New Fazer autumn goodies make life sweet

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Once again, Fazer's autumn releases promise memorable, delicious moments to those with a sweet tooth. Chocolate lovers will welcome the Karl Fazer Avec chocolate bar, as well as the smaller Fazer Moomin Maitosuklaa milk chocolate and tangy Karl Fazer Sitruunajugurtti lemon yoghurt bars. Exciting flavours will be offered by Tyrkisk Peber Choco and the new salty liquorice pastilles. Or how does Fazer Salmiakki Smoky Whiskey Flavoured salty liquorice sound to you?

The perfect rendez-vous – Karl Fazer Avec 200 g 

When the nights draw in, the authentic Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate, a long-time love of Finns, meets the refreshing Avec French pastilles. These two have delighted Finns for a long time, Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate since 1922 and Avec French pastilles since 1929. Now Avec’s delicate mint flavour forms a satisfying union with Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate, creating a winning taste and a fun structure that has not been experienced in Fazer chocolate bars before. Karl Fazer Avec 200 g is made in Vantaa from 100% responsibly produced cocoa. In stores in September.

A lovely little novelty, Fazer Moomin Milk Chocolate 68 g

Did you know that Fazer collaborated with Tove Jansson, the creator of the Moomins, already in the 1950s? At the time, Tove Jansson drew advertisements for Fazer. The first Moomin products were launched in 1957, and today Fazer offers a range of Moomin-themed products, including biscuits and confectionery. Next autumn, the Moomin-themed product selection will expand to chocolate bars when Fazer Moomin Milk Chocolate lands in stores. The cute new bar comes in four different wrappers featuring Moomintroll, Littly My and Snorkmaiden. This milk chocolate bar is made from 100% responsibly produced cocoa in Vantaa. Suitable as a small treat and easy to take along!

Piquant Karl Fazer Lemon Yoghurt bar 37 g  

The super popular lemon yoghurt flavour, familiar as a seasonal product, will now be available as a bar all year round. The soft milk chocolate shell hides a fresh lemon yoghurt-meringue centre. A favourite little treat!

A gift straight from the heart – Karl Fazer Heart Box 225 g 

Finland’s best-loved chocolate ever since its launch in 1922. Made from only the very best ingredients, this chocolate with a unique rich flavour is now available in a heart-shaped box. In addition to its taste, this national treasure of ours, made from real milk, is instantly recognisable from the blue wrapping and its golden Karl Fazer signature, which serves as a guarantee of quality. Give a blue heart as a gift to your loved one or enjoy it with your friends. 

Remix goes liquorice– Remix Lakritsi salty liquorice 250 g 

Fans of salty liquorice are now served a varied mix, Remix Lakritsi. In addition to the fruity flavours and traditional salty liquorice, you will also find wonderful liquorice sweets with granulated chocolate and candy in the mix. The flavours are: Tutti Frutti fruit pieces, Choco Ässä salty liquorice, Lakupätkä, Tutti Frutti filled liquorice, Lontoo rae dragées ans Tyrkisk Peber chewies. A film-night favourite to share even with a larger group!

Hot and delicious TyrkiskPeberChoco 120 g

Tyrkisk Peber Choco is an exciting combination of velvety chocolate inside a fiery Tyrkisk Peber salty liquorice shell. The product is also suitable for vegans. 

New vegan Tutti Fruttis added to the pick & mix candy selection – Sour Combos and Chewy Combos

Finland’s number one candy brand offers two new delicious fruit candies for lovers of pick & mix candies. Tutti Frutti Sour Combos is a new tart sweet that combines two flavours, blood orange and lemon cheesecake. Tutti Frutti Chewy Combos mix strawberry and banana flavours. Made with natural flavours and colours, these sweets are also suitable for vegans.

Exciting salty liquorice flavours: Fazer Salmiakki Crunchy Salty and Smoky Whiskey Flavoured 

Fazer Salmiakki is a classic that needs no introductions. Authentic and original Finnish salty liquorice is part of our cultural heritage. Fazer Salmiakki 70 g boxes now offer new additions to stimulate the taste buds.

Fazer Salmiakki Crunchy Salty pastilles have a crisp shell that hides a heart of salty liquorice. The vegan Fazer Salmiakki Smoky Whiskey Flavoured pastilles charm with their taste of classic salty liquorice and delicate smoky whiskey.

Candy bars with popular Fazer flavours

These fun bars with colourful fillings have coatings of familiar Fazer confectioneries. Perfect as a little snack or just to brighten up the day in general! The bars are vegan and made with natural flavours and colours. Tutti Frutti bar 20 g contains fruity Tutti Frutti filling. Does not contain liquorice. Dumle bar 20 g tastes of toffee and chocolate. Does not contain liquorice. TyrkiskPeber Hot & Sour liquorice 20 g bar has a hot salty liquorice Tyrkisk Peber shell that hides a fruity blue Hot & Sour filling inside

A candy lover's dream come true: Fazer Uutuusboxi new selection box Autumn 2021

You can order all new products at once from the online Fazer Store:! Fazer Uutuusboxi new selection box for autumn 2021 includes:

  • Karl Fazer Avec chocolate bar 200 g
  • Karl Fazer Sitruuna -lemon bar 37 g
  • Remix salty liquorice bag 250 g
  • Tyrkisk Peber choco filled 120 g
  • 2 x Tyrkisk Peber Hot&Sour salty liquorice bar 20 g
  • 2 x Tutti Frutti candy bar 20 g
  • 2 x Dumle candy bar 20 g
  • Geisha Salty caramel biscuit 100 g
  • Fazer Mousse Islanti biscuit 142 g

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