Autumn brings Fazer’s tempting confectionery

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Fazer is offering new, exciting flavours for everyone with a sweet tooth this autumn. Fans of salty liquorice will be surprised with sugar-free salty liquorice and a combination of Tyrkisk Peber, Fazer chocolate and liquorice. White chocolate lovers get a new favourite chocolate bar, and the Karl Fazer bar is complemented with orange croquant – and much more! The new products will be in stores in September.

Blue is now also white

Great news for lovers of white chocolate: Finland’s most-loved chocolate brand will also be available in white in the autumn. Karl Fazer Valkoinen suklaa 131 g bars will be in the shops from September. At the same time, the mouth-watering combination of blue and white Karl Fazer White & Milk Chocolate bar is changing to a 131 g size.

For longer autumn evenings – Karl Fazer Appelsiinikrokantti orange croquant 200g

Orange is great in many different ways. Now the latest newcomer to Finland’s most popular series of chocolate bars combines Fazer Sininen milk chocolate with orange croquant.

The crunchiest new product – Karl Fazer Crunchy 55 g

The two pieces of the Karl Fazer Crunchy bar provide energy for you, or for sharing with a friend. Inside is soft fudge and velvety hazelnut nougat, topped with wonderful salty crisp and delicious milk chocolate. This irresistible combination of flavours will satisfy every sweet craving.

Remix Galaxy 325 g – the king of the flavour universe

Remix Galaxy takes you on a journey to the stars! Put together your own taste universe by combining tasty and exciting planets, ellipse-shaped sweets and fruity Saturn rings.

We have combined the best flavours: Fazer Maitosuklaa, Lakritsi and Tyrkisk Peber

A combination of velvety but spicy salty liquorice, the best Fazer chocolate and soft salty liquorice adds up to Fazer Lakritsi Chocolate Tyrkisk Peber 135 g. What a taste experience!

The design of Fazer liquorice is also getting a new Fazer Northern Magic makeover during the autumn. The bags are resealable, and the product and its suitability for vegans come across clearly. From Lappeenranta with love.

A trendy, sugar-free, salty liquorice newcomer dresses in pink

Classic salty liquorice gets a pleasant contrast with the refreshing combination of raspberry and lemon. This tangy new product, Fazer Salmiakki Vadelma-sitruuna 40 g, is not only trendy because of its colour and its raspberry and lemon flavour – the product is also sugar- free and is suitable for vegans! At the same time, Finnish salty liquorice classics, including vegan Fazer Salmiakki and Super Salmiakki, are receiving a new look. The compact box is handy to have ready for those moments when you need a hit of salty liquorice.

Most popular sweet brands now in family-size packs

Remix Mad Fruit Mix box 750 g contains the best Remix Mad fruit sweets, sugared raspberry- and cola- flavoured monsters, raspberry and grapefruit sour sweets, and   peach and banana sweets. Ässä Mix 800 g is a sure-fire favourite assortment for the whole family, combining fruit and salty liquorice. The flavours are pineapple and peach, pear, orange, blackcurrant, and salty liquorice.Frutti Original box 800 g is a cheerful mix of soft, vegan Tutti Frutti candies made with natural colours and flavours. The flavours are raspberry, pear, lemon and tutti frutti. Family boxes are the perfect choice for family movie nights and more!

Photographs: medialle – kuvapankki – media_press – Finland – Makeisuutuudet

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