The store at the Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm has become a success and now is the time for us to open a store in Göteborg. The store will have a great location, just right for us. Customers are welcome to sit down, have a coffee, get tips from the sales staff in the store and experience Ellos’ high fashion
Carina Ladow, Assortment and Design Manager Ellos
We are pleased that we now have the opportunity of also introducing Ellos Home in Göteborg in a context that affects all the senses. The aim is that each visit will give the customer a new inspiration and open the door to Ellos’ entire online product range, which also includes over 500 external brands in fashion, beauty and the home
Carina Ladow, Assortment and Design Manager Ellos
Jörgen has extensive knowledge of e-commerce and IT as well as an innovative and data-driven approach, which will be valuable to us in our ongoing work
Hans Ohlsson CEO of the Ellos Group
E-commerce is by far the most exciting area where development is fast and opportunities are significant. Being able to continue developing the Ellos Group, with its leading position in e-commerce and its rich history, feels fantastic and very inspiring
Jörgen Hellberg
Michael's deep knowledge and creativity will be a valuable addition to our team. His business
Yannick de Rechapt, CIO of Ellos Group
I look forward to taking part in the Ellos Group's changes and, with the business in focus, pushing technical progress to the next level
Michael Jarestad
We are taking a large and decisive step with our customers in focus. We can now personalize the shopping experience to a wider extent and thus make it easier for all our customers to find what they are looking for. With our new e-commerce platform, we can also provide our mobile customers with a complete, inspiring shopping experience
Hans Ohlsson, the Ellos Group’s President and CEO.