Fazer partner in Hermitage exhibition ”Golden Generation. Modernism in Finnish Architecture and Design”

Fazer co-operates as a partner in the ”Golden Generation. Modernism in Finnish Architecture and Design” exhibition in the Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia. The exhibition will be open from 14 November until 31 January.

Fazer’s history is tightly connected with Russia. Before opening his first Russian-French café in Helsinki, the future founder of the company Fazer, Karl Fazer studied in St Petersburg to be a confectioner.

The name Fazer has always been closely associated with excellent taste and an ability to walk side by side with modern design and advanced architecture. The exhibition in the Hermitage will present photographs of Fazer’s café and offices which, since the 1930’s, have been located in one of the most progressive buildings of Helsinki designed by Gösta Juslén. The interior was drawn by the talented Jarl Eklund, and the walls are decorated by an avant-garde fresco by the modernist artist Hjalmar Hagelstam.

In addition to photographs, there will be sketches for Fazer’s confectionery packages, painted in oil in the 1940’s by Birger Carlstedt.

Majlen Fazer, a great-granddaughter of the company’s founder and an expert in cocoa in Fazer Group, took part in the cultural programme connected with the exhibition and, at the threshold of Fazer’s 125thanniversary, gave a speech about the Fazer’s historical ties with Russia and the company’s close connection with the world of art.

Finnish architecture tread a unique path in the last century. It grew from lively national romantic roots into progressive modernism, raising such outstanding names as Alvar Aalto, Aarne Ervi, Reima Pietilä, Viljo Revell, Uno Ullberg and Erik Bryggman who, without any exaggeration, have globally changed the world of design and architecture.

The exhibition will present unique original plans, sketches and graphics with models as well as fictional and documentary films.

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