Fazer’s commitment to sustainability is a key catalyst for our creative R&D advancements. The choco hearts may sound like a classic but the ingredients we use are new into the game. Not only are the ingredients new, but we have had a talented product development team with a real interest and motivation in developing delicious and sustainable plant-based innovations
Annika Porr, Senior Manager at Fazer Confectionery’s Forward Lab
We continue to expand our café operations in Tampere. Our popular Fazer Café on Hämeenkatu gets a much expected company from Koskikeskus. The new Fazer Café Koskikeskus will enrich the rapidly developing Tampere, and our customers can now enjoy high-quality café products and attentive customer service in a new environment
Miika Kostilainen, Managing Director for Fazer Retail Finland
Singapore is the perfect test ground for our Taste the Future Chocolate Snack Bar, with a highly innovative food ecosystem and people who are not only passionate about food, but curious to try new things that are new, with nutrition and sustainability benefits. We at Fazer are dedicated to leading the food industry to a viable future and are constantly looking at how we can improve our own sustainability and impact the future of the food industry as a whole
Heli Anttila, VP, New Product Development at Fazer Confectionery
Innovating for a more sustainable food system requires a fearless approach; it means pioneering solutions and venturing new unexplored possibilities. Fazer Taste the Future snack bar is the first ever packed consumer product where Solein® is used. At Fazer we are continuously looking for opportunities to innovate for a more sustainable future, which is also why we have invested in Solar Foods, the Finnish start-up behind Solein®
Heli Anttila, VP, New Product Development at Fazer Confectionery
Innovating for a more sustainable food system requires a fearless approach; it means pioneering solutions and venturing new unexplored possibilities. Fazer Taste the Future snack bar is the first ever packed consumer product where Solein® is used. At Fazer we are continuously looking for opportunities to innovate for a more sustainable future, which is also why we have invested in Solar Foods, the Finnish start-up behind Solein
Heli Anttila, VP, New Product Development at Fazer Confectionery
It is such a great opportunity to establish our premium brand Gateau at Arlanda, a marketplace where 19 million travellers and some 15,000 employees pass by every year. We are proud to have opened our first Gateau cafés at Arlanda and are happy to have already received positive and encouraging feedback from our visitors. Now we look forward to welcoming even more customers. We are thrilled to offer Gateau’s and Fazer’s high-quality products to international travellers
Johan Rosenblom, Head of Fazer Retail
We’ve been supporting SOS Children’s Village for more than five decades. When we signed the follow-up agreement last year, the Mummun ja vaarin tupa operations were chosen as our main target, as the objective of the operations combine food experiences, which are key to us, with SOS Children Village’s firm expertise and genuine humanity. During the first, not even full year of operations, 264 sessions were organised at the Mummun ja vaarin tupa premises with more than 5,600 visitors, of whom 3,000 were children
Liisa Eerola, Vice President, Communications & PR, Fazer Confectionery and Fazer Finland
Sustainability is an important driver for our innovativeness. In addition to our popular plant-based Fazer Oat Choco tablets, we want to introduce new options. Our talented chocolate scientists managed to develop a unique delicious solution, which uses locally produced rye to replace cocoa in the candy tablet. Rye is a much-loved grain in the Nordic countries, its full and rich taste flavour profile being perfect for this development project
Annika Porr, Senior Manager at Fazer Confectionery’s Forward Lab
We are very proud to partner in this program with SSE. I am impressed by the school’s strong commitment to the mutually beneficial collaboration with the business community. This not only gives businesses access to cutting-edge research, but also provides students with very important real-world experience, even before they start their careers. As a food company we are part of the retail value chain, which is why we are excited to participate in the development of future leaders in retail
Christoph Vitzthum, President and CEO of Fazer Group
We are excited to welcome Fazer as a Retail Club Partner within our Center for Retailing. Retail is one of our strategic focus areas and the partnership with Fazer will enable us to further develop and strengthen our leading position for industry collaboration and thought leadership in retailing
Professor Lars Strannegård, President at the Stockholm School of Economics
We look forward to becoming an integrated part of the education as a Retail Club Partner and to engage students in our various businesses and strong platform in retail. Fazer's long history of entrepreneurship combined with a consumer-centric approach creates an interesting world of experience and expertise for talents of tomorrow. Our ambition is to provide future talents with the best conditions going forward in career paths, while broaden our perspectives and gain valuable insights
Mats Liedholm, MD for Fazer Sweden
We are very happy to add Fazer to our group of Retail Club Partners. Fazer’s strong position on the Nordic market will be a valuable asset as we continue to grow and diversify our partner collaborations. They will bring new insights and knowledge to both education and research at the Center for Retailing
Professor Sara Rosengren, Head of Center for Retailing
For the environment, a plant-based diet is one of the most impactful choices we all can make. Almost half of the products in Fazer’s offering are currently plant-based, and we are committed to increasing the share of plant-based novelties. By innovating and investing in plant-based food we are building the future growth for the food industry
Joséphine Mickwitz, EVP, Head of Communications and Sustainability at Fazer
Fazer Retail’s and Fazer Ravintolat Oy’s goal is to use fish and shellfish only from the WWF seafood guide’s green list by the end of this year. Our customers’ awareness of and willingness to make sustainable choices are increasing quickly, and the Fazer Café chain wants to respond to this by moving from Norwegian salmon to locally farmed rainbow trout. Domestic rainbow trout has a smaller environmental impact while creating jobs and well-being in Finland.
Miika Kostilainen, Magaging DIrector, Fazer Retail Finland
In a response to consumers’ wishes, we have stopped using palm oil in our classic Domino biscuits. 100% of our cocoa is sustainably sourced and third-party verified. Increasing the traceability of our cocoa is a fundamental focus area for us. The success of the Fazer Domino brand is based on profound consumer understanding. We must keep developing our products so that they support the well-being of our environment and consumers who are making more and more sustainable choices.
Noora Pöyhönen, Director of the Fazer Biscuits and Crisps Business Unit
We are proud to be a unique pioneer in innovating oat products and will continue researching and looking for new application areas also in the future. We have currently already over 200 oat-based products in our portfolio, and we export oat products and derivatives to more than 40 countries.
James Dedman, VP, Head of Foodtech business at Fazer Lifestyle Foods
Feedback from the visitors has been excellent. We have succeeded in exceeding our visitors’ expectations and given them something new to think about.
Anu Kokko, Director of the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre
We are very pleased with the recognition. At Fazer, we work hard to secure domestic and sustainable production. We want Finnish consumers to be able to eat delicious food originating from healthy Finnish grain fields, to treat themselves with sustainably produced confectionery products and to enjoy our innovative novelties. Even if Finland is one of the countries in the world with the best self-sufficiency within food, domestic food should not be taken for granted. If consumers are not able to perceive the value of our products, they will not make choices in favour of domestic food in the future. We need to invest in continuous development and innovations, whether in production, products or consumer insight to be able to provide meaningful food experiences to the consumers
Joséphine Mickwitz, EVP, Communications and Sustainability at Fazer Group
For me, being a World Chocolate Masters finalist is a dream come true. I want to thank my team, my fellow competitors, and my colleagues for all the support, help, and lessons learned. I will return home from Paris inspired and full of new ideas, which will surely be seen in the offering of Fazer Cafés in the coming years
Eero Paulamäki, the first ever Finnish World Chocolate Masters finalist, Nordic Chocolate Master, and Fazer’s Master Confectioner
In the #TASTE assignment, I will be preparing chocolate patisserie in front of the jury, using such ingredients as Nordic rye and gooseberries, which are great ingredients also for sweet baking.
Eero Paulamäki, Fazer’s Master Confectioner and the first ever Finnish finalist in the Word Chocolate Masters
We have invested heavily in sustainable food solutions, developing plant-based products, and pioneering various solutions based on Nordic oats. For example, our xylitol factory is the first production facility in the world to produce xylitol from oat hulls, a side stream of Fazer’s own oat mill
James Dedman, Vice President at Fazer Foodtech, a business unit that supports innovation across Fazer
We are very proud of Eero making it to the World Chocolate Masters final. Employees who are passionate about their work are integral to our company, and the sustainable approach and innovation present in the competition entries are also heavily featured in Fazer’s chocolate production. Eero Paulamäki’s integrity and creative courage inspire both current and future Fazer employees
Markus Hellström, Managing Director at Fazer Confectionery
In many ways, the Helsinki 1952 Olympic Games were a watershed moment in Fazer’s evolution into the modern food experience company we are today. Finland was a country of four million inhabitants at the time, and the Games were a massive undertaking that also catalysed the development of the Finnish food industry, as well as Fazer. The company has always kept abreast of the times, and this is strongly reflected in the objects featured at the exhibition, such as the Olympic-themed chocolate boxes
Anu Kokko, Director of the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre
The exhibition at the Visitor Centre reflects the transition that is taking place at Fazer and the entire food industry. We are challenged by consumers’ unique tastes, brand awareness and food companies’ responsibility to combat climate change. In addition, the threats posed by climate change, such as global warming and the state of the Baltic Sea, are drawing ever closer and cause concern particularly among young people. Eating habits are changing, and for us, food is the solution.
Joséphine Mickwitz, Head of Communications and Sustainability, Fazer Group
“Fazer, celebrating its 130th anniversary this year, is financially strong and has a clear strategy for the future. Sustainability is an integral part of our operations, and by developing food as a solution we are continuing our work to improve the well-being of people, the society and the environment. In 2021, we have for example committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). We will define new science-based climate targets to reduce the emissions in both our own operations and throughout our value chain. Fazer’s Grain Vision is on the other hand at the core of our work to support sustainable farming. Our aim is that all grain used in our consumer products is grown in compliance with the principles of sustainable farming by 2025".
Christoph Vitzthum, President & CEO, Fazer Group
Just in time for summer some of Froosh most beloved flavours are flirting with all the wonderful moments of coming summer days. Our beloved fruit icons have gotten a design update and become emojis. During the summer, they will be the centrepieces on four of our favourite smoothie labels
Julia Weijola, Senior Brand and Category Manager, Froosh
Sustainability is a key element of Fazer’s strategy, while the company is transforming into a modern sustainable food company. Food production and consumption have a major impact on the environment, society and well-being. We see food as a solution. We put the consumers first, and the conscious consumers of today expect companies to actively advance sustainability. A bio-heating facility, which utilises the grain-based bio-mass derived from our own production to produce heat, is an outstanding example of circular economy.
Pekka Mäki-Reinikka, Managing Director of Fazer Mills Finland