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Fazer joins the Carbon Action project – continuing the work against climate change and the eutrophication of water systems

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As a large buyer of grain, Fazer acknowledges its responsibility to develop sustainable grain cultivation. Fazer has, in cooperation with farmers, crafted a Grain Vision and ten principles of sustainable farming to implement it. The Grain Vision aims to curb the eutrophication of water systems and ensure the long-term cultivability of the soil, while promoting the productivity and diversity of grain cultivation in Finland. Fazer has now joined the Carbon Action project and will incorporate the curbing of climate change and carbon sequestration in its Grain Vision.

Soil can store carbon and curb climate change

The soil’s capacity to store carbon can be improved by caring for the soil and fields, which helps curb climate change. Fazer has joined the Carbon Action project managed by the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. This project brings together research and its practical application to curb climate change. The Carbon Action project seeks ways to accelerate soil carbon sequestration and to promote carbon-storing farming practices on Finnish farms, while scientifically verifying the results.

The Grain Vision is a part of Fazer’s commitment to the Baltic Sea and its continuous sustainability work 

Fazer’s cooperation with Finnish farmers goes back decades. In 2013, Fazer created the Grain Vision to promote sustainable grain cultivation. The objective is to reduce the eutrophication of inland waters and the Baltic Sea, protect biodiversity and the cultivability of soil, as well as minimise the use of chemicals.  

The Grain Vision is implemented through ten principles of sustainable grain farming. The principles are a compilation of good practices already in use, drafted in cooperation with farmers as well as producer and environmental organisations. The principles were published in 2017, and they address, for example, the use of chemicals and taking care of field soil. Initially, they focused on preventing the eutrophication of water bodies. As farming methods evolve continuously, Fazer reviews these principles regularly. The actions taken in the Carbon Action project contribute to Fazer’s sustainability core goals and the results of the project will be incorporated in Fazer’s Grain Vision.

“The same means and actions can often be used to tackle both eutrophication and climate change. Our goal is, that by 2025, all Finnish grain we use will have been grown in compliance with the principles of sustainable farming,” explains Nina Elomaa, Sustainability Director at Fazer Group.

“It’s wonderful to see our long-term environmental collaboration with Fazer expand to new areas,” says Laura Höijer, Content Director at BSAG. “A large actor like Fazer can have a significant impact on matters like the scaling up of carbon sequestration by agricultural soil,” Höijer continues.

Fazer’s approach to sustainability

Sustainability is a key element of Fazer’s strategy, while the company is transforming into a modern sustainable food company. Food production and consumption have a major impact on the environment, society and well-being.  

Fazer Group’s four ambitious sustainability core goals are: 1) 50% less emissions; 2) 50% less food waste; 3) 100% sustainably sourced; and 4) more plant-based.

More information about Fazer Group’s four ambitious sustainability goals can be found at: https://www.fazergroup.com/settings/cision-news/?id=3225090

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Further information:

Nina Elomaa, Sustainability Director, Fazer Group, nina.elomaa@fazer.com, tel. +358 45 3548611

Anniina Niemistö, Communications Director, Fazer Bakery Finland, anniina.niemisto@fazer.com, tel. +358 40 6744672

Fazer’s media phone line is open Mon–Fri from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., tel. +358 40 6682 998, media@fazer.com

Laura Höijer, Content Director, Baltic Sea Action Group, laura.hoijer@bsag.fi, tel. +358 50 586 2680

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