Balder in exciting collaboration to construct Stockholm’s tallest residential building

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Balder is establishing a Joint company together with VästkustStugan, Mjöbäcks Entreprenad and Innovation Properties with the goal of constructing Stockholm’s tallest residential building. 

In Sickla, in the borderland between Stockholm and Nacka, two high-rise buildings are planned containing 38 and 30 floors, respectively. The project is going under the name Nacka Port and will become the new entrance to Nacka city. 

“We are very happy about the collaboration with Balder which will help to ensure a strong execution going forward,” says Göran Nergården, VästkustStugan.

The project’s total volume comprises approximately 33,700 sqm habitable gross floor area, housing, offices and retail. The zoning plan will go out for consultation and is expected to be adopted during 2023. The trio behind the project are the property owners VästkustStugan, Mjöbäcks Entreprenad and Innovation Properties. 

“We look forward to, along with the other three capable and driven actors, develop this cool property – together we will create something really good. It also feels great that through Nacka Port, we will clarify our position as a property developer in Stockholm,” says Erik Selin, CEO of Balder.

The towers will accommodate residential as well as commercial floor space such as a restaurant, deli, bakery, bicycle workshop etc. There will also be a gym in the towers and a party floor for the residents commanding views over Stockholm, the inlet and the Nacka reserve. Apart from the towers, the Klinten paint factory, which is of cultural heritage value, will be renovated and will regain its former splendour. The ambition is to take advantage of the creative atmosphere which exists in the building today.

“We want to create a destination and a beautiful architectural landmark that Nacka residents are proud of. At the same time, we want to create an attractive and exceptional project, which will provide added value for the residents, for office and commercial tenants and of course for the general public,” says Kristian Wahlberg, Innovation Properties.

The communications to Stockholm are good and the new metro line to Nacka will have its own entrance in Sickla, about 350 metres from the project. The area is within cycling distance to central Stockholm and the project, where two regional bikes lanes meet, will have almost one thousand bicycle parking places.

For further information, please contact:
CEO Erik Selin, telephone +46 706 074 790
Head of Swedish Property Development Emil Engelbrektsson, telephone +46 31 10 95 96
Head of Communications Sandra Nilsson, telephone +46 31 10 95 80

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