Oat-based Aito and Yosa novelties with more sustainable packaging – Kaslink Aito is now Fazer Aito

The Finnish oat product families Fazer Aito and Fazer Yosa bring consumers’ favourite flavours to oat snacks. The novelty product of this spring, Aito Oat Dessert, is a ready-to-eat dairy-free and vegan dessert. The novelties also mark the start of a packaging renewal: in the future all Aito and Yosa oat snacks will be packed into a more sustainable carton package that contains over 50% less plastic than the previous packaging solutions.  

The spring novelties and the packaging renewal support two of Fazer’s sustainability core goals; less emissions and more plant-based products. Fazer Aito Oat Dessert is a rich dessert delicacy made from Finnish oats. The first oat-based, dairy-free dessert on the market is also suitable for a vegan diet. The Oat Dessert is available in two flavours: Mango and Raspberry.

The recipe of Fazer Aito oat snacks Strawberry, Blueberry and Cloudberry will be renewed, and the products will become gluten-free. This means that in the future all Aito oat snacks - Natural, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cloudberry, Strawberry-banana and Pear-vanilla – will be dairy-free and gluten-free.

The Fazer Yosa oat snack portfolio will be strengthened with two new flavours, following consumer wishes: Fazer Yosa Oat Snack Mango is a fruity oat snack that gets its fresh and rich flavour and consistency from fermentation. The dairy-free novelty is made from Finnish oats and it has received the Heart Symbol of the Finnish Heart Association. The new flavour Mango is available in a 400 g and a handy 150 g carton package.

The high-protein product family Fazer Yosa Sport has been renamed and is now called Fazer Yosa Protein. The novelty product in the product family, Fazer Yosa Protein Blueberry, is a dairy-free oat snack made from Finnish oats and it includes 5 g protein / 100 g. The protein is derived from oat, potato and pea. The spoonable, high-protein oat snack comes in a 200 g carton package, and it has received the Heart Symbol of the Finnish Heart Association.

– The demand for plant-based snack products increases constantly. According to a study* we have had made, 26% of the Finnish consumers wish for more options for plant-based snack products and 24% are asking for a wider selection of plant-based desserts. Consumers are interested both in flavours of Nordic berries and exotic fruits. With these novelties we answer consumers’ wishes, says brand and category director Susanna Kallio from Fazer Lifestyle Foods.

A new, more sustainable carton package with up to 73% less plastic

Starting in May, all the spring novelty products as well as all 150 g Fazer Aito oat snacks, Fazer Yosa Greek Style oat snacks and Fazer Yosa Protein oat snacks will be packed into a more sustainable carton package. The packaging of all other Fazer Yosa oat snacks will also be renewed during 2020.

Depending on the package size and type, the new carton package contains 52–73% less plastic than the previous package. The packages also have a smaller carbon footprint: The 200 g Fazer Yosa carton package causes 56% less carbon dioxide emissions** during its life cycle than before. The new package is easy to recycle: The carton package to carton waste and the aluminium lid to metal waste.

The novelties and the new sustainable packaging solutions support Fazer’s sustainability core goals by 2030. One of the core goals is 50% less emissions. Fazer wants to decrease the use of plastic in its packages and is working towards renewable and recyclable packaging across all operations. Another of the core goals is more plant-based as Fazer’s target is to increase the share of plant-based products in its portfolio by focusing on the non-dairy product strategy. The other core goals are 50% less food waste and 100% sustainably sourced.

Kaslink Aito is now Fazer Aito

In 2019, the Kouvola-based family business Kaslink was acquired by Fazer. Along the packaging renewal the oat brand Kaslink Aito is renamed to Fazer Aito. The new name will be visible in the product family’s logo, product packages, marketing and communications, but the products themselves are the same as always – the taste is all Aito. The new name and product design will first be visible in the oat snacks starting in May, and in the oat drinks and cooking products during the rest of this year.  

– Our goal is to take the consumers’ shopping baskets into a more sustainable direction one step at the time. The Aito and Yosa product families complement each other in reaching this goal. Both product families have their own strengths, and together we are more. The Aito product family will change into new packaging gradually so that the old package material will not go to waste, Kallio says.

Product information

Fazer Aito Oat Dessert, 150 g, is a soft, rich dessert available in two flavours Mango and Raspberry. The dairy-free dessert is produced in Finland from Finnish oats. The novelty is available starting May 2020.

Fazer Aito Based Gurt Strawberry and Blueberry, 1 l and 150 g, and Fazer Aito Oat Based Gurt Cloudberry,150 g, is a soft oat snack, which is now both dairy-free and gluten-free. The oat snack is made from Finnish, gluten-free full corn oat in Finland. The Aito oat based gurts are available gluten-free starting in May 2020.

Fazer Yosa Oat Snack Mango, 150 g and 400 g, is a fresh and fruity, fermented oat snack. The dairy-free oat snack is produced in Finland with Finnish oats. The product is available starting in May 2020.

Fazer Yosa Protein Blueberry, 200 g, is a soft, high-protein oat snack. One 200 g package contains 10 g protein. The dairy-free oat snack is produced in Finland with Finnish oats, and the product is available starting in May 2020.

* Kaslink Shopper Study, Nepa Insight Oy, December 2019. N = 1046 (Finland)
** Thinkstep AG, The GaBi Packaging Calculator, November 2019

Additional information:

Susanna Kallio, Director, Brand and Category Non Dairy, Fazer susanna.kallio@fazer.com, tel. +358 40 546 2885
Maria Rämö, Marketing Communications Manager Non Dairy, Fazer maria.ramo@fazer.com, tel. +358 40 847 1020
Taina Lampela-Helin, Communications Manager, Fazer Lifestyle Foods, taina.lampela-helin@fazer.com, tel. +358 40 668 4600
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Fazer Yosa
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Fazer Aito
Fazer Aito is a product family which offers oat-based options for drinks, cooking products and snacks. All Fazer Aito products are made from Nordic oats with the lowest possible impact on nature. Since August 2019 Fazer Aito has been a part of Fazer Group. www.kaslinkaito.com

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