This is a great investment opportunity that we are proud to be a part of. Together with Volvo Cars and Vectura, we want to create the best conditions for the automotive industry and future mobility.
Erik Selin, CEO
We have a long history together with Petter Stordalen and his prominent hotel group. The hotel building at Karlatornet is progressing according to plan and I am sure that it will be a fantastic concept and contribution to the district and Gothenburg
Erik Selin, CEO
We are pleased to welcome JumpYard to Heron City and Balder. JumpYard's establishment align perfectly with the shopping centre's original idea of offering different types of activities and will be a good complement to existing establishments. We are convinced that this venture will attract many visitors and look forward to many successful years together.
Martin Berg, Regional Manager for Commercial Properties
We are very positively about bringing in a strong public actor into the project which will contribute significant values to the development of the district.
Erik Selin, CEO
The updated green financing framework is aligned with Balder’s focus on an increased share of green financing.
Ewa Wassberg, Head of Finance at Balder
An important part of Balder’s heart and soul is to handle its property management operations in-house in order to better meet the needs of our tenants. The fact that we now have the possibility to also build up our own property management organisation in Finland is very satisfying.
Sharam Rahi, Deputy CEO
Inferno Online is totally in tune with the times and is offering something that appeals to many people but which until now has been missing in Gothenburg. The location on Avenyn is perfect and I am convinced that the gaming center will attract new target groups and more people to the city’s most fashionable street. We are very happy about the excellent collaboration with Inferno and look forward to following their journey.
Kevin Holgersson, Regional Manager Commercial
With its Science Park and innovation center, Lindholmen is an attractive area that we want to be part of. I am impressed by what has been achieved so far with Uni3 by Geely and am excited to be taking the next steps in its development together.
Erik Selin, CEO
We are very proud to be a part of Varvsstaden and together with Peab contribute to Malmö’s urban development. In Varvsstaden, the shipbuilding heritage is allowed to live on in a new era, and here recycling and sustainability are in focus, both when we renovate properties and build new ones. I consider the fact that a business with such a clear sustainability character as Position Green is choosing to establish here, as an acknowledgement that we are doing the right thing.
Jesper Kristensen, Regional Manager
It is very positive that such a long-term skilful investor as AMF Tjänstepension och Fonder choose to get involved in our company. AMF has extensive experience in corporate governance and Patricia Hedelius is a good addition to the regular nomination committee.
Erik Selin, CEO
We are very happy to have Klara in place. Her knowledge and experience will be very valuable in the work to achieve our sustainability goals. Klara will be the driving force in developing the sustainability reporting.
Ewa Wassberg, Head of Finance
For Balder, this new deal represents a natural development of our investment in Solvallastaden and Stockholm. We appreciate the excellent collaboration with Stockholms Travsällskap and the City of Stockholm and look forward to realising the plans together. It was our shared ambition to take advantage of Solvallastaden’s unique conditions and create a lively and attractive district.
Erik Selin, CEO Balder
At Balder we are very proud to be a part of this new and exciting district. The location is fantastic and through cooperation, and a common ambition to create a vibrant district, together we complete the plan for GoCo Health Innovation City. I look forward to seeing our three blocks filled with tenants.
Erik Selin, CEO Balder
The planning and construction of Karlastaden is proceeding on schedule and we see a demand that strengthens us in moving forward in collaboration with Serneke. Together, we want to further develop one of Scandinavia’s most exciting property development projects.
Erik Selin, CEO Balder