Fazer donates 100,000 euros to the University of Helsinki

Fazer continues supporting Finnish top research and makes a donation of 100,000 euros to the University of Helsinki. The donation will be presented to the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. The success of the 125-year-old Fazer has always built on Finnish work, and Finland will always need food professionals.

Food production and eating habits have a significant impact on the environment and surrounding communities. Daily meals also have a direct effect on health and well-being. Fazer wants to offer products and services that enable responsible lifestyles, now and in the future. Universities are important partners in co-operation because they conduct important research and train people with top know-how for the future. With this donation, Fazer wants to support academic understanding in the food industry as well as the continuity of research in Finland. Fazer’s success is based on Finnish work and professional skills as well as ways to find new and new kinds of talent.

”Fazer will need top know-how in the food industry also in the future. People are increasingly interested in healthiness and well-being and want to make responsible choices. This inspires us to study and create totally new kinds of products and services, inspiring people to enjoy them and feel well,” says Christoph Vitzthum, President and CEO of the Fazer Group.

“The University of Helsinki is most grateful for the donation. The significance of donation funds becomes emphasised, especially in economically challenging times, since they enable making new, strategically important openings”, says Thomas Wilhelmsson, Chancellor of the University of Helsinki.

Fazer supports academic research to create shared value, verify the effects of its products, create innovation and be an interesting employer in the future.

Fazer co-operates with different universities and research institutes. These include, for example, the University of Helsinki, the University of Eastern Finland and Aalto University in Finland and Uppsala SLU and Lund consortium in Sweden. In 2015, Fazer made donations to two universities to support Finnish academic research. Fazer donated 100,000 euros both to the University of Helsinki's Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry and to the Hanken School of Economics. Fazer took part in Hanken’s fund raising already on 2010 with 100,000 euros as well. Fazer maintains partnership relations with the above mentioned and other research institutes, as well as health professionals, to study areas relevant to its offering.

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