Fazer’s restaurants provide brain-friendly food

For the first time, Fazer Food Services will introduce brain-friendly food options in its restaurants throughout Finland from 15 January to 16 February. Our brain-friendly meals and snacks will be marked with the Fazer Brainhow logo. The Fazer Brainhow programme is a research and development programme focussing on the relationship between food and cognitive performance. When you eat better, the brain works better, and you get more out of the day at all stages of life.

“At the heart of our business is care for the customer, and our mission is ‘Food with a purpose’. With the Fazer Brainhow campaign, we offer brain-friendly lunches and snacks in January and February to help you take better care of yourself. Much attention is paid to the well-being of the rest of the body, but in fact our brains need just as much care”, says Marianne Nordblom, Director of Gastronomy and Food Development at Fazer Food Services Finland.

Food matters for the brain

“Brain well-being is important at all stages of life. Children and students of all ages expend a lot of energy on learning. New tools and large amounts of new information put a lot of pressure on the brains of people of working age as well. The population in Finland is aging, and older people also want to enjoy life to the full. Eating the right things helps the brain to get more out of the day”, says Marianne Nordblom.

Food matters for the well-being of the brain. In addition to food, the overall brain health of the brain is affected by sleep, exercise and mental well-being.

Fazer Brainhow explores and develops brain-friendly foods

The Fazer Brainhow research and development programme takes a holistic approach to brain health. Fazer’s aim with the Brainhow programme is to increase science-based understanding of the effects of food, sleep and mental and physical activity on well-being. Fazer Brainhow explores and develops brain-friendly foods that contain the nutrients our brains need for proper cognitive function. These foods include vegetables, root vegetables, fish, seeds and nuts, fruits and berries, wholegrain products, and cocoa.

The brain-friendly foods offered in Fazer Food Services’ restaurant campaign have been planned as part of a healthy diet in accordance with nutrition recommendations. Natural ingredients have been chosen to be as sustainable as possible and good for the environment, and to support the right choices for a healthy life. They are made from ingredients that provide vitamins, minerals, and good fats, but contain only moderate amounts of salt and hard fats.

“Every day our personnel restaurants offer one Brainhow lunch option and a variety of Brainhow snacks. We are working to provide healthy alternatives for healthy people in Finland, and great taste is always the most important part of our product development”, says Marianne Nordblom.

Fazer’s role in people’s everyday lives provides an opportunity to explore eating habits and encourage people to make healthy choices. Fazer Food Services has 600 restaurants throughout Finland, where we provide a total of 130,000 lunches every day to schoolgoers, working people and seniors. The cornerstones of our product development are well-being, responsibility and gastronomy.

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