A total of 57% of Fazer survey respondents know what the word ‘gurt’ means

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In January, Fazer conducted a survey1) in its social media channels to chart how familiar respondents are with gurt-related terminology and what characteristics they find important in gurts. Of the survey respondents, 57% knew what the word ‘gurt’ means. Fazer is strongly focusing on developing its plant-based product selection and produces Fazer Aito gurts from Finnish oats in its Koria factory. 

Almost 1,000 people responded to the survey carried out in Fazer’s social media channels. The respondents were asked if they knew what gurt is. In addition, they were asked which characteristics of oat gurts they found the most important and in what kinds of situations they consume oat gurts. A little over half of the respondents knew the term ‘gurt’. Good taste and not adding sugar or artificial sweeteners to the products were the most important gurt characteristics according to the respondents. The respondents most often consumed oat gurts at breakfast or as snacks in the afternoon or evening. 

Gurts are continuously gaining in popularity 

Gurts are dairy-dree, completely plant-based products made by fermenting from Finnish oats and they can be used similarly to yoghurt. Oat gurts have established their position as breakfast and snack choices for those following a plant-based and dairy-free diet, and their popularity is constantly increasing also among those who usually consume dairy products.

“People often wish for the same kinds of taste and quality characteristics from plant-based and dairy-based products. Last autumn, our gurt selection expanded even further when we launched the new type of Fazer Aito oat gurt with an even softer, yoghurt-like structure. Listening to consumers’ wishes is important for us, and that is why our gurts are sweetened only with fruit and berries and contain no artificial sweeteners at all,” says Maija Hellman, Marketing Director of Fazer Lifestyle Foods’ Non-dairy Unit.

According to a survey ordered by Fazer2), up to 88% of Finns use or have sometimes used plant-based products. The most important criteria for consuming them are the willingness to try something new and seek variation, trying to establish a diverse diet, and ethical reasons, including the products’ smaller environmental impacts. Of the respondents, 68% said that they use plant-based snack products, for example gurts, at least on a monthly basis.

The Fazer Aito product family includes both flavoured and natural oat gurts and snacks that can be enjoyed as such or topped with muesli or berries, for example. In a taste test3), many of those trying oat gurts for the first time were surprised by their soft flavour and pleasant structure.

“We are already making more than ten oat-based gurts from Finnish oats at the Fazer factory in Koria, and the product family includes different options in terms of flavour, structure, and packaging size. Many will also be happy to hear that these new oat gurts contain plant-based protein, vitamins B2, B12, and D, as well as calcium,” continues Hellman.

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2) Nepa Shopper Study, December 2022, N=1,012 / N=888.

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