Roasted crickets and other delicacies served at the Nordic Business Forum

Fazer offers a surprise at the Nordic Business Forum by serving roasted crickets at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre on Monday. Growing and selling insects for use as food having been permitted in Finland, Fazer is following the development closely.

The annual two-day business event Nordic Business Forum is organised at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre on 2-3 October 2017. Fazer Food Services is responsible for catering at the event. To honour the centenary of Finland’s independence, domestic origin, Finnish ingredients, seasonality and responsible food played an important part in planning the delicious offering. Finnish lake fish and elk, wild herbs, seasonal vegetables and Finnish berries will be served at the event.

On the first day, the author of the recipe Jyrki Sukula will cook roach and pike loaf. Pulled peas will be the main ingredient for lunch on the second day.

Food Operations Manager Eija Kinnunen from Fazer Food Services says: “Environmental friendliness is taken into account in everything. For example, we serve lunch in trendy portion bowls, which significantly reduces food waste in comparison with a buffet lunch. We have prepared a surprise for the guests during breaks on the first day: they will be served roasted crickets!”

Roasted crickets will be served during two breaks and at the VIP night on Monday. The Olympic gold winning top chef team Fazer Culinary Team is responsible for service in the First Lounge. They will serve exclusive Rocky Road style crickets with dark chocolate.

Finland has revised its interpretation of the EU regulation on novel foods to permit growing and selling insects for use as food in Finland.

“We are following the development and listening to customer expectations with great interest,” says Marianne Nordblom, Head of Gastronomy & Food Development at Fazer Food Services. The crickets served at the Nordic Business Forum come from Otaniemi, Espoo.

Fazer wants to create meaningful food experiences that speak to people and bring joy and well-being into their lives. We want to open up discussion about the food of the future. To give an example, Fazer Bakery’s insect food video, where volunteers tasted bakery products made from insects, had 415,000 views in social media. Fazer Bakery is looking into opportunities provided by innovations with an open mind. Insect protein is a new potential source of protein for the future.

Additional information:

Marianne Nordblom, Head of Gastronomy & Food Development, tel.: +358 400 605 778
Fazer’s media phone line is open Monday to Friday from 8 to 16: +358 40 6682 998

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