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Fazer Experience Visitor Centre introduces new Brainhow artworks and continues to grow in popularity

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A new two-piece Brainhow artwork has been introduced in the exhibition of Fazer Experience Visitor centre in August 2019. The artwork consists of a colourful installation and a game that engages visitors. A brain-shaped installation reflects the complexity and plasticity of our brains.  The Fazer Experience Visitor Centre has been open for 3 years and the record-high visitor figures this year show that it has further strengthened its place as a unique place to visit. It is more popular than ever and is constantly renewing itself to reflect what Fazer is about today.

For a couple weeks Fazer Experience visitors have been able to dive deeper into the world of Fazer Brainhow. During summer months, visitors eagerly observed how the Brainhow installation came together little by little. The installation, together with an interactive Brainhow game, feature Fazer Brainhow in a very visual and concrete way. It also shows how the comprehensive well-being of our brains can be impacted by our choices (sleep, physical activity, nutrition and learning new things). It is made of 8000 colourful woolen-felt balls. The other Brainhow artwork is interactive and involving. It constantly changes its appearance according to how the visitors experience they take care of the wellbeing or their brains. The artwork is made of glass and colourful felt balls. 

The expertise content of the both artworks has been innovated by Brainhow team in Fazer Lab, innovation and research unit of Fazer. They have been designed by Ateljé Sotamaa.

 “The idea of the artworks is to inspire us to think that our brains deserve as much attention as our body. It is getting more and more important and interesting since our modern lifestyles and changes in our environment constantly increase the load on our brains. The good news is that all of us in all ages can support brain-friendly choices in our everyday lives by our eating, sleeping and exercising habits as well as taking care of our brains in other ways”, says Marika Laaksonen, Lead in Health, Fazer Group”. For example, a varied, plant-based diet, moderate meal sizes and a regular meal pattern are cornerstones of a brain-friendly diet, ensuring a stable supply of energy to the brain and maintaining the brain’s alertness.

Fazer Brainhow is a research and development programme where we gather science-based understanding and knowledge of how nutrition, sleep, activity and recovery affect our cognition and well-being. This knowledge is used to create innovative products and services that help boost well-being easily, every day. 

Fazer Experience Visitor Centre continues to grow in popularity

The Fazer Experience Visitor Centre has attracted a record number of visitors this year. The growth compared to the year before when it welcomed over 200,000 visitors has been more than 15 % in total. Almost a half of the visitors take a guided tour in the exhibition. During the three summer months in 2019 about 35 % of the tour visitors came from outside of Finland compared to 33 % in the previous summer. All tours guided in other languages than Finnish or Swedish are counted in these figures. During the summer 27 % of the tours have been guided in English and 8 % of the tours in Chinese, Russian, Estonian or German.  Fazer Experience Visitor Centre has got TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence already 3 times in a row. The certificate is granted for destinations that are given excellent recommendations by the visitors.

Fazer has welcomed visitors for over 60 years. Since the new centre was opened in autumn 2016, its popularity has continued to grow. Fazer Experience Visitor Centre with its´ exhibition, Fazer Café and Fazer Experience Shop is a desired destination for tourists, companies, associations and individual visitors, be it for meetings, recreation or just a nice way to spend time together. School class visits to Fazer are a classic that is remembered for years.

Fazer Experience Shop and Fazer Café Fazerila

The Fazer Experience shops sells a wide range of products, with everything from presents to home party offerings, some of which are not available anywhere else. The shop often is the first to offer Fazer’s novelties. The product range varies with the seasons; the first Christmas products will become available in October.

Both the shop and the Fazer Café in the visitor centre are open to everyone. At the Fazer Café Fazerila, you can indulge in a hearty breakfast any day of the week and enjoy wonderful speciality coffees, or piping-hot soup or a refreshing salad for lunch. The warm-hearted weekend brunches with seasonal treats every Saturday and Sunday are so popular that for bigger groups, in particular, it is well worth making a table reservation. You can also buy artisan bread, cakes and pastries to take away.

Operation of Fazer Experience

Fazer Experience aims to provide inspiring and interactive experiences where everyone gets to know Fazer in their own way, make exciting discoveries and learn something new. Well-being and a balance of enjoyment are some of the main themes of the visitor centre. The visit is made even more memorable thanks to the centre’s original architecture. The building has been awarded many prizes: The Steel Structure of the Year award, the City of Vantaa Kehäkukka architectural prize and the Vuoden Lasirakenne award for the best glass structure. Since autumn 2018, the Fazer water tower is illumined by light installations after nightfall.

Fazer’s own guides introduce exhibition visitors to the centre on one-hour guided tours. The exhibition acquaints visitors with Fazer’s business, the company’s wide range of products, its long and distinguished history, its corporate responsibility and innovations. A stop-off on the guided tours that has become a firm favourite is the tropical garden, where the familiar flavours of cocoa, cinnamon and pepper can be seen in their natural state. In short, Fazer Experience caters for all the senses, and the unforgettable storytelling is helped along by imaginative use of the latest technology.

Link to Brainhow artwork video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXZQ-jZV0ug

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