thedéen, CEO at Edgeware. “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work in this area with one of the largest TV providers in the country, and this order from Com Hem demonstrates that we are in a leading position with our new second generation software solutions for ad insertion and origin products.
    Karl Thedéen, CEO at Edgeware
    Our viewers expect the best TV service available,” said Carlos Eduardo Romero, Video and Hubs Director at Izzi. “Having the convenience and flexibility to pause and rewind live TV is another example of how online TV has moved beyond traditional TV and delivers our customers a more engaging viewing experience.
    Carlos Eduardo Romero, Video and Hubs Director at Izzi
    We’re delighted to continue to grow our relationship with one of the largest TV providers in Mexico,” said Karl Thedéen, CEO at Edgeware. “This project is another example of how our existing customers continue to enhance their online TV services, adding new capacity, capabilities and enhancing their viewers’ experience.
    Karl Thedéen, CEO at Edgeware
    Many of our customers are adopting cloud services, so it is important we can optimize our solutions for this environment. Edgeware is a great example of a purpose-built solution like our TV origin, which leverages the benefits of cloud services from AWS. Showcasing it in Japan will help us develop opportunities in this exciting market.
    Karl Thedéen, CEO
    Cloud providers like AWS are attractive because of their flexibility and scale, and containers were designed for this type of deployment. They add even greater efficiency and are easier to maintain and operate than traditional monolithic software.
    Johan Bolin, VP products
    This is a significant development for the company and our customers. It takes our software solutions to the next level and allows our customers to benefit from our technology while deploying it natively in the cloud. It also gives Edgeware the core capability to offer its technology in a SaaS model.
    Karl Thedéen, CEO
    As more linear TV, and especially live events, are watched via OTT services, reducing latency is becoming more important. But with the right delivery systems, OTT services can offer an experience that goes beyond traditional broadcast TV. The integration of NexPlayer with Edgeware’s low latency CDN architecture is an example of how we can improve the user experience even further, to deliver today’s viewers an amazing OTT TV experience.
    Johan Bolin, VP Products at Edgeware
    The task of streaming live OTT programming of the world’s biggest events is onerous and often affects an operator’s most expensive content. That’s why we can’t treat it the same way as other traffic types and need to put in place purpose-built technologies to deliver the best experience.
    Johan Bolin
    The new members of our Board add relevant global experience and customer knowledge from IT, Telecom and media. Their deep expertise will help Edgeware accelerate its expansion globally and address new markets.
    Michael Ruffolo, Chairman of the Board, Edgeware AB.
    Integrating these delivery platforms with existing CDN providers’ services gives content owners the best of both worlds
    Johan Bolin, VP Products
    Because Android is used by such a large proportion of the market, the capability of delivering frame-accurate segmentation in MPEG-DASH format is incredibly important
    Johan Bolin, VP Products at Edgeware
    NAB Show is our most important customer event in North America and this year we bring along our strongest product offering ever.
    Karl Thedéen, CEO Edgeware
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