Have yourself a tasteful spring with Fazer novelties

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It’s time to celebrate the spring and the upcoming summer days with your family. Fazer’s novelties do not only taste good, they are sure to bring a smile on everyone’s lips.

Novelties in Finland

Good news to all friends of ice cream: Fazer Yosa Frozen Oats gets two new spring flavours, the rich Choco and fruity and exotic Mango-Passion. Both novelties are dairy-free and made with Finnish oats from Fazer’s own mill. Both novelties are also suitable for a vegan diet. Fermentation gives the frozen oats a rich and smooth taste and consistency. How about trying the novelties in the classic ice cream dessert banana split? Add chocolate or caramel sauce on top of a split banana and three scoops of Fazer Yosa Frozen Oats of your choice. Finish up with whipped Aito Oat for Whipping.

Aito Oat Drinkable is a drinkable oat snack made from Finnish oats. The dairy-free and gluten-free snacks are the perfect on-the-go snacks or easy snack options for any time of day at home. Aito Oat Drinkable comes in two flavours: strawberry-banana and pear-vanilla, and they get their sweetness from real fruit. The snacks come with added vitamins, calcium, folic acid and iodine. The snacks are packed into a 330 ml carton package which is easy to recycle.

Froosh has during the years become known for being the colourful, glass bottled smoothie brand, providing natural smoothies without any additives and concentrates. Now the shelves are enlightened with two functional 250 ml novelties. Froosh Up Beat Smoothie contains caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee. In addition to caffeine and guarana, it includes delicious crushed mango, banana and acerola for an added vitamin C boost. Froosh Slow Down Smoothie is filled with natural herbs which are traditionally known for their relaxing properties, lemon balm and chamomile for example – balanced with sweetness from pineapple. Froosh, it’s just fruit.

Finally they got each other: Fazer’s beloved Pätkis mint chocolate and delicious doughnut. A perfect couple that is almost too good to be true. Pätkis Doughnut is available in stores right on time for the first of May.

Fazer’s new mousse pastries brighten up the tea time. Fazer Geisha Chocolate Mousse Pastry has a lovely hazelnut truffle heart and is decorated with beautiful stripes and  hazelnut sprinkle. Fazer Raspberry Mousse Pastry is a light and airy mousse pastry with a raspberry jam heart inside, sprinkled with dried raspberries. 

The street food trend continues strong. Fazer Street Food product family grows with two novelties: Fazer Street Food Big Brioche Hamburger Bun and Fazer Street Food Flatbread. The bigger brioche bun gets its delicious taste from real butter and eggs. Baked with sourdough starter, Fazer Street Food Flatbread is meant for fun and easy cooking: try it as a pizza crust or with your favourite tortilla fillings.

Brighten up your day with Tutti Frutti novelties! Tutti Frutti Exotic Fruits 325 g is an exotic assortment of fruity and bitter candies. The bag contains four wine gum candies and four sour marshmallows. Taste e.g. lime and coconut. Freshly sour Tutti Frutti Chewy Fruits Sour 150 g tingles your taste buds. The bag contains delicious marshmallows in the familiar Tutti Frutti flavours: pineapple, Tutti Frutti, passion and pear. Tutti Frutti sweets are suitable for vegans and  made with natural flavours and colours.

Dumle Smooth Strawberry 220 g is an iconic brand that never grows up. Now it's wild for summer! The delicious and summery strawberry spices the familiar milk chocolate iced Dumle toffee. This seasonal flavour is on sale for a limited time.

The new delicious Karl Fazer Raspberry-Liquorice chocolate tablet 200 g combines the beloved Fazer Blue Milk Chocolate with refreshing raspberry and strong liquorice. Like all Fazer’s delicious chocolates, Raspberry-Liquorice is made from 100% responsibly produced cocoa.

All Confectionery novelties will be available in Finnish stores starting from May 2020.

Fazer Store is an online service ( https://en.fazer.com/ ) that offers a good selection of unique Fazer candies, chocolates, Xylitol products, biscuits and bread products. We ship orders to mainland Finland, the EU and the United Kingdom.

Novelties in Sweden

Oats and oatbread are in a focus for Fazer in Sweden 2020.

Fazer is the market leader within the healthy and dark portion bread segment that is usually associated with rye. This gives us credibility now that Fazer is launching several oat breads to meet the consumer demand for healthy products. Oat has several health benefits due to nutrients like fibers, proteins, vitamins and minerals including zinc and iron. By launching new oat novelties in different bread segments, Fazer makes it easier for consumers to make healthier choices and increases the interest in bread to consumers. Sustainable Nordic oats is a part of Fazer’s growth strategy with the goal of becoming one of Europe's leading players.

Earlier this year launched Fazer Havrefralla was the first oat bread in Fazer’s oat family. It is a tasty square-shaped bread with a high amount of oats (51%) and a high amount of whole grains (23%) compared to other light breads. This bread has quickly become popular among consumers.

Fazer Havrerundel is a soft bread in a popular round format. This product is unique and has a higher amount of oats (17%) than other products in this segment. The consumers will be able to taste this new bread in the middle of May.

Dumle is a joyful classic that will never grow up! Dumle Strawberry 220 g is a delicious mix of soft chewy toffee, smooth Fazer milk chocolate and sweet strawberry flavour. There is enough delicious flavour in one bag to share with your friends. Made from 100% responsibly produced cocoa.

Tutti Frutti Chewy Fruits Sour gives your taste buds some zing! This bag (70 g and 120 g) of Tutti Frutti Chewy Fruits is filled with delicious chewy candies coated in sour sugar. They come in pear, passion fruit, pineapple and tutti frutti flavours. Tutti Frutti Chewy Fruits Sour are suitable for vegans and contain only natural colours. They get their fresh taste from natural flavours. Brighten up your day with these sour, chewy sweets!

The confectionery novelties will be available in Swedish stores in May.

Novelties in Russia

In March, new Hercules batons were launched with flakes adding well-being flavour to the affordable segment of popular white bread in Russia. This novelty has been followed by the new form bread Living Sourdough under Hlebny Dom that also contributes to the well-being aspect.

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